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"Can I go home now?" Tony whined.

"No," Gibbs answered gruffly.

"But dad," Tony started.

"Not another word," Gibbs ordered with a raised eyebrow. "You're not going home until Ducky says you can."

"But I feel fine," Tony protested.

Gibbs glared at his son hoping to subdue him but, as usual, it didn't work. Tony simply stared defiantly back him.

It had been two weeks since Tony had opened his eyes beating the odds the doctor's, minus Ducky, had laid for his survival. Gibbs had sat by his son's side every day, leaving only long enough to shower and change.

Nothing could drag him away...not even the capture of the man who shot Tony. No, Gibbs had allowed Ziva to handle that interrogation. He had wanted to handle it himself but Tony, though awake, was still on a ventilator and had hung onto his hand.

Ziva had smiled like it was Christmas. Abby's eyes had all but popped out of her head before she smiled in a way that reminded the team to never get on her bad side. McGee looked from his boss to Ziva and then quietly reminded her not to do anything illegal less the man get off on a technicality; not that the man wasn't going to jail for a long time already but McGee wanted one of those reasons to be Tony.

Gibbs thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of the hospital door being opened.

"Everything alright," William inquired noting Tony's sour expression and Gibbs look of irritation.

"I want to go home," Tony sulked.

"You just woke up," William exclaimed giving the younger man a look of disbelief.

"I feel fine," Tony all but growled.

Gibbs stood up and smirked, "Ok, you sure you're ready to go home?"

"Yes," Tony reassured his dad.

"Good," Gibbs launched. "When we get home you can explain to me what really happened to my car and then William can explain why he told Mike."

Both boys paled. Gibbs held in his smile and settled on a scowl. Tony broke the silence.

"You told him!"

"Of course not," William replied indignantly, "I threatened you I'd tell him. I just didn't realize he was standing at the door."

"If I were able to get off this bed without fear of him deciding I'm not too old to get sp…err…you know, I'd seriously hurt you." Tony replied through clenched teeth.

"Yeah well," William mumbled, "by the looks of it I'm already in trouble; might as well bring you with me."

Tony rolled his eyes and gave an exasperated sigh. He glanced up at his dad and tilted his head. 'Oh yeah, he's serious,' Tony mused to himself.

"I'll go get your papers," Gibbs started for the door.

"NO," the boys exclaimed as one.

Gibbs turned around slowly and raised an eyebrow.

"I'm tired," Tony stated, pressing the button that made the upper half of the bed flatten. He rolled onto his side before thinking better of it and lying back on his back.

Tony fell asleep to the conversation between his dad and brother.

"I didn't call Mike," William reassured Gibbs.

"Then how did he know?" Gibbs inquired.

"I was at his place when you called," William started to explain…


Tony woke up almost two hours later. He immediately looked around and spotted only William.

"Is he here?"

William started to laugh, "Ducky took him down to get some coffee."

Tony sighed, "I still can't believe you told him."

"I didn't tell him, he over heard me threaten you that I'd tell him," William reminded the younger boy.

"What do you think he'd do if I told him I was the one who drove his car and broke the mirror by hitting a mailbox?" Tony asked theoretically.

"Do you really want to know?" William laughed.

"Nope, but there is one thing I'd love to know." Tony smirked.

William raised any eye brow in silent question.

"What he'd do to you if he found out you lied to him."

"Make sure neither of you sat for the rest of the day," answered a gruff voice.

"H-hi dad," Tony stuttered.

William looked up at the older man and then looked out the window before turning to look at Tony.

"If I jump now would he make it down before me?"

Tony burst out laughing while Gibbs shook his head. He sat down by Tony's bed and smiled. It had been a while since he'd heard Tony laughed and to be hones there were times he didn't think he'd ever hear it again.

Gibbs sat back and listened to both boys tease one another. He sighed in content.

For the rest of the day, long after William had left to go to his own home, he watched over his son. He watched his son throw his head back in laughter during a funny part of a show. He watched his son flirt shamelessly with the female nursing staff. He watched his son scarf down half of a large pizza. He watched his son scowl at the proffered pain medicine. He watched his son fall into a peaceful sleep…one he would awake from come morning.

Gibbs stood and walked to his son's bed side. He leaned down and kissed him on the forehead, glad to be able to do that simple act. He made his way back to his chair and brought it closer to the bed. The pillow and blanket Nurse Tammi had brought were still on the desk so Gibbs picked them up and as with the first night he made a make shift bed with two chairs.

He 'lay' down and took Tony's hand in his knowing that his son always slept better when in the hospital holding his hand.

Gibbs gave a sigh of contentment as he watched Tony sleep, "My son."