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It had been six months since the conclusion in what had been the most intense and bloody police case in Japan's recent history. And it had barely lasted over a week. Over twenty officers were killed and many more were wounded in the line of duty for the duration of that investigation. Nobody had any idea how big the aftermath of the case turned out to be as well. Three government officials were arrested with evidence that linked them to SEELE, causing huge stir up because these three men were allowed in government undetected despite having the connections to SEELE. It would have been impossible to tell that they had links to SEELE, but the media would report it as a catastrophic failure on the Japanese Government's part.

The most shocking bit of news to the officers involved was that SEELE had given away the location of Marduk on purpose, planning an ambush with their super soldier clones. It had almost worked as well, had it not been for the mutiny of one particular clone, Kaworu Nagisa, codenamed Tabris. He had taken it upon himself to eliminate SEELE himself after becoming sick of being ordered around. He had killed four out of the five, with the final and most important member, Keel Lorenz, still alive.

Kaworu had been killed at the hands of Keel before being killed by Rei Ayanami, another one of the clones created by SEELE. As it turned out, Keel was formerly of East German Military Intelligence during the Cold War and was a known Nazi sympathiser in his home country. It also turned out that he was a crack shot with a pistol, even in his old age. His death had caused the death of SEELE itself, ending the investigation. All the scientists held hostage at Marduk for over three years were freed as well with their own incredible stories to tell.

After that, the streets of Tokyo-3 became safe again. The Yakuza in Tokyo-3 went deep underground after the murder of their boss and that suited the police very well. Police officers almost found it boring with the city quickly becoming one of the safest in Japan.

Two of those officers were in a Mercedes CLK63 AMG, driving home from the wedding of Toji and Hikari Suzuhara. It had been an enjoyable night for Shinji Ikari and Asuka Langley Sohryu, seeing two of their friends wed after a lengthy engagement. The only reminder of the SEELE case during the wedding was that Toji was still in crutches, recovering from his shattered femur. And even that couldn't dampen the sprits of all the wedding goers.

It turned out that the doctors got lucky with the surgery to repair Toji's femur, which meant he could resume full duties as a police detective once he had made a full recovery. Hikari had been with him all the way and they had wanted to marry as soon as possible after Toji began walking, even with crutches.

Present at the wedding had been Kensuke Aida. He had received a promotion from his department for his tireless analysis of forensic evidence during the SEELE case and was happy to see his best friend finally get married.

Also at the wedding were Misato and Kaji. Misato was offered the position of Deputy Commander of the Tokyo-2 Metropolitan Police but turned down the offer to stay working in Tokyo-3. The Deputy Commander of the Tokyo-3 Metropolitan Police returned from London after the case concluded and gave Misato his sincerest gratitude for handling everything in his stead. Misato then gladly handed over control of the Tokyo-3 Metropolitan Police over to the Deputy Commander. Misato was back as the Section Chief of Investigations but knew that a promotion to a command post was inevitable at some point later in her career.

Kaji had been hit in the right chest during the last dramatic moments of the SEELE case. However, it hadn't been life threatening and he made a full recovery in three months. What Kaji actually did on the job still remained a mystery to everybody, as well as how he had gotten a .50 calibre Barrett sniper rifle and how he knew where and when to be as well as actually knowing how to operate the sniper rifle accurately. When asked about it, Kaji would simply said, "If I told you, then I would have to kill you."

Gendo Ikari was also present at the wedding and he had made a full recovery and resumed his post as the Commander of Tokyo-3 Metropolitan Police. Gendo was glad to finally know the truth concerning his wife's death and was also glad that the people responsible had met their makers.

Rei Ayanami had been invited to the wedding as well and happily attended. After her traumatic experiences at the hands of SEELE, Rei was allowed to go and live out her own life. She was also allowed to keep her name of Rei Ayanami and went about her days trying to live a normal life. She was succeeding so far, having contracted a job with a famous international modelling agency. Things couldn't have been looking better for Miss Ayanami.

Shinji and Asuka had also been present at the wedding and they were driving home after the reception. Both had made full recoveries from the wounds they had received during the last moments of the SEELE case and since then, Shinji had received the promotion his father long wanted him to get and Asuka received a promotion as well. However, that was not the thing that made Asuka the most happy. It was the engagement ring on Asuka's left hand ring finger that filled her with joy, knowing that she was set to spend the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. The two drove off into the night, knowing that they only beginning to live their lives together.