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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Inuyasha/Gakuen Heaven

Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama/School Life

Pairings: Unsure

Summary: A year after finishing her quest in the Sengoku Jidai and Naraku's demise, Kagome is somehow gets an admission letter called a "Platinum paper" in the mail, admitting her into an All-boys school called Bell Liberty Academy. Why had she been admitted when she a girl? And how will Kagome survive being surrounded by so many hotties?

Chapter One

Kagome sighed as she looked out the window to see the ocean view and a bridge that led over to a small island that had lush trees everywhere and on the highest lever was a very clean and well-kept establishment.

In her lap was a manila envelope that contained her papers and her letter of admission. Taking it out, she stared at it with the question, 'why admit a girl to an all boys school?'

From what she heard, Bell Liberty School only permitted the most talented boys across the country with all the students living in on-campus dorms with Tuition and food expenses covered… so why admit a girl into the school? Especially someone like her who felt that she wasn't really that talented and was a GIRL.

Sure her mother went to the same school in the disguise of a boy… and Bell Liberty was also where her mother had met her biological father… but Kagome's mother had great skills when it came to music and some sports.

When her mother found out that Kagome got the letter, she was ecstatic before explaining to her that her father had put in his Will that when she was old enough to enter high school, he wished for her to attend the school he and her mother attended. No matter if she was a boy or a girl.

Kagome never met her biological father because he had died before she was born. The only father she knew was Souta's biological father who was her father's best friend.

Putting the letter back into the envelope, Kagome heard to driver say the next stop was Wakabane Bridge before pressing the button to signal that it was her stop. For the school's dress code, Kagome had to wear a white dress shirt that had gold trimming on the collar and cuffs with a dark green necktie. The shirt was tucked into a pair of slacks that were a standard khaki color with a standard black belt to hold them to her waist. The jacket itself was a sort of reddish color, also with gold trimming. And the cuffs of the shirt folded over the jacket's sleeves.

Kagome had a black vest to go with the uniform too, but was told that it wasn't mandatory to wear. So, she didn't bother to put it on.

To make her chest appear more male, Kagome tightly wrapped bandages over her breasts to flatten them to the point where she could appear male but wasn't uncomfortable. So with that, she looked like a boy with long black hair and feminine features.

Looking back out the window, she began to think about her life after Naraku was destroyed.

After the hanyou's demise, everyone lived their lives the way they wanted. Sango and Miroku got married. Shippó went with her to the future. Inuyasha just disappeared without a word. Kagome's guess about him was that he probably went to hell with Kikyo. Sesshoumaru adopted Rin as his daughter and Kagome as his younger sister after training her under his family's martial arts.

All in all, everything and everyone was well and happy.

In the future, Kagome's mother practically welcomed Shippó to the family. Souta had taken a great liking to the kit and her grandfather cared about him as well without the fake seals.

Anyways, when the bus came to a stop Kagome gathered her bag and stepped off only to realize the she was dropped off right at the bridge rather than the school.

'Well isn't this just shitty?' Kagome thought with an agitated sigh before making her way onto the bridge to the school.


The sound of typing could be heard with the Student Council room of the school with the sound of paper rustling.

Nakajima Hideaki was typing away on his computer with Niwa Tetsuya reading the school paper. As Tetsuya turned the page, he found an article saying that BL Academy was having another out-of-season transfer student. But unlike Keita, this guy had looks that would've mistaken him for a girl with long raven hair and huge sapphire eyes.

And like he did with Keita, Testuya was also asked by the chairman to pick him up, and saying that a friend of his asked.

Hideaki was looking for anything on the new transfer student that made him BL Academy worthy. But unfortunately, all he found was, other than his name sounded like a girl's and that he had a lot of absences from his last school during his third year… nothing. Well… besides that he took on a lot of positions during one of the school's festivals.

'At least we know he's a hard worker, despite his health.' He thought as Omi caught him hacking. 'Damn Inu.'

Looking at his watch, Tetsuya muttered with a bit of surprise, "That time already? Hey, I've got a job to do." He stood to make his way to the door.

"Another escort job?" Hideaki asked, eyes never leaving his computer screen.


"Before you leave. What happened with the document check I asked you for yesterday?"

Tetsuya paused with a cold sweat, knowing that he was in trouble for forgetting about the document check. Reaching for the doorknob, he heard Hideaki say, "Tecchan…"

The student council president then bolted out the door before his vice president was able to embed a pen into him.

'Talk about déjà vu…' Testuya thought as he ran down the halls to the exit. He had to escort another student to the school.

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