The Shy Beauty- Chapter One

Island Sweetheart in da' house and listening to J-Lo and JaRulz…

Cause I'm real…

The way you walk, the way you move, the way you talk…

Cause I'm real…

Yeah! Now that what I'm talking about! For all you The Princess of Love readers, sorry but I do have a new Chapter out now! Plus, I put a new Chapter for The Fiery Maiden out a few weeks ago for those of you don't know about that!

Now, about this story! This story is about Ami and Duo. Yes, I know, its very unpredictable but I'm unpredictable so stick around to see how I'm going about to doing this!

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The Shy Beauty

Chapter One

The small house was quiet when Duo crept out of the house. He and his fellow Gundam Pilots were hiding in this place for a while and they were keeping their Gundam's hiding in the city of Tokyo. They had hid it in a factory that some rich person owned and had let them hide it there, probably a friend of Quatre or something.

Duo and the others were waiting for further instructions from Heero. Oz was still out there, somewhere and if they were out there… they were keeping it quiet.

Duo sighed and he sat on the lawn and looked up into the night sky, full of stars twinkling. Trees and natures things surrounded the house; Oz can't find where they are. He lay onto the grass. He hadn't been getting enough sleep lately.

Half of what had him up at night pondering why he couldn't sleep was the fact that he didn't know what! He couldn't think of why he couldn't. Maybe because he was lonely all the time…

What could it be?

Ami sat down on her bed with her report card in hand. She sat cross-legged and she opened her report. She looked at the rows of subjects all had an A+ beside them. She was very proud of herself for doing such a good job. She sighed, though, as she lay down and looked at the ceiling above.

 She might be proud but she had this meaningless void she couldn't quite place. She'd find herself drifting away from her study books and into a daydream. She just hoped that Serena and the others haven't noticed her behavior. It would be hard to tell them about how she felt.

She sighed and closed her eyes, thinking deeply. She then heard voices from outside her window.

"Chuck! Be quiet!" Said a voice in English.

Ami got off her bed and walked towards her bedroom window. She pulled the curtains to the side and peeked out. She could see two people, a young girl and boy, both where sneaking about a house and the girl was scowling the boy.

Ami was close enough to hear them both and they had caught her attention. Maybe their robbers, Ami thought.

The boy had blonde hair and brown eyes while the girl had long black hair, which was pulled into a ponytail and blue eyes.

The boy started to smile and the girl continued scowling him. "Chuck! You're going to wake up my parents you American baka!" She said, hitting him on the shoulder. Chuck laughed and exclaimed, "I'm an American citizen! They can't do anything to me! Have you forgotten Kumi?"

Kumi laughed and sighed, "If only you could stay…" Her eye's filled with tears as she looked away into the vast darkness of the night. Chuck heaved a sigh and held Kumi's chin with his right index finger. Kumi drew back from him and she said, "Chuck! How can we ever see each other again? Huh? Tell me! My parents will never understand!" She started to cry hysterically and when Chuck tried to get near her but she started to hit him.

Oh! They're lovers, Ami thought looking at the two, I think…

Kumi was still hitting him and he grabbed her by her shoulders and kissed her. She started to calm down and when they separated Chuck asked if she was okay.

Well, Ami thought, that proves it.

"Yeah. I'm okay…"

Chuck looked at a house that had its lights turned on. He looked at Kumi and said, "We'll find a way, okay?" She nodded her head and looked into Chuck's brown eyes. He gave her a quick, deep kiss and ran off.

"I love you Kumi!" Chuck shouted out, which woke up some neighbors.

Kumi stood there, tears rolled down her check. "That's all I wanted to here, Chuck. That's all I wanted to hear…" Kumi murmured.

Ami pulled back from the window.

Why do I feel so weird, Ami thought, sitting on the bed.

Maybe that's what you want! You're lonely and need some attention from someone who'll be there for you and only you…

A little voice nagged in her mind but all Ami did was shake her head and lay onto the bed.

No, she thought, love is just for people who have enough time in their lives for it.

The other voice then shouted out, sure! Grow old to live only to be alone…

She then curled up into a ball, clutching her knees to her chest. She closed her eyes and let herself go into a pool of never-ending tears, her report card now drenched.