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Two bodies intertwining, battling for dominance…sweat dripping from their skin…clothing scattered about the cave. One slowly gains ground in the battle…heavy panting and moans can be heard echoing through Kouga's chambers.

"K-Kouga...nnnn…" Hands grip the thick fur of the bed, arching upwards to meet the body above him.

"Yes puppy, enjoy. Tonight we become one forever…"

"Kouga…harder, Kouga…KOUGA!!"

"Kouga …wake up!! Our brothers from the Northern Tribe have come with a message."

Ginta and Hakkaku stood at the entrance to Kouga's chambers, waiting for their leader to respond.

But Kouga was hugging a bundle of skins in his bed, still dreaming.

"Kouga?" Ginta questioned, wondering if Kouga could hear them.


Ginta turned and stared at Hakkaku. "Did he just mumble Inuyasha's name?'

"That's what I heard," Hakkaku replied.

"…nnn…yes puppy…" he mumbled as his hips began to slowly grind into the skins in his arms.

Hakkaku, in shock, tried to get Kouga to wake up once more, nudging his leader's prone form. "KOUGA!"

Kouga bolted from the bed. "What?! Are we being attacked?! What's wrong?!" Shaking his head to try to rid himself of the dream, he awaited an answer from the two standing in front of him.

"Um…no," Ginta finally spoke. "Our brothers from the North are here to speak with you."

Kouga sighed. "Tell them I will be there soon." Stretching, he tried to inconspicuously shove his bundle of skins into a corner.

"Kouga," Ginta began. Were you dreaming about Inu…" Hakkaku placed a hand over Ginta's mouth before he could finish, and began dragging him out of the room.

Hakkaku laughed nervously as he backed out towards the exit. "We'll just go let them know you're awake, shall we?"

When they were finally out of earshot, he rounded on Ginta. "Are you crazy?! If Kouga knew that we know he was dreaming about Inuyasha, he'll kill us!"

"Kouga wouldn't do that," Ginta replied. "Besides, he approves of us." As he came up behind Hakkaku, he began lightly kissing and nipping at his lover's neck.

In his chambers, Kouga was busy berating himself. "What's wrong with me? I can't get that stupid mutt out of my head."

Running a hand through his hair, he sighed. "That's the fourth dream this week…"

'I can't be falling for Inuyasha', Kouga thought as he headed towards the hot springs nearby. 'But…maybe it was him I was attracted to this entire time, he reasoned. His scent was always on Kagome and it would explain why I always found Inuyasha first…'

Finally clean, Kouga put thoughts of the half-demon out of his head and climbed out of the hot spring. After drying quickly, he put on his armor and made his way to the council room 'I suppose the messengers have waited long enough...'

Meanwhile, Inuyasha was still asleep in the Sacred Tree hidden by its leaves high above the ground. The area was seemingly calm, a gentle breeze swaying the branches in lullaby and cooling the warm summer morning. Inuyasha's tortured moan broke the peace.

"…nnn… no… please…"

Surrounded by darkness, everything swirled maddeningly around him, forming figures Inuyasha cannot see. They settle into forms he does not recognize, except for a sense of familiarity.

"You're nothing but a half breed" one voice accuses in a harsh voice.

"Stay away from him, he's nothing but a worthless demon," another voice rang out.

The figures swirl into darkness again, closing in on the shivering form of Inuyasha, the orphaned child. Stilling, the voices attach themselves to the cruel faces of his past.

Inuyasha could see them all, hovering over him with their cruel words just like they did when he was a childMemories from his childhood; adults that tormented him and children that shunned him came flooding into his mind. The faces fade away; back into the darkness, only to be replaced moments later by different faces with their inhuman cruelty. Sesshomaru, calling him a worthless bastard. Other demons from his past gathered over him,looking down on him for his human heritage. Everything spinning and mingling with one another, becoming a mass of noise and blurry images, incomprehensible violent utterances.

Inuyasha woke in a flash, drenched in sweat and gasping for air. The screams from his dream still lingering in his ear, he jumped down and began to head opposite the direction of the village, wandering the forest with no real destination.

Several weeks ago, the Shikkon Jewel had finally been completed, and Naraku was vanquished. Kagome soon went back to her own time with the jewel in tow, with little more than a thank you. Inuyasha went to check on her a few days later, but found that the path between the time periods was severed. Distraught, he laid in the well for three days and nights before the others finally found him. Though Miroku and Sango tried to talk with him about it, their compassion was met only with Inuyasha's anger. Their ties with Kagome were not as strong, and they could not understand Inuyasha's extreme reaction to the knowledge that Kagome was gone.

Not long after that, Miroku and Sango headed back to the demon slayer village to begin repairs and start a family. Inuyasha and Shippo went with them and helped out as much as they could, but as the village grew, animosity towards them also grew, no matter the help they provided. Miroku and Sango could do nothing but watch as their demon companions were pushed out from the village.

Over the next few weeks, Inuyasha and Shippo hunted and fought together, knowing that they would have to survive the harsh world without their old friends. Their friendship grew, and Inuyasha was happy that one person didn't mind his company or his mixed bloodline. However, one day Inuyasha awoke from a long night's sleep and found himself alone with nothing but a poorly written note.


i no that yur not the easiest demon to deel with, but you have been cool thes past fiew weeks. i lurned a lot about hunting and fieting. But now i need to go find mi own kind. i am traveling to the eest lands to find other demon fox triebs. i hop that wi can meat up agin somday.



Only a few days had passed since Shippo had left. Since then, Inuyasha had stopped eating. Abandoned by all those he called friend; he had simply lost his will to live. He had lost a lot of weight, his eyes lifeless and his skin pale. He wandered with no idea or care where he was going. When his legs felt like they were about to collapse from exhaustion, he looked up to see the tree of his nightmares. The Sengoku Tree loomed above him. Tired and hungry, he finally collapsed. He decided it was fate that he ended up in the place he'd already died once on. It was pointless to get up again or go further, and fell deeply asleep into his nightmares.



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