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The Shy Beauty

Chapter Five

They both slept through the night without any disturbance but Lita awoke up at the crack of dawn. The night was still fresh on her mind however, and from the aches that she felt from last night meant she had to work out. She slipped on a white athletic shirt that showed her stomach and light-green jogging pants with a white trip going down the side and white sneakers and grabbed white towel from her bag.

Lita woke Ami to tell her that she was leaving to go outside. She then headed off.

As she walked through the halls she passed by Trowa's room. Trowa happened to be awake and heard her pass by. Curious and apprehensive, he put on black sweats over his boxers, white beater shirt, and put on black running shoes. He decided to start his day on following her.

Lita walked out of the house and inhaled a large amount of air. As she exhaled she stood back to look at the rising sunrise. The purples, reds, and yellows always calmed her. Lita looked at her surroundings to see vast fields and a forest nearby.

A forest, Lita thought to herself, perfect!

She walked slowly towards the forest just to take in the scenery she was in. But as Lita reached the forest she took out her fingerless gloves from her pocket and put them on. Lita rounded her head and moved her shoulders back and forth for stretch.

Lita then stood there for a minute or two to breathe in deep and exhale. Then in a blink of an eye, she attached with flying fists in the air. Her movements were fluid and precise. She then threw her leg up for a roundhouse kick to her opponent made of air. She then jumped up, threw her leg out to kick and the switched to the other leg to hit the other side of the face. She then bent down and shot her fists in front of her with full force.

It went on for an hour or so until she stopped with a last kick and punch.

Trowa made the mistake of stepping backwards and stepping on a twig.

Lita sprung around and got into her fighting stance. "Who's there?" She shouted out.

Lita saw Trowa step our from behind a tree. Lita sighed with relief, "Oh, good. I thought you were some wacko ready to jump me."

Trowa didn't say anything. He just stared at her.

Lita smiled at him, "Well, how long have you've been here?"

Trowa didn't say anything for second, "Just came out for a walk. Haven't been out here long. Spotted you here while I was passing by." He finally said.

Lita took her towel from a branch of a tree and wiped her face. "I guess I'll join you on that walk, if you don't mind, do you?"

Trowa nodded.

He turned to leave as Lita caught up with him. They walked out of the forest and went into one of Quatre's gardens out back on the west fields of the house.

The sun was now in the sky amongst the blue and white and warming the faces of Lita and Trowa. Trowa heard Lita sigh and he looked at her.

Her eyes were closed so that she was now soaking the rays of the sun. A light breeze came in, blowing through Lita's hair a bit making her lips curve into a smile.

Trowa liked how her cheeks were rosy from the exercise and her hair blew through the wind. Trowa thought her peaceful and unmoved with a soft touch…

"It's nice out here," Lita said to Trowa.

Trowa didn't say anything.

Lita didn't seem to mind. She then said, "You don't talk very much, do you?" She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Unless I've got something to say," Trowa shrugged, "Then I'll say something."

Lita smiled, "Really?"

Trowa faced straight ahead.

Lita changed the subject, "Trowa?" She glanced to see Trowa gaze her way.

"What happened last night? Who were those people?"

Trowa waited a beat, "I can't tell you." He finally said.

Lita sighed. She knew she wouldn't get anything else from him.

She then smiled, "Trowa, if I ask one question, will you answer it?"

"Depends on the question."

Lita shrugged. "It has nothing to do with last night. But it's personal."

Trowa nodded slightly.

Lita turned to look at him so that she and him stopped walking. "Why are you so," she gazed at him, "far away?"

Trowa looked at Lita before he spoke. "You're going have to rephrase that question," he started to walk off.

Lita caught up to him, "You're distant and I want to know why."

"I'm sorry Miss-"

Lita held up her hand, "Just Lita."

Trowa glanced at her, "Lita, you've just met me and already you ask more than you should."

Lita pursed her lips, "It's just its been bothering me." She paused.

Trowa glanced at her again, "What has?"

Lita turned her head so that she looked deep into his eyes. "Those eyes of yours, they've been bothering me for awhile."

"My eyes?" Trowa didn't show that he was confused but he let it show just a bit in his voice.

Lita stared at the green that was a bit darker than hers and cocked her head to the side. "There's nothing, just miles of green. You show nothing unlike Quatre, full of heart and innocence. Heero is just a pit of seriousness and something like mortality."

Lita carried on, turning her eyes back up to the sky. "Duo is all laugh and life, a joke up his sleeve, cute and flirtatious, all the opposite. Wufei is made up of a sense of pride, I can see it like I can plainly see the sun on a clear, blue-skied day."

Trowa looked at Lita, surprised to know that she could see all that in just a day or two.

Lita then looked at Trowa also. "You, Trowa, happen to be mysterious. More than Heero! You talk little, you don't stare too long but just enough for you to judge and not be noticed. I could sense, however, that you where trying to sum Ami and me up. Your thoughts grew deeper last night because you saw us two defend ourselves and come out of the situation with out a single scratch or tear."

Trowa stared back out into the open.

"Your observant, very good at it." Lita added, "I can tell that you know a lot about me and Ami just by seeing us for a few days."

Trowa didn't say it or show it but he was again stunned that she said what he was just thinking about her.

"As the same with you," Trowa told his companion.

Lita spotted a large rock next to a tree with shade. The sun had come out hard; bursting streams of sunlight and the air was warming. She walked towards it and sat down.

"So tell me, Trowa." Lita grinned, "What do you think of Ami and me?"

Trowa raised a brow at the young girl and said, "Interested in what I've got to say?"

"You barely do so, so yes, maybe."

Trowa nodded and sat down next to Lita. "Ami's quiet and observant. I can see she's a lot like me." Trowa paused then went on, "She looks to be sweet and innocent like Quatre, a heart probably as pure as his. She looks wise, I can see it in her eyes."

Lita laughed softly, "You are very much right, she is also a great friend. And a great listener."

Trowa added, "Like me, also. I like to listen."

"I wouldn't be surprised if you two hooked up," Lita laughed out loud, jokingly.

Trowa gave Lita a look she couldn't read. "No, not really. It would never work out."

This time, it was Lita's time to raise a brow, "Really?" She cocked her head to the side again whilst few strands of her loose hair fell in front of her face.

"Another story for another time," Trowa told her.

Lita grinned, "I guess you want to keep me in suspense."


Lita shrugged, "If so, you'll see."

Back in the house where Ami awoke in the room with a yawn and a stretch just as the door opened. Thinking it was one of the maids Ami went to open it.

"Hold on," she said, opening the door.

"Lady Mist?" She asked.

Ami stepped back in to let in the lady of blue in, her long hair sweeping in behind her.

Lady Mist smiled, "Ami, nice to see you."

Ami looked incredulous, "What- how…"

Mist laughed, "Don't worry. No one saw me, not that I've anything to hide since I am one of great power." Her eye's twinkled with laughter.

Ami closed it behind her.

"I've come with information pertaining on what you need to know… for now." Lady Mist sat on Lita's bed. "You will encounter a man, he is a threat to your future and I'm telling you that you will need all the help you can get. He means the unbalance of your world and this world. His name is Ethan Kingston."

Ami nodded.

Lady Mist crossed her ankles to the side, like a real lady. "I need you to join powers with this group of Gundam pilots. It's now part of your destiny as well as Lita's."

Ami blinked, "They are a part of my destiny?"

"And Lita's." Mist added.

Ami sighed, "Everything's changing, so fast."

Lady Mist smiled softly, "I'm sorry to bring such news to you in such a short time."

Ami shook her head, "It's alright. I'll survive. This is for many lives that may be lost against this man."

Lady Mist blinked and then laughed quietly. "Your exactly like my superiors told me you would be like." 

"Never questioning anything good and a soul of an angel."

Ami blushed, "I never can take compliments very good but thank you."

Lady Mist nodded, "I'll keep in touch." She then evaporated into the air with blue lights and then she was gone.

There was a knock at Ami's door and a loud, "HEY! WAKE UP!"

The door then opened with Duo coming in like the goof he is.

"Good mourning, Beautiful!"

Ami blinked and turned red.

Duo grinned at the blue-haired girl and crossed his arms, "I see you've just woken up."

"Yes," Ami tried to inch towards her bed, hoping to jump into it and hide. She'd never been in a room by herself with another boy unless it was for tutoring.

But those boys were in grade school!

Duo, however, just stood there with pure amusement on his face. "I've been sent again to escort you."

He wore a dark navy-blue shirt and jeans, which was a much better outfit that suited Ami, covering more than last night!

"Well," Ami coughed, "I need to… um, change…"

Duo blinked. "And?"

Ami blushed.

She should have known.

Duo was expert… Ami blushed even harder from the thought of it.

Finally, realization dawned on Duo's face.

"OH! Oh, I didn't," Duo made hand motions to the door. "I'll just wait outside."

"That would be wise," Ami, said softly, red-faced.

 Duo grinned, "Yeah." He stepped out of the door.

Ami let out a breath of relief as she started to change.

Duo leaned against the wall but it was only a minute or two when Ami stepped out. Ami came out and as she closed the door she looked to the side.

Duo gazed at the girl with a look of surprise on his face.

Ami caught the look and cocked her head to the side, "What's wrong?"

Duo blinked. Usually when he waited for a girl, Duo had to wait for half and hour or maybe even two!

Ami, however, looked neat but not overdone. She wore a simple one-piece, sky-blue dress with dark blue flowers at the hem where it stopped at mid-thigh. On her feet she wore sky-blue sandals and a silver anklet around her ankle. One side of her hair held a blue-studded barrette.

"You…" Duo started.


Duo scratched his head, "You don't want to dress up or anything?"

Ami blinked, "Are we going somewhere fancy?"

"No, it's just that you're not like most girls." Duo explained, "Most girls take forever to get dressed!"

"Oh," Ami shrugged, "I didn't want to keep you waiting. I know how it feels like to wait for a long time."

Duo smiled warmly, "Nice to know that I'm thought of."

Ami blushed again so she automatically looked down at her feet.

Duo grinned at Ami, "Lets get going before Quatre worries and sends an army here to check on us."

Ami nodded and followed Duo's lead.

As they entered the dinning room, Ami spotted Lita walking in from the front door with a mourning exercise glow illuminating from her. Ami smiled at her but it grew into a questionable smile when Trowa followed in after Lita.

Duo glanced at Lita and Trowa with a causal smile but stopped in his tracks and did a double take!

"Where have you two been?" Duo asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

Lita blinked, Trowa raised a brow, and Ami turned crimson red all over again.

Ami yelled at herself in her head. She needed to stop blushing.

Duo threw an arm around Trowa's neck, "Never knew you had it in you, man!"

Trowa coughed, realizing what Duo was babbling on about.

Lita grinned with a faint red tinting her cheeks while Ami's cheeks burned like the red flames of a fire.

"Well," Lita surprising Trowa, "That would be our business and not yours."

For a second time, Trowa was caught off guard and smiled. That warm smile that seemed to creep up through Lita's veins and make her heart do a flip and sing opera at the drop of a dime.

Duo didn't catch it and Ami was too busy looking down at the floor.

Quatre came from out of the dinning room with a smile, "Come in everyone. Breakfast is served."

Quatre stopped in his tracks to see the foursome in a funny state. Trowa was wrapped in Duo's arm who was laughing at Lita's comment. Ami was looking feverish, all red in the face. Lita was ginning from ear-to-ear like she had just been given the greatest gift in the world.

And Trowa…

Well, Trowa was Trowa.

Lita grinned and linked her arm with Trowa's who again was caught by surprise. Lita dragged an unsure Trowa into the dinning room.

"I suggest we get inside then," Lita laughed out.

Quatre blinked as he followed the two in.

Duo looked at Ami with a sly smile, "You two have been a great addition to the group."

Ami smiled, "I'd like to think that."

Ami and Duo walked into the dinning room and took their seats. Duo pulled out Ami's chair for her, Ami blinked at him.

Duo looked at Ami and laughed, "Have you never had a guy be a gentleman to you?"

Ami cheeks burned, "Um…"

Duo laughed, "It's part of the custom, you pull out the chair for the lady."

"Right," Ami said softly.

Duo sat next to Ami and Lita sat on the other side. Trowa sat across from Lita; Quatre sat at the head of the table. Wufei came in and was forced to sit across to the damn Maxwell, and Heero came in with a laptop in hand and sat across from Ami.

As they all waited to get served, Ami spoke up. "Who were those people last night?" She asked.

Heero raised a brow; he could tell that Ami wasn't one who'd say things from out of the blue without a real reason behind it.

"We would ask you two the same thing." Heero told Ami and Lita.

Lita grinned, "What do you want to know? We have nothing to hide."

Ami smiled, "So we want to be honest with you all."

Lita looked at her friend with a questioning look, but Ami just nodded and smiled confidently.

Lita nodded as well and turned back to the boys with a smug look on her face.

Heero leaned near the two girls, "Who are you both?"

Lita crossed her arms, "I'm Kino Lita, that is my real name. I'm a princess."

Heero blinked, something he hardly ever does.

"You're a princess?" Duo exclaimed.

Duo started to howl and fell back in his chair. Ami turned to the side and looked at him with a smile.

"She happens to be right," Ami smiled.

Duo wiped tears from his eyes but slowly stopped smiling as he gazed into Ami's eyes.

"You're not kidding, huh?" Duo was finally able to say.

Ami sighed and with that warm, soft smile of hers, she shook her head. "I happen to be one as well."

Wufei huffed, "You actually expect us to believe that?"

Lita stood up as well as Ami. They went to the door to make sure none of the maids were near.

Then, Lita and Ami faced the boys. Lita's eyes were twinkling with laughter while around the bridge of Ami's nose was a faint blush.

Lita lifted up a green pen she held in her hand and shouted, "Jupiter Star Power!"

Ami did the same but her pen was a blue color and she shouted, "Mercury Star Power!"

In what was just a few seconds, Lita and Ami turned into the sailor outfits.

It rather felt like forever to the boy's…

Finally, Lita stood in a green fuku while Ami stood in a blue one. They both stood with smiles while the boy's sat at the table with jaws dropped to the floor.

"What the hell…" Wufei said. What kind of magic was this?

Trowa's eyes were wide and his lips partially opened, trying to say something but it looked like he couldn't get to the words. Duo stood up and was staring that the two, blinking in confusion.

Heero, during the transformation, tried to grab his gun but dropped it from the blinding lights of the girl's auras. Quatre looked like he was going to faint!

"I'm Sailor Jupiter," Lita pointed to herself and then pointed to Ami, "And Ami is Sailor Mercury."

"I think you should sit down now, Duo." Sailor Jupiter told the guy. "It's going to be a long story…"

Hours passed, Lita and Ami transformed back to their regular selves, breakfast had been served and cleared, and they now all sat in the living room silent and unmoving. The girl's had told the boys everything from the beginning, how the Scouts came together all the way to Lady Mist and the mysterious Ethan Kingston.

Heero growled as he ruffled his hair, "So, what? Why us five?"

"I don't know," Ami answered. "It seems our destines cross somehow and it's a necessity for both our future's."

Duo shook his head and laughed, "Only us can come across the funniest things." Duo said this mostly to the boys than the girls.

Ami smiled at Duo's lightness of the subject. Duo caught her eyes, but Ami quickly looked to the ground to avoid him. Duo's blues were darker than her blue eyes… but his were more dominating.

She didn't want to be caught up in it and drown in the that sea…

It would be too dangerous for her…

"Where are the people from yesterday?" Lita asked suddenly.

"Locked up in one of the rooms," Heero plainly stated.

"Who are they?" Lita added.

"We don't know," Heero said, "But they work for Oz. That much, I'm sure of."

"Oz? I've heard the name but nothing else. Who is this Oz?" Ami asked.

This time, it was the pilots' turn to tell their story.

After a few minutes, everyone sat in silence as they took in everything.

Lita and Ami de-transformed back into their daily clothes.

"So will you tell us who those people are?" Ami asked with confidence.

Wufei growled, "I still don't trust them."

Lita rolled her eyes, "You don't trust anyone so you don't count."

"I don't think I trust you either. This might be a trick," Heero added with no effort.

"You don't count either." Lita put in. "I mean, there's no other way we can prove that we're telling the truth."

"I trust them." Quatre said, smiling at a nodding Lita and a beaming Ami.

"Me, too!" Duo cheered.

"I don't think you'll work, Duo." Lita laughed. "You'd trust any girl with legs and a pretty face."

Duo's eyes twinkled. "What can I say? I'm just a guy!"

Everyone heard a cough and they turned to look at Trowa. He was staring at Lita and Ami with incentive eyes.

"I trust them," he said.

Trowa said what he thought, which was rarely the case. From the looks of it, the boys seemed to be agreeing with Trowa.

Whatever Trowa said, everyone listened to him. He wasn't one to speak unless it was important and something he thought that is needed to be known. So whatever he said, it went.

Lita was glowing at Trowa, "Thanks, Trowa." Lita said.

Trowa was taken back by her smile… so pure and so innocent and so…


Thankfully, Quatre spoke up.

But Lita's smile was still stuck in Trowa's mind, lost in his thoughts.

"Athena. That's the name of the leader of the group that attacked us." Quatre folded his hands as he said this.

"Is that all you got?" Lita asked.

"It took us more than four hours last night jut to tell us her name and another hour for her to tell us she was the leader." Duo sighed, "She's good. Real good."

Lita punched her fist into her other hand. "Let me take a whack at her."

"Maybe if I could talk to her?" Ami asked Quatre, her voice soft but sure.

The whole table turned to look at Ami, who hadn't said much during the duration of the conversation.

"What can a weakling like you do?" Wufei scolded.

Ami raised a brow at Wufei, "Do not say things you don't know anything about, Wufei. Things don't always seem to be what appear to be."

Everyone was speechless for a few seconds; even Wufei couldn't come up with anything else to say. He just blinked at Ami with surprise.

Lita started to laugh, along with Duo, and Quatre tired to suppress his own laughter by looking up at the ceiling. Trowa did exactly what Wufei was doing and Heero had somewhat of a smirk.

Ami looked to the floor but with a smile.

"Well…" Ami looked up a little to the faces, "He deserved it."

That got even more laughs, which had the servants peeking through the dining room door to see why there was laughing when they've never heard it from the boy's…

Until the girls arrived…

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