8.09 You're Drooling, Gilmore!

Previously on the Gilmore Girls...

LORELAI: (At FND) Luke and I came here to share our engagement with you.


LORELAI: (Looks at her father and smiles) Luke asked me to marry him, and I said yes.

RICHARD: Well then, congratulations!

LUKE: Thank you, Richard.

LORELAI: (With a smile) Thanks dad.


RORY: He said he'd like to work on it with me… but then he turned around and gave it to Don…

KEN: I'm sure there's a good reason.

RORY: (Completely frustrated) He's a jerk… that's the only reason (Ken sighs — then clears his throat not wanting Rory to carry on)… Nathan DiLuca is a jerk… I can't believe he… (sees Ken looking behind her — she quickly turns to find Nate standing a couple of steps behind her — her face suddenly falls at the sight of the man)…


TOM: The master bedroom and the hallway are completed. The paint hasn't dried completely — all that's left right now is to paint the two new rooms, and then finish the kitchen… we're moving right along — so the place should be ready by mid-November.

LUKE: (Nods) That's great, Tom.

As Tom leaves, Luke stands in the same spot and admires everything in front of him. Scene fades on his smiling face.



Lorelai and Rory are browsing the store and walking up to Luke as we fade in. Luke is chatting with a sales representative.

LORELAI: (To Rory) I'm so full from that big lunch we just had.

RORY: (Touches her stomach) Me too… I could just fall asleep now.

They make their way closer to Luke and the sales rep.

LUKE: (As he gestures) Are those the only ottomans you have in the store?

SALES REP: At the moment, yes.

LUKE: (Looks over) That one does look interesting. (Looks at Lorelai) You like interesting, don't you?

LORELAI: Interesting is good. Ooh, you know what would be really interesting? An ottoman the shape of a huge turtle (Luke and the sales rep make quizzical expressions – Lorelai turns to the sales rep) Do you have one of those?

RORY: (Joins in before the rep responds) An ottoman the shape of a turtle?

LORELAI: Wouldn't that be awesome?

RORY: I don't know how I'd feel about resting my feet on a turtle.

LORELAI: (Rolls her eyes) It's not a real turtle. It just looks like one… (Luke and the rep are still looking at the ladies as if they have just lost their mind)

RORY: Oh yeah?

LORELAI: (Explains) The top part of the shell…

RORY: (Nods) The carapace…

LORELAI: Yeah, that… is the cushion part and the rest all intricately carved wood.

RORY: That does sound interesting.


RORY: (Looks around) Where is this turtle-shaped ottoman? (Both ladies look at the sales rep)

SALES REP: (Confused, looks at Luke) Ugh…

LUKE: (Rolls his eyes) Ignore them. (Looks at the ladies and continues sarcastically) How about the two of you go around and look at the rest of the nice furniture… and I will join you in a bit.

LORELAI: (Frowns as she moves away with Rory) Did you see that? Luke just shooed us away.

RORY: (Fakes a frown as well) I know. How rude.

LORELAI: (Sees a chaise she likes) Ooh, look at that… (changes the topic as she takes a seat) By the way… thank you for joining us during your lunch break.

RORY: (As she takes a seat in a couch next to her) No problem… it's only a 10 minute walk from the Courant.

LORELAI: (As she leans back) Wow… this is so comfortable.

RORY: (As she accidentally pulls the levy on the side) Oh! It reclines!

LORELAI: So, talked to Logan recently?

RORY: (Enjoys the reclined couch) Not since my birthday… we've both been so busy.

LORELAI: (Her eyes gradually close) Tell me about it. Am I going to see you at dinner tonight?

RORY: (Yawns) Got nothing else planned.

LORELAI: (Mumbles) How are... (yawns)... hmm... things with Nate?

RORY: Hmm… ugh… (drags her speech) we haven't really talked… (her voice trails)…

LORELAI: (Mumbles again) Mm-hmm.

Luke makes his way through the maze of furniture to talk to the ladies…

LUKE: (As he looks at a brochure) They said they can deliver most of the furniture on Monday. (Not hearing a response, he looks up) Lorelai? (Seeing the ladies sound asleep, he sighs and crosses his arms).

Scene fades.


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