Chapter 8- Back To Normal… Sort of…
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Robin climbed onto Merry's deck, and looked around to see Zoro tying Quince, Michael, and Michelle up with some rope.

Zoro looked over and smirked as he finished tying the rope, and he threw Michael next to the also unconscious Quince.

"We did win." Robin said and smiled calmly as she looked over to see everyone else stretching or just sitting in Luffy's case.

Luffy was sitting on the deck with a faraway look on his face as he plainly stared at the ocean.

Robin walked over to her chair as she looked away, and calmly sat down and began to read her book much easier than it had been for a few days.

Sanji was already cooking happily in the kitchen as Usopp and Chopper happily ran around.

Zoro was the only one doing any work at all.

Zoro picked up Michael and Quince, and with no grace, threw them onto the dock, followed by Michelle.

The three hit the deck hard, and Zoro scowled at them as he turned away from them and flexed his fingers, eager to start working out again.

Nami was silently watching everyone as she sat in her chair while just resting peacefully.

After a while, Sanji opened the door to the kitchen with a large grin on his face as he said. "Dinner!"

Everyone slowly made their way into the kitchen to eat, and Nami looked back to see that Luffy hadn't moved at all.

'Why isn't Luffy coming? Normally he would be the first one inside…' Nami thought, and then looked away and entered the kitchen.

Luffy had heard Sanji, he just didn't want to go inside right at that moment.

Luffy placed a hand on his hat, and let it dangle from his neck as he continued to stare at the moving water in front of him.

"Guess everything is back to normal…" Luffy muttered with a hint of sadness in his voice as he then sighed and looked at the deck.

Luffy finally stood up, and slowly made his way toward the kitchen.

Everyone stared at him as he opened the door, and Zoro furrowed his brows at the slight sad look on Luffy's face.

Luffy instantly grinned and rushed to the food, and started to eat like usual.

Zoro stared at Luffy before returning to his own food, and he mentally gave thanks that Nami wasn't going to clean Luffy's face again.

The room was unusually quiet as everyone ate, and Usopp glanced around while enjoying the feel of a fork again.

"So when are we setting sail?" Usopp asked as he tried to get rid of the silence.

"Tomorrow." Nami replied, and the room went silent again as everyone continued to eat.

Usopp glanced around, and then shrugged as he went back to eating as well.

After everyone had finished eating, Sanji went to clean the dishes as everyone else went back onto the deck.

Zoro leaned against the crow's nest, and soon fell asleep with Wado leaning against his shoulder.

Usopp and Chopper had pulled out fishing poles and started to fish as they sometimes glanced over at the three unconscious people nearby.

"Shouldn't we move them so they won't come back to kill us?" Usopp and Chopper asked Robin as they looked back at her to see her smiling calmly.

"It's already been done." Robin said mysterious, and the two looked back and gasped at the place where the three bodies had been.

Near them, a hoof mark was placed in the ground, and Usopp and Chopper grinned in unison as they figured out who had done it.

Nami was calmly staring at the sky as the stars came out, and bathed the ship in moonlight.

Nami glanced over to see Luffy with his back to them as he stared at the ocean like before.

His hat dangling from his neck, Luffy stared out in the same way as he did right before dinner.

Usopp and Chopper reeled in their lines, and put the fishing poles away as they headed toward the men's quarters.

Zoro stayed in the crow's nest fast asleep, and Sanji bid Nami and Robin night and slowly followed Usopp and Chopper somewhat reluctantly.

Robin stood from her chair and walked toward her room to read in there, and Nami started to follow her, but stopped when she looked over at Luffy.

Nami glanced back at Robin, and then walked over to Luffy and watched him stare at the ocean.

"Luffy?" Nami said cautiously, and Luffy jumped slightly and turned his head to her.

"Oh… Hi, Nami…" Luffy said quietly before turning back around and staring at the ocean again.

Nami walked next to Luffy, and sat down right beside him and pulled her legs against her chest as she huddled next to him.

"Are you okay?"

"Of course I am." Nami glanced over at Luffy to see him furrowing his brows at something.

Luffy then looked at Nami, and she stared back at him.

"What is it?"

"Do you remember anything that happened when you were like a cat?"

"Yes, why?"

"No reason…" Luffy looked away, and Nami watched in concern as he sighed sadly.

Nami watched Luffy stand up, and slowly walk toward the men's quarters.


"Good Night…." Nami said at Luffy as he reached the door, but stopped before opening it.

Nami watched him look back at her, and Luffy suddenly turned back around and walked up to Nami.

Nami stood up, and Luffy stopped directly in front of her.


"What is it, Lu…"

Nami stopped talking as Luffy kissed her on the lips gently.

Luffy pulled back with a small smile, and said. "Good night."

Luffy turned around, and this time entered the men's quarters without looking back.

Nami stared at the door for a while, and then put her hand to her lips and muttered.

"He kissed me…?" Nami silently stared at the door, and then smiled as she headed toward her room.

The morning slowly rolled into Merry's windows, and everyone except for Luffy, got up and walked out onto the deck to see Zoro yawning with a stretch.

Nami looked over at the men's quarters, and looked back at the others before walking inside, and seeing Luffy lying on his hammock with his hat over his eyes, but he had a large smile on his face.

Nami walked over to Luffy, and calmly watched him sleep as she smiled down at him.

Nami raised her hand to Luffy's shoulder and gently shook him awake.


Luffy's hand moved to his hat, and he lifted it slightly to look at Nami sleepily.

"Hi, Nami."


Luffy stood up, and quietly made his way to the deck as Nami stared after him.

Breakfast was its usual speed, which meant that Luffy was happily stealing from everyone but Zoro with his knife, Robin, and Nami.

Everyone who got their food stolen from them, grumbled bitterly as they either started to clean the dishes, or they went to do some random thing.

Luffy sat down on Merry's head, and gazed out at the ocean.

He failed to notice someone behind him, until they put their hand on his shoulder, and Luffy turned his head to see Nami smiling at him.

"What is it, Nami?"

"I just wanted to come over."

Luffy was about to move over so Nami could sit down, but Nami quickly smiled and sat down on Luffy's lap as he stared at her in surprise.

Nami leaned against Luffy as she lay her head on his chest with a sigh of relief, and Luffy shifted slightly to make her more comfortable.

"Um, Nami? Sanji would kill me if he saw you sitting on me."

Nami nodded slightly, but didn't move off of Luffy.

Nami smiled to herself, and then nuzzled her head against Luffy's neck.

Luffy stared at Nami in surprise with slightly parted lips, as she opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile.

Luffy raised his hand, and ran his hand through Nami's hair as he smiled along with her.


"See what?"

"I don't need to be a cat to do this." Nami said, and she put her arm on Luffy's chest and nuzzled his neck again as he stared down at her with his hand still on her head.

Luffy started to smile, and he ran his hand through Nami's hair again, and whispered. "How'd you know I missed that?"

"I could tell."

Luffy chuckled a little, and Nami smiled as she looked at Luffy.

"There's one thing though that a cat can't do."

"What's that?"

"I can repay you for last night."

"What do you mean, Nami?"

Nami only smiled as she leaned closer and kissed Luffy on the lips.

Luffy closed his eyes, and he gently pushed Nami closer as he kissed back.

Luffy felt Nami smile as he suddenly felt her tongue tap against his happily.

The two pulled back, and Luffy stared at Nami as she smiled with a blush, and quietly got off of Luffy, and climbed down onto the deck, and walked away.

Luffy let out a deep breath, and grinned after Nami as she sat down and began to read a book without looking up at him.

After they had finally left Circe Island, everyone was sitting around the table as they ate dinner with the usual noise and shouts.



Zoro and Usopp shouted at Luffy as he quickly swiped their food before Zoro nearly stabbed his hand with the knife again.

Nami laughed quietly at them as Luffy continued to attempt to steal their food.

Dinner finally finished as everyone walked back out onto the deck to go to bed.

Luffy was about to go into the men's quarters until someone took his arm and whispered in his ear. "You need to take care of your kitten, Luffy. She's getting lonely."

Luffy grinned as he looked over at Nami as she pulled him over to her room.

Nami had asked Robin if they could "borrow" the room for the night, and Robin calmly sat in her chair as she read with a smile.

Nami opened the door, and leaned over to Luffy and whispered in his ear. "Time to play, Luffy."

Luffy grinned as he was gently pulled into Nami's room, and she closed the door behind them.

The only down side to them "playing" was that nobody got any sleep at all except for one person.

Sanji lay in his hammock as Chopper put away his sleeping pills and laid down on his hammock and stared at the ceiling.

Chopper grimaced, and then pulled out another sleeping pills, and handed one to Usopp as well.

The two swallowed the pills, and a few moments later, they were fast asleep along with Zoro, who had been given one before hand thanks to Robin who had a general ideas of what those two would do.

Around two in the morning, the moaning stopped, and Luffy and Nami were asleep in each other's arms.

Back on Circe Island, someone limped out of the city, and glared at the ocean with something glinting in the moonlight on his wrist.

"Just you wait, you damn Straw Hat!" Quince seethed angrily as he grinned evilly, and jumped into the ocean.

A fin broke through the ocean's surface, and a shark swam away in the moonlight away from Circe Island.

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