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Kouga spent the entire night in the cave with Inuyasha. True to his word, Kouga's demon to the half demon repeatedly throughout the night. At first Kouga was worried about his puppy, but by third time he threw caution aside. Inuyasha heat was reaching its peak, where it would remain for the next few days. To Kouga's surprise, the half demon was turning out to be an aggressive uke.

++++Flash Back++++

'You were right,' Kouga thought to his demon. 'He loves it.'

While basking in the in the afterglow of their second round of mating, Kouga felt Inuyasha climb on top of him. The inu began grinding quickly against the wolf's hardening member.

"Puppy, I know you are enjoying all of this, but a little rest between is good."

Inuyasha's demon, sensing his new mate's reluctance to give him what he wanted, began to growl. He then adjusted himself and Kouga's, now hard, member and began riding his mate like it's the last time they would ever be together.

Not liking the more aggressive inu, Kouga's demon once again took control of his body. He quickly shoved the half demon off of him, cause the two to get into a rather heated scuffle. After a few more minutes Kouga pinned the aggressive half demon to the ground.

"You are the 'Bitch', and when I tell you to wait, you will wait."

However, even though he was face down with Kouga on top of him, Inuyasha's demon continue to fight while grinding his butt against Kouga's stiff member.

"That's it!" Kouga slammed the inu down again and quickly, with his fangs, grabbed onto the back of the hanyou's neck and bit down hard, but not hard enough to draw blood. Inuyasha yelped out loud and quickly stilled, showing the wolf that he was in control. The wolf then quickly mounted the half demon and forcefully mated with him while holding him in that submissive state.

Being forced into a submissive state, Inuyasha's demon blood slowly began to recede, and allowed him to come to his senses. When he did, the first thing he realized was his body shuttering from pleasure. He also noticed the sharp pain coming from his lower regions. Each sharp pain was accompanied by indescribable pleasure. Then suddenly the inu heard yelp followed by a loud moan, quickly followed by another and another. He quickly realized that the sounds were coming from him. His vision was blurred his muscles felt like jelly. He tried to turn to see what was causing the sensations he was feeling, but he was being held tight to the floor.

Then without warning, both the pain and pleasure stopped. With his demon blood now fully dormant, Inuyasha now felt empty and his body was craving the sensations from just mere moments ago. Confused and gasping to catch his breath, he realized that he was being roughly flipped on his back. His vision had finally cleared and he realized who was with him.

"K-Kouga?" Then he looked into the wolf's eyes. The blood red color was unfamiliar to him. He had never seen the wolf's demon side and when he felt, more than heard, the demon above him growl. He instinctively submitted, knowing that he was not in control of the situation and that he did not have the energy to fight back.

The Demon then grabbed the inu's legs spread them apart.

"Wait, what are you…"

Kouga's' demon then slammed his member deep into the half demon.


Kouga's demon was thoroughly pleasuring his mate's body, by repeatedly thrusting into his prostate. The thrusting was causing the inu to slide across the cave floor. The only thing he could do was hold onto Kouga for support. Now up against a wall, Inuyasha wrapped his legs around Kouga. Kouga's demon then let loose and assaulted the inu's open and now eager hole.

"Ahhhnnn…uhhuuh…Ahh...Ahh…Kouga…harder, Kouga…KOUGA!" Inuyasha felt as if he body were on fire. Every touch, every breath, every drop of sweat rolling down his body, was another sensation that was bringing him closer and closer to something that he could not describe. The pleasure was more than anything that he had experienced in his life. Out of breath, and hanging on the edge of bliss, he looked into the wolf's eyes. He silently pleaded with the wolf, for what, he did not know. Kouga's demon saw the look and leaned in to be closer to the inu's neck, and began to lick the mating mark he left there a mere few hours earlier.

"MINE," the demon whisper in a sultry voice. "Let go, Inuyasha. Trust your demon and let…go…now…"

"AAAHHHH!" Inuyasha finally reached the summit of the mountain of pleasure. And now he was falling down the other side into bliss. While in the throes of ecstasy, he was unknowingly biting and marking Kouga as his mate. Soon after he blacked out and become limp in the demon's arms. Kouga's demon pulls out of the Inu before filling him with his seed. Knowing that Inuyasha still had to come to terms with what had just happened, he didn't want to throw on top of that the fact that there would have been a possibility of being pregnant.

The following morning, Kouga awoke just before sunrise. He made sure his new mate was sound asleep, and then headed to catch food and bring back water. He knew that Inuyasha would be hungry, and it was very likely that he would be very hungry.

++++End Flash Back+++

'His heat cycle should be about over now…" Kouga thought to himself, while he was standing guard just outside the small cave a few hundred meters from the Northern Tribe's den. 'I'm pretty sure most, if not all, of the den should know by now that we are mated. I can only hope that Inuyasha does not freak out when he wakes up.'

'Such and exquisite mate. So much energy and stamina…we don't even have to hold back…' his demon began.

'Wait, I wanted to hold'

'YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE! Now that he is 'MATE', you will not have to hold back and this will not have to happen again.'

Though he felt bad for how rough he was with the half demon, his demon was right. He had been holding back for weeks, and counting when Kagome was still around…years.

Scenting the air again he could tell Inuyasha was about back to normal. When the inu wakes, he will have to take it slow and feel out their new relationship.