How to tell that your best friend is in love with his rival.

Ron stared at the article published in the witch weekly. He had been bored out of his mind, sitting by himself in the common room. Hermione had to attend to some obscure head girl duties and had left about an hour ago, and Harry had disappeared a while ago mumbling something about polishing his broomstick. So Ron had been looking through some books someone had left on table. He had just opened a random page when the article had started flashing and changing colours and he had read the headline.

"Now that is a weird article. Why would I need to read that? Still, it is something to pass the time.", murmured Ron while settling down to read the article.

1. Your friend doodles his rival's name in his notebook. Repeatedly.

Ron remembered when he had found Harry scribbling Malfoy name during history of magic. When questioned about it later Harry had said something about how Malfoy was his rival and he had been thinking of tactics for quidditch to win against him, so he had subconsciously written his name. In fact, now that he thought about it, Harry had rather suddenly changed the topic to quidditch and made Ron forget about his question.

2. your friend is absent at all the same times as his rival.

For the past six months Harry had been absent at the most odd times. Ron remembered that many a times Harry had been absent during lunch or supper, or he had come in late.

And Malfoy more often tan not always came before or after him. They also seemed rather disheveled. Harry had said that he got into a fight with Malfoy and they had started a duel.

3. The fights between your friend and his rival have become more physical.

Nowadays Harry and Malfoy seemingly forgot about wands and had started jumping at each other at the smallest provoking words. Ron realized that Harry who normally was the one holding Ron back seemed to jump on Malfoy even at the slightest slurs.

If you have agreed to all the above thee statements then there is a high possibility that your best friend is gay and most likely to be going out with him.

Now Ron was sitting up straight and staring at the article so intently that he didn't hear Harry come in through the portrait hole. He looked up when Hermione came into the Gryffindor common room and sat beside him with a sigh.

"Ron do you know where Harry is? I wanted to ask his opinion on these ideas for this Yule ball, and give me your opinion too." Said Hermione shuffling some papers in front of her and looked and Ron expectedly to read the ideas.

Ron wanted to say "sure I'll look through them.", but what came out was "did you know that Harry is gay and going out with Malfoy?"

Hermione looked bewildered for a moment and then smiled knowingly, "you found out at last did you?"

"Yeah, I just read this article and it all points to the same conclusion, Harry is gay."

"Look Ron I know that you dislike Malfoy but Harry is our friend and we have to be happy for him. If being with Malfoy is what makes him happy then please try to accept it, for Harry's sake." Said Hermione, trying to make him understand.

"It's all right Hermione. I am shocked and a bit …well it is Malfoy you know. But as you said for Harry's sake I will accept it, but don't try make me be all chummy with Malfoy, 'cause I won't do that." came Ron's rather hesitant and defensive reply.

Saying so Hermione and Ron fell into discussing the Yule ball while waiting up for Harry.

In the back of his mind Ron resolved that though he hated Malfoy, for Harry he would try to be open minded and accept their relationship when Harry will tell them about it.