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Chapter twenty

Dean gave a little gasp of pain and went down to his knees pulling Sam down with him. Santos managed to keep his footing and stood above them glaring at Carlos.

"Dean!" Sam cried out weakly. Even though he was barely conscious he had heard the shot and had heard the painful gasp from his brother.

"It's okay Sam…he didn't get me." Dean lied, he could feel the blood dripping down his side but he didn't want to worry his brother. He reached his hand under his shirt then pulled it away and looked at the blood. The wound was bleeding badly but he could tell the bullet had only grazed him and hadn't entered his body.

"I said drop the gun or I'll blow your brother's brains all over this cave and then yours!" Carlos screamed at Dean.

Dean had no choice but to lower the gun. Santos took a few steps toward his partner.

"What the hell are you doing Carlos? We got to get out of here before…."

But before Santos could finish his sentence the creature suddenly appeared in an opening next to Dean. It reached down and grabbed Dean by his shirt then tossed him across the cave. The Wendigo then threw its head back and roared in rage angered that humans had invaded its sanctuary. It then slowly headed toward Dean.

"No….no….."Sam cried out, he knew when the creature was this angry it would kill anyone in its way. He crawled toward the flare gun but Carlos put his foot on it stopping him. "I need the gun…he's going to kill my brother!" Sam pleaded with him.

Dean watched from across the cave as Carlos kicked Sam in his face then reached down and picked up the gun. Angry that his brother had been further injured Dean tried to stand, but he had hit the cave wall hard and the blow had stunned him. He fell back to the ground and all he could do was sit back and watch as the creature approached.

"Shoot it! Shoot it!" Sam begged as he lay on his stomach and spit out the blood that filled his mouth. Tears filled Sam's eyes; he knew his brother was going to die. "Shoot it! Please it's going to kill my brother!"

Carlos only smiled back at him as he started backing out of the cave.

"Damn it Carlos shoot it!" Santos shouted at his partner. "It's the only thing that will kill that thing!"

But Carlos figured once the creature was done with Dean it would come back and finish his brother off giving him time to escape. If Santos was stupid enough to stay with them then let him. He could always find new partners.

"Go ahead you fool die with them!" Carlos yelled over to Santos as he turned and continued toward the exit.

Santos watched him for a few seconds then ran over to Dean who was still struggling to get up. He reached for the gun that Dean had tucked into his waistband and turned toward Carlos.

"We need that flare gun!" Santos aimed the gun at Carlos.

Carlos ignored him and kept going. Santos fired without any hesitation. The bullet struck Carlos in the back and he went down and didn't move. Santos immediately ran over to him and took the flare gun out of his hand. By now the creature was almost on top of Dean so Santos took aim and fired praying he wouldn't miss. The Wendigo stopped in midstride and screamed in agony as its body slowly burst into flames. The creature took a few more steps then fell dead at Dean's feet.

Dean looked up at Santos in disbelief. He had never expected him to turn on his own partner.

"Thanks." Was all he could say.

Santos nodded then looked back at his dead friend.

"Stupid fool….he didn't have to die."

"No he didn't…but he didn't care about anyone but himself." Dean said as he made his way to Sam. "You okay Sammy?" Dean asked as he sat down next to his brother.


"Couldn't be better." Dean gave his brother a smile. "Now let's get you out of here."

With Santos's help they made it to the front of the cave. Once there Dean checked out Sam's wounds and patched him up the best he could, he then began to assemble the poles and blanket, making a stretcher to carry him out on. He then led his brother over to it.

"Dean I can walk." Sam protested. He didn't want his brother to wear himself out dragging him out of the woods.

"Sam, believe me it's easier this way. Otherwise I'll have to be stopping every few minutes to check on you. You might be bleeding internally plus your knee is all swollen. It'll take us twice as long to get out of here if you try to walk out."

"What about you? You took a nasty hit yourself." Sam said looking at Dean's blood soaked side. "Let me patch you up first."

"It's only a flesh wound Sam; I can patch it up later." Dean reassured his brother. "Now let's get you on that stretcher and out of here."

Dean helped Sam lie down then covered him with a blanket. He then walked over to Santos and held out his hand.

"My brother would have died without you….maybe both of us would have."

Santos took Dean's hand.

"I know what it's like to lose a brother. My brother died because someone wanted his necklace and I wasn't there to protect him. A life is worth a lot more then a piece of jewelry."

"So what are you going to do?"

Santos gave Dean a small smile.

"I'll do what I have to do to feed my family."

Even though Dean didn't agree with the way Santos made his money, he understood where he was coming from.

"Thanks again." Dean said as he turned back to Sam and picked up the poles, then holding one on each side he slowly made his way out of the woods pulling Sam behind him.

Five days later

Once out of the woods Dean took Sam to the hospital where it was determined he was bleeding internally from a badly bruised liver. They kept him for a few days in order to control the bleeding then released him with orders to rest and take his medication. They also put a walking cast on his leg after it was determined that it wasn't broken but just badly bruised. He was told to stay off of it as much as possible for at least two weeks.

Dean walked next to Sam glad to finally be out of the hospital instead of sitting by his brother's bedside worrying about him. He spread his arms out and took a deep breath.

"Smell that air…. Damn it's good to be outside." He looked at Sam and smiled. "Even the pink has returned to your cheeks Samantha." He reached over and pinched Sam on the cheek.

"Get out of here." Sam gave a little smile as he pushed Dean's hand away. He then turned serious. "You know Dean we were lucky this time. If Santos hadn't flipped to our side we'd both be dead."

"But we're not and that's all that matters."

"No Dean, that's not all that matters." Sam looked at his brother. "Dean…I managed to get out of this life for awhile when I went to college…you never did, and I think its time you did… Maybe you could take some time off and …and just enjoy yourself."

"I do enjoy myself Sam. I enjoy hunting. Taking those bad asses off the street…now that's enjoyable." He looked at Sam and smiled.

"You know what I mean….We've been hunting all our lives and if we keep it up we're going to die hunting. We deserve better then that….you deserve better then that."

"Where did this all come from?"

"I had a lot of time to think while I was laid up."

"Don't tell me you're going soft on me Sam."

"No…it's just that…."

"It's what Sam?"

"It's just that…" He hesitated for a few seconds then blurted it out. "I don't want to watch you die."

"I'm not dying Sam…well at least not today."

"You know what I mean."

"Sam everybody's going to die, you, me…everybody. But we're alive now and I just want to live in the moment….And I want to take down as many of those bastards as I can while I can." Dean opened the car door for his brother and helped him in then jumped in the driver's seat and looked over at him. "What do you say we go get some burgers…I'm starving."

Sam shook his head.

"You're impossible."

"Yeah…maybe I am." Dean looked over at Sam and winked. "But I'm handsome." He smiled at Sam as he shifted the car into drive and floored the accelerator. He knew sometime they'd have to have a serious talk about his deal with the demon, but not today, today he was just going to enjoy the fact that they were both alive.

The End