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It took Kouta less than an hour to find Lucy. Even with one of Kouta's baseball

caps covering her most striking feature, she stood out like a sore thumb walking around in Kamakura. He saw her walking downtown and called her name, but she didn't seem to hear. Kouta eventually followed her to a beach. She sat just within the tide line, her face in her hands. The surf licked her ankles, soaking the bottoms of her jeans. Kouta put an anxious hand on the girl's shoulder. Lucy looked up and revealed that she had been crying,

"W-why did you come here?" She stutered between sobs. Kouta rolled up the cuffs of his own jeans and sat down beside her, putting his left arm around her shoulder.

"I've been looking all over for you. Everybody's really worried." He said, giving Lucy a stern look, "Why'd you leave so suddenly?" Lucy's lip quivered, she could feel the tears coming. She buried her face in Kouta's shoulder and began to weep once again,

"I…" She began, her words made nearly unintelligable through her tears, "I'm…I'm pregnant." Kouta's eyes widened. This was certainly not what he was expecting,

"You…you can't be serious! Who's…" He said,

"You." Lucy interrupted. She sobbed quietly as Kouta wrapped his arms around her. He held her close for a long time. By the time her tears had subsided, it was nearly dark and the water level had risen to nearly the level of Lucy's bent knees. Lucy wiped her eyes as the two stood up,

"But," Lucy began, "What will we tell the others? They're bound to find out." She bit the tip of her thumb worriedly. Kouta patted her shoulder and smiled,

"Don't worry about it. We'll think of something."

Meanwhile, back at the inn, the other members of the house anxiously prepared supper. Yuka furiously mutilated a green onion as Mayu and Nana looked on in horror.

"Yuka…" Nana said, eyes wide in terror. Yuka whipped around,

"What?" She demanded. Nana looked as though she might start crying,

"Yuka-San, you're frightening me! Stop it!"

Yuka sighed. She placed her knife gently down on the cutting board.

"I'm sorry," She said, "I've just been a bit on edge lately, what with college exams and having to keep the house together…and now I'm worried about those two being out for so long…" Yuka walked into the living room and slumped down into a chair, "I'm sorry, you two. I'm just tired."

"Don't worry," Mayu said, smiling, "Why don't we finish up dinner?"

"Yeah!" Cried Nana, "We'll make a yummy supper for Yuka and for everyone!" Mayu and Yuka chuckled nervously at the thought of Nana in the kitchen. Just then, the three of them heard a noise at the front door. Yuka's face brightened,

"That must be them now!" She said. Sure enough, there they were.

"We're home!" Kouta called, "Sorry about that." Yuka looked slightly impatient, but glad that the two were back,
"Just where did you go anyway?" She sighed. Kouta scratched the back of his head embarrassedly,

"Well, er…" Kouta began. Lucy looked worried, was he going to tell them? Kouta continued before Lucy could raise objections, "I kinda got lost…so Lucy was the one who found me in a sense. Anyway, by the time everybody was un-lost, we both realized we were really hungry." Kouta held up a large plastic bag, "So we decided we'd get takeout." Lucy smiled. Nana, on the other hand, looked infinitely disappointed.

"Awwww!" She said, crossing her arms and pouting, "I was going to make a yummy supper for everybody!" Nana continued to pout, Yuka and Mayu eached heaved a sigh of relief.

Nana and Mayu were the only ones who spoke during supper. There were too many things the others just couldn't say.

"So, Lucy-San," Mayu said, swallowing a bite of onigiri, "Just why did you run off like that? I mean, you just got back a couple weeks ago." Lucy's cheeks turned as pink as her hair as she scraped desperately at the corners of her mind for something, anything, to keep her secret safe,

"Well," She began, "Well I…There was something I thought I had to do that I know realize that I don't, er, have to do…" Lucy prayed that this answer would be satisfactory. Mayu shrugged,

"Oh, alright then." She said, immediately returning to her food. Lucy and Kouta both realized at that moment that they had been holding their breath. But they weren't the only ones who had too much on their minds. Yuka sat at the other side of the table, cheerlessly nibbling her own supper, tears growing in her eyes each time Kouta looked at Lucy.

Why? She thought, What's wrong with me that I would be jealous of Lucy? After all, she's still Nyu, isn't she? Still the girl who lived with us so happily for all that time, isn't she? I honestly thought I'd gotten over all that, but I can't help but feel like something's not right…