SUMMARY: Tony is hurt on the job and Gibbs reflects on his and Tony's relationship.

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Agents Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Anthony (Tony) DiNozzo, Timothy (Tim) McGee, and Ziva David pulled up to the house of a suspected terrorist. They had gotten the man's name from a Marine Lieutenant who was trying for leniency after killing a fellow officer.

The got out of the car and gathered around the trunk of the vehicle. Gibbs pulled out a rough draft map of the house and assigned positions. "Everyone clear on what they're doing?"

"Clear Boss," DiNozzo replied for the team after seeing the nods from Ziva and McGee.

Gibbs nodded at him and took off towards the house. Gibbs and Ziva snuck up to the front of the house and waited while Tony and McGee snuck around to the back. Tony motioned for McGee to stay slightly behind him while he took lead.

"We're in place boss," Tony whispered into his mike.

"On my mark then," Gibbs replied just as quietly.

In their spots each agent pulled out their gun and nodded at their partner indicating they were ready. Tony took a deep breath and waited for the order to be given. Ziva crouched ready to go in to the house they were surrounding. McGee pressed his ear piece in wanting to make sure he heard the command. Gibbs looked around one last time and spoke into the mike.

"3…2…1, EXACUTE"

From his position in the back Tony raised his arm, gun pointed, and waited while McGee kicked the door open. Tony crossed from the right side of the door to left room which was the kitchen. McGee went under Tony's arm and went left to right, entering the laundry room.

Both agents looked in every crevice and closet, making sure the man they were looking for wasn't hiding. They met back up in the little hallway and said to each other, "clear."

Further down the hall they once again crossed each other, this time Tony went left to right, while McGee went right to left. They once again met in the hallway and said to each other, "clear."

They started down the hall once again, going to meet up with their boss and Ziva. Neither noticed the hall closet door, still several yards away, open slowly. By the time they realized what was going on it was too late; a man managed to fire a gun, causing the two agents to duck. Both were unable to shoot back for fear of shooting each other or their two other teammates.


At the front of the house Gibbs kicked in the door while Ziva crouched, pointed her gun and went from the left side of the door into the porch room on the right. Gibbs arms stretched over Ziva's head as he went from the right side of the door to the living room on the right.

They quickly cleared the side porch room and living room. Just as Tony and McGee had done, the two met up in the entrance way and said to one another, "clear."

They crossed each other once again and headed to the library and study. They had just finished clearing the two rooms when they heard the gun go off. With their guns clutched tighter in their hands they ran in the direction of the sound.

As they came to where Tony and McGee were they stopped; stunned in their tracks. On the floor lay Tony; beside him McGee knelt, putting pressure on Tony's stomach. Blood seeped through his fingers.

"He came out of no where," McGee explained to their boss. Gibbs shook his head and came out of his shock.

"Tony!" Gibbs yelled as he ran the last couple steps and knelt by the younger man's side.

"I-I didn't see him; I'm sorry boss." Tony grimaced. Tony fought the tears that were threatening to come out.

"Don't apologize DiNozzo." Gibbs said gruffly.

Tony turned his eyes to the paled younger man beside him. "I always knew you wanted to feel my abs probie." Tony smiled weakly at his joke.

"Shut up Tony," McGee choked out.

Tony managed another weak smile as Gibbs ruffled his hair. Gibbs hadn't needed to order Ziva to call for help, having heard her do so already. Tony reached for Gibb's hand, drawing the older man's attention.

"I'm tired…" Tony started. "Take care of them boss."

"You're gonna be fine DiNozzo." Gibbs said more like an order then anything.

"Got it Boss," Tony managed to cough.

"Helps coming," Gibbs reassured him.

Tony eyes fluttered, his grip lessened, and he lost consciousness. It seemed liked forever before help was finally able to get to them. Gibbs would realize later the he was in debt to the two paramedics who entered the house despite the fact that it had yet to be cleared.

The paramedics worked on Tony quickly. They knew they needed to get the agent to the hospital as soon as possible. One paramedic taped gauze on the wound while the other started an IV.

"Sir, are you riding with us?" The first paramedic asked.

Gibbs knew his first priority should be his duty as team leader but seeing his senior agents pale face and knowing how much Tony hated hospitals he nodded. He followed the paramedics out only vaguely aware of McGee calling for back up.


By the time they pulled up the hospital Tony had regained consciousness. The doctors whisked Tony away, telling Gibbs to stay in the waiting room. Ten minutes later the doctor was back out.

"I'm Dr. Jacobs; are you Jethro Gibbs?"

"Yes; is DiNozzo ok?" Gibbs asked, trying not to sound as scared as he felt.

"Tony needs immediate surgery. The bullet nicked an artery and he's lost a lot of blood. As his emergency contact I need your approval." The doctor answered.

Gibbs signed the papers with no hesitation. "Can I see him before?"

The doctor shook his head, "He's already on his way to be prepared. We have no time."

Gibbs nodded his head and watched as the doctor took the papers back and made few notations.

"The surgery will take a couple hours. I'll have nurse show you to the surgery waiting room." Jacobs informed Gibbs.


An hour later a nurse brought Gibbs a cup of coffee. Seeing the anxiety in his face she sat down reassured him. As she went to leave she asked one question, "How long have the two of you worked together?"

"Why do you ask?" Gibbs replied turning his steel graze on her.

"I have worked in the hospital all my life. I've seen boss' worry about their own before but I've never seen a boss as concerned as you." The nurse replied.

Gibbs looked up at her, tears uncharacteristically in his eyes. "He's my son…"