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Chapter Eleven

Naruse looked at his "beloved" curiously, asking, "What do you mean 'a tennis match'?"

Kagome's smirk grew wider as she answered, "I mean, instead of making these two run a lap, how about have them play a match in tennis? And they would be playing against me… I know how much these two want to best me at something." The miko glanced at the twins who glared at her while looking like they were trying to hold back. Kagome raise a brow at them with a sly look in her eyes, asking, "What's the matter, you two? Too hesitant to show your captain what your true colors are? Or are you just that scared that I'd kick your asses in your own game?"

The twins nearly growled at her for making such comments. So caught up in their anger and pride, they accepted the challenge but when saw a deadly predatorily look on the new 'boy's' face, they couldn't help feel a shiver go up their spines…

After taking her jacket off and asking Naruse if she could borrow his racket, Kagome made her way to the courts as she announced to the twins, "this match will be double against single; the two of you guys against me. Back out now then it just shows me how cowardly and suck up you two are."

The entire tennis club stopped what they were doing as they watch the three get into place; the twins together on one side while Kagome alone on the other.

(Sorry if there's not much detail in the match. I never played Tennis and I never really watched Prince of Tennis that much.)

After the game had started, Hideaki witnessed how the twins were losing so badly. Despite that it was two against one; the new transfer student was playing stronger than the twins, not to mention 'he' was much faster. And even after it was the twins' serve, the Higurashi 'boy' still won against them.

'He's just full of surprises…' Hideaki thought as he made his way to the entrance of the tennis court as Kagome finished her game and made her way to Naruse.

As Kagome made her way to where Naruse was standing to get her jacket back on, the twins were on their knees huffing and puffing trying to catch their breaths. They glared at the new 'boy' just pissed that 'he' humiliated them in front of, not only their captain but the rest of the Tennis Club as well.

'One of these days… we WILL make him pay for our humiliation!' they both thought.

"Beloved, I never knew you could play tennis!" Naruse spoke thoroughly impressed by Kagome's skill.

"I don't really play tennis… but I do know the basics of the game since my younger brother started playing after giving up soccer for a while, just to try something new." Kagome replied as she straightened her jacket up before turning to her senpai, handing him the letter she was suppose to deliver.

The blond stared at it surprised for a moment before smiling happily, "And what's this? My beloved's giving me a love letter?"

"As if. Niwa-san just told me to deliver this to all the captains and presidents of the school." At her answer, Naruse took the letter and read it. After he was done, he got a sense of déjà vu before sighing and asking, "The letter aside… won't you go on a date with me?"

When Kagome was gonna give her answer, Hideaki made his presence know by saying Kagome's name, catching hers as well as Naruse's attention. "What will be your next move? Will you give up on the job Niwa gave you?"

The miko raised a brow at him as Naruse asked the vice president to not try bullying her before pointing out that he was also behind the ruse they had set Kagome to do. When the blond said this, the miko furrowed her brows with her eye narrowing at the blue-haired male.

After a moment of leering at him, Kagome answered with a hard voice, "Even if this is some bullshit game of you, Niwa-san, and everyone trying to tease me or piss me off, I'll finish what I had started. Just tell me where to go to next so that I can get this over with."

Hideaki smirked, "So you're not even a little curios as to what the letter? I won't tell Niwa anything if you want to take a peek." Like when they did this for Keita, they wanted to test him for his loyalty and his morals.

"Do you actually take me for a dumbass who reads a letter that never belonged to me in the first place? And I thought I already told you… I plan to finish what I started." Kagome said with more force.

Watching Kagome a little more, Hideaki nodded before leaving saying, "You'll soon understand once you finish circulating the letter. That's a message from Niwa."

Once he was out of hearing range, Naruse turned to Kagome with a smile telling her 'good luck' and to do her best. Sighing, Kagome was about to leave the tennis court but was stopped when Naruse rested a hand on her shoulder. Turning to him, she saw him wink, "We'll go on that date once you're done, ne?" Naruse then folded the letter back up before handing it back to her, "Just take this to the Treasury Room, will you?"

Kagome nodded before excusing herself and going on her way.


After finally finding the Treasury Room, Kagome sighed tiredly before knocking. 'If I had any idea that today was going to be like this, I would've stayed in bed or go to the weight room to spend my day.'

After hearing someone bid her entry, the miko lit her self in and saw the familiar platinum haired male she had met when she met Umino-san yesterday. 'Omi-san I think his name is…'

Omi turned in his seat at his computer, greeting Kagome with a smile, "It's nice to see you again, Kagome-kun."

The miko couldn't help but return the smile despite how shitty the day was to her, "It's nice to see you too, Omi-san." Taking the letter out once again, she handed it to him. "For you…" when he took the letter, Kagome looked around the room and noticed someone missing. "Where's Saionji-san?"

"Kaoru's attending some business at the moment so he couldn't be here to meet with you again." Omi answered, not bothering to look at the letter before standing and bringing one of Kagome's hands into his own.

Blinking in confusion, Kagome was about to ask what was going on before Omi spoke again, "You didn't look at the contents did you?"

"No… even though I was tempted to."

Omi smiled more before leading her out of the room, "Now… it's time to see Niwa-san…"

As they made their way to the council room, Kagome tried her best to calm her racing heart caused by the nervousness she felt. She didn't know why she was so nervous.

Omi then opened the door to the council room showing a sight Kagome was met with was that all the school captains and presidents were gathered and looking like they were expecting her. She looked around confused before hearing Niwa laugh, "Welcome, Kagome."

"What the heck is this about?" No one answered her question as Omi announced that she didn't read the letter at all.

"Looks like I won the bet, Hide. I knew he wouldn't read it." Niwa boasted with pride when he turned to Hideaki with said vice president admitting defeat.

Not liking being left out of the loop of something concerning her, Kagome frowned before speaking, "Oi… what's this about, Niwa? I don't like playing games like this. Combined that with my feet killing me from walking around most of the school and my match against those spoiled twins on Naruse-san's team, I'm sure you can guess that I'm pretty much tired and cranky, especially after said twins already put me in a foul mood twice today."

Niwa just chuckled at her before stepping up, "Gomen, Kagome. But really, I believed in you."

Not really able to stay mad at the guy for too long, Kagome relaxed before waving it off. After stretching her limbs over her head, Niwa handed to letter she had circulated, telling her she could read it now.

Taking it, Kagome unfolded it and read its contents.

Top Secret!!

The one delivering this letter is the new transfer student, Higurashi Kagome. We're going to being holding a welcoming party for him in the student council room. Those who are free to come, come! Please have this letter circulate to everyone once you've read this and keep this a secret from Kagome.

Shaking in exasperation with a light smile, Kagome spoke, "heh, all of this because you wanted to throw a welcoming party? Niwa-san, you didn't have to."

"Yeah, but we still wanted to make you feel welcomed." Niwa replied with a grin before wrapping an arm around Kagome's shoulders, "And in the process, you were able to talk to and meet a lot of people." The miko looked up at him as he pointed out, "This school doesn't have a lot of students like any of your old schools so many probably already know who you are even if you haven't met them yet."

With an upturn of her lips, Kagome thanked him before turning to everyone and thanking them as well. Feeling more belonged than she ever felt at any school she had been to in the past.

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