A couple of customers are still in the diner finishing up their dinner. Luke finishes wiping down the rest of the tables as Richard organizes the salt/pepper shakers. After he places the final saltshaker, Richard turns around and pats his suit jacket. He turns around and looks over at Luke, then he walks over to him.

RICHARD: Well Luke, I believe the time has come…

LUKE: (Stops what he's doing and looks at his future father-in-law) Yeah?

RICHARD: Yes, it's time for me to leave before my wife calls looking for me.

LUKE: (Uncomfortable at brief goodbyes – and the situation as a whole) Oh… ugh… I hope you had a good time…

RICHARD: (Cuts him off, and continues as he nods) It was very educational, Luke. I feel like I have learned more about the diner business than I thought I would… and dare I say (chuckles) I am very interested in the business. (Not sure what Richard's getting at, Luke makes a quizzical expression. Richard notices and puts him at ease). The business as a whole, not specifically yours.

LUKE: (Relieved) Ah. (Luke pauses to contain his enthusiasm seeing Richard finally leave) Well, it was nice having you here.

RICHARD: (Cuts him off again) As I was saying, Luke. I have learned quite a lot today about this diner, but I feel that the two of us haven't had enough time to get to know each other (chuckles again remembering Kirk) with all the drama that took place in here.

LUKE: (Gradually his expression turns to a nervous one) Oh… ugh… (nods) I thought we got to know each other.

RICHARD: Besides, I think there's much more to learn… (cuts to the chase) so I hope you don't mind if I were to repeat this tomorrow?

LUKE: (On the spot, he places the arms on his sides) Well, I guess (pause) that's … fine.

RICHARD: (Clasps his hands and smiles) Very well! You can expect to see me bright and early tomorrow morning (Richard turns to leave. Luke sighs). Goodnight, Luke.

LUKE: (Softly) Uh huh.


Rory is at her desk typing away when her phone rings.

RORY: (Places the phone on her shoulder and holds it in place with head tilted) Courant. This is Rory.

It's Lorelai.

Scene cuts between INT. LUKE'S DINER and THE COURANT

LORELAI: Hey, kid.

RORY: Mom… what's up?

LORELAI: (Chuckles as she sits at the counter – Richard and Luke can be seen within the screen) I just wanted you to know that your grandfather seems to have acquired a job at the diner. Possibly permanently.

RORY: (Stops typing for a second) No! Is he back there today? (Goes back to typing)

LORELAI: Yup, and serving coffee. (Looks at her fiancé running around serving his customers) Poor Luke, I can tell he isn't pleased.

RORY: Aw, but I thought Luke like grandpa?

LORELAI: Of course he does, but you know when two worlds collide.

RORY: Ah, I do. (Curiously) By the way, how are you doing?

LORELAI: (Smiles) I'm doing fine… I think I got a whiff of fish this morning, and it made me queasy – but it's all gone now. (Explains) Even though it's my second pregnancy, it feels like a first.

RORY: Of course. Twenty-three years apart is a very long time. (Still manages to concentrate on her typing) And I'm sure planning a wedding between all of that isn't helping either.

LORELAI: (Remembers) Oh! We still have to discuss the bridesmaid's dress. Will I see you tonight?

RORY: Yup, I will stop by the diner after work.


RORY: Anything else?

LORELAI: Yeah. How's it going at work?

RORY: (Looks around before she responds, then softly continues) It's fine… but if you're wondering if Nate and I are fine… I don't know. A little nostalgic about the whole thing at the moment.

LORELAI: What do you mean?

RORY: (Sighs as she stops typing, then she turns in her seat and looks over at Nate's office. She can vaguely see him sitting at his desk) I guess … (shakes her head) I don't know. It's been over three months since I started working here, but I successfully avoided getting to know him. And I don't know… I guess I feel like I've ruined a good working relationship.

LORELAI: (Surprised at the change of her mind in regards to the man) Wow. What changed?

RORY: (Shakes her head again and turns around to face her screen) Found out some stuff about him that I guess opened my eyes.

LORELAI: (Raises her brows) Really? Well then, I hope you share it with me tonight.

RORY: (Smiles) Will do. See you later, mom. Oh, and tell Luke I am out of coffee?

LORELAI: (Smiles) I will. Bye hon!

Both ladies hang up. Scene continues in the diner.

Lorelai looks around and does a double-take as she sees Richard Gilmore tying an apron around his waist.

LORELAI: (Surprised, she looks at Luke as he walks around the counter) Is that my father wearing an apron!? In the diner?!

LUKE: (Briefly looks up at Richard, then at Lorelai) I believe so.

LORELAI: (Smiles) Looks like he's enjoying it.

LUKE: (Busy with plates) Looks like it.

LORELAI: (Tilts her head and smiles at her man) It's nice of you to agree and let him spend today here as well.

LUKE: (Nods, then takes a moment to comment) It's fine since Emily will be shadowing you at the inn today. (Exaggerates) 'All' day. (Nods) Yeah, that was the only way I would agree to this.

LORELAI: (Gasps) What?! (Sees Luke's bluff as he fails to contain a chuckle) You are bad! (Takes the menu next to her and slaps it across his arm) That's not cool, mister!

LUKE: Hey, while I have you here… Tom says all the furniture was moved in safely. We should go look at the house later. (Richard makes his way to the counter to join the two)

LORELAI: (Nods) Let's stop by there during lunch? (Luke nods)

RICHARD: (As he reaches them) Stop by where, Lorelai?

LORELAI: The house. It's completed.

RICHARD: (Places the coffee pot on the counter) Oh yes, the house. This soon?

LORELAI: Yeah, we wanted it to be done before the wedding and Tom, the town contractor, made it happen. (Adds) Luke and I were going to see it during lunch, and you're more than welcome to join us.

RICHARD: (Accepting) Oh, I'd like to see the new improvements. (Luke smiles)

LORELAI: (Begins to step down from the stool) Okay then, I have to get to work (she leans over and kisses Luke in front of her father, then she slightly pats her father's arm) See you both in a few hours. (Remembers, and turns to Luke) Oh! Rory said she was out of coffee.

LUKE: (An intrigued Richard observes) I will save some bags for her.

Lorelai mouths a 'thanks' and turns away again.

The two men watch Lorelai leave for work.

RICHARD: (Turns to Luke as he sits on one of the stools) You know Luke, I think you have a wonderful place here.

LUKE: (Surprised, he nods) Thanks.

RICHARD: Caring townsfolk, a diner with exceptional food… The two of you have created a very comfortable life here. I commend you. You're a good man.

CUSTOMER: (Speaks up from the corner) Can I please get a refill?

RICHARD: (Quickly takes on the task by picking up the pot of coffee) Oh, here it is!

Scene fades on Luke as he processes Richard's words.


Rory is in the break room filling up her mug with what seems to be coffee, when Nate walks in. Not noticing her, he walks directly to the refrigerator. Picking up a cold orange, Nate closes the door and looks up to see Rory.

NATE: Hey.

RORY: (Turns around with a mug in her hand, and leans against the counter) Hey.

NATE: (Not wanting to create further awkwardness by leaving, he points at her mug and leans against the counter as well) Lunch? (There's at least 6 feet of space between them)

RORY: (Slightly smiles and nods) Yup.

NATE: (Nods as he looks at his orange) No time for a real lunch.

Rory stays silent not knowing what to say.

It becomes awkward regardless of Nate's attempts to stay and chat. He sighs, and then walks closer to the door to exit the awkward situation.

RORY: (Not wanting to pass the chance, opens her mouth) Nate? (She takes a few steps closer to the table in the middle of the room)

NATE: (Turns around) Yeah?

RORY: I think it's great what you're doing.

NATE: (Not entirely on the same page) What?

RORY: (Smoothes her bangs) Ken told me about the shelter… and how much of your time goes to into running that place. I think it's (shakes her head)… amazing that you're doing that.

NATE: (Stays quiet for a couple of seconds, then takes a step towards her and begins to speak with a smirk on his face) So now you think I'm a martyr?

RORY: (Not seeing it coming) What? No… ugh…

NATE: (With the same subtle smirk) Ken tells you about my work outside of the Courant, and I suddenly get your approval?

RORY: No… I didn't mean…

NATE: (Almost hovering over her) The thing is Gilmore…I wasn't looking for your approval. (Takes a moment to look at her face, then turns around to leave).

RORY: (Clearly angered, she fumbles a bit) That was not called for. That was mean… and… and… completely unnecessary.

NATE: (Turns around again. Amused, he responds) Oh I'm sorry… was I supposed to consider your feelings? I'll remember that next time you complain about me without getting your facts straight. (Rory remembers when she had badmouthed him to Ken – she sighs) Look... I have nothing against you, Gilmore. The moment you realize that, the better it is for the both of us. (Pause. Voice softens) Okay?

Not knowing how to respond, Rory looks down at her coffee. Nate turns to leave… but stops at the door and turns around.

NATE: (Continues softly) I'm doing this collaborative piece with Amnesty International… It's on Darfur. (Rory looks up at him)… I've looked at it so much that I don't even know if any of it makes sense anymore. Would you like to take a look at it for me?

RORY: (Pleasantly surprised, she takes it as the olive branch) I'd love to.

NATE: (Very subtly smiles) Good.

Rory watches as he walks out.


It seems as though Richard, Lorelai and Luke have finished looking through the house. They are now standing on the front yard – looking at the exterior.

RICHARD: I have to say, your contractor and his men have done a wonderful job. (Turns to his daughter and his future son-in-law… and extends his hand to Luke) Congratulations to both of you on your new and improved home. Absolutely wonderful.

LUKE: (Nods as he lets go of the shake) Thank you, Richard.

LORELAI: (As she leans against her man, Luke places his hand around the back of her waist) Thank you, dad.

Richard's cell phone rings.

RICHARD; (Takes the phone out of his pocket and sees who it is) Ah, it's your mother. (As he flips the phone to answer it, he walks away from the couple. We faintly hear him) Hello Emily.

Camera on Lorelai and Luke as they look at the house.

LORELAI: (With a sweet smile, she looks up at Luke) We're almost there.

LUKE: (Still facing the house, he smiles as well) We are.

Scene Fades.


Luke is behind the counter again as Richard (with a newspaper in his hands) sits next to Lorelai across from him.

LORELAI: (Looks at her father) Dad, what time do you have?

RICHARD: (Stretches his left arm then brings his wrist closer to him) It's fifteen minutes past six, Lorelai. Punctuality is obviously not his strong suit.

LORELAI: (Turns to Luke) Yeah… where is he? Lulu will be here any minute now.

LUKE: (Completely calm) He'll be here.

LORELAI: When? Do you even know he'll show up? What if he chickened out?

LUKE: (With a stern voice) He will be here, Lorelai.

LORELAI: Oh yeah? What makes you so sure? Huh? This is Kirk we're talking about… he's never late.

RICHARD: (Looks up from his newspaper) Ah, nerves. Nerves can get the best of you.

LORELAI: (Sighs) It will be ruined. It will all be ruined if he doesn't show up before her.

LUKE: (Still managing to be calm) Don't worry.

LORELAI: (Amused at how calm Luke is) How do you know he will show up?

LUKE: (Sighs) I told him he'd face a worse fate than Taylor's pumpkins. (Lorelai contains a chuckle).

Lost, Richard looks at his daughter.

LORELAI: (Explains) Taylor was bugging Luke this weekend by lining up real pumpkins along the sidewalk. Luke ran over them with his truck.

RICHARD: (Shocked at the extreme measure, yet amused as well) Ah, that would do it.

Kirk enters the diner. Lorelai jumps off the stool and hurries up to him. Richard turns and watches from the counter. Luke slowly walks up to the door.

LORELAI: (Pats Kirk on the arm) Good, you're here!

KIRK: (Clearly washed up and cleaned) I took a small nap earlier on the hardwood floor… and when I woke up, I couldn't move… my body is stiff.

LORELAI: (Looks at him at he exaggerates his posture) Oh.

Not long after, Lulu enters the diner.

LULU: (Sees Kirk next to the door) Kirk? (Sees Lorelai and Luke by him) What's going on here?

LORELAI: Lulu… I'm glad you could make it.

LULU: (Tentatively stands near the door) Is this a setup? (Looks at Luke and Lorelai)

KIRK: (Standing upright, he begins desperately) Lulu. I need you!

LULU: (Innocently) I can't believe I was set up.

LORELAI: (Struggles) Please give him a chance, Lulu.

The customers look on as they eat. (Dinner and a show? Dinner theater?)

KIRK: (Pleads) I want you back.

LULU: No, you will never grow up! If I marry you, we will be stuck in your mother's house for the rest of our lives. (Turns to leave) I have to go…

LUKE: (Steps up) Lulu… (she turns) can you please just listen to the guy? Look at him. (Looks at the desperate fellow) Kirk, show her the contract. (A confused Lorelai looks up at Luke)

KIRK: (Fumbles as he takes a folded piece of paper out of his pocket) Look… (Richard peaks from the counter)

LULU: (Takes the piece of paper and unfolds it to read. Then looks up) Is this…?

KIRK: (Nods) Yesterday, Luke took me to the apartment complex on Olive and Main. It's a small cozy place… something temporary until we find our perfect home. (Segues) Although, we should consider buying furniture soon because sleeping on the hardwood floor is not an option. My back still aches from the…

LUKE: (Clears his throat) Kirk? Tell Lulu about your mother…

KIRK: (Remembers) Oh. Since last night… my mother and I have established a decent conversation. You know, over the phone. I can't risk meeting with her face-to-face. Not yet. But she has agreed to give me all my belongings. Including giant Clifford.

LORELAI: "Giant Clifford"?

LULU: (Smiles and explains) Kirk has a 5-foot tall stuffed…

LORELAI: (Cuts in) Clifford as in the dog?

LULU: (Nods) It's very cute… (Segues as well, as Luke and Lorelai look on nervously) sometimes we cuddle up…

LUKE: (Clears his throat again, and interrupts) On that note… (Ushers them to a table) Let's let you two sit down and have a good conversation. We'll get you some coffee… on the house.

Cut to Richard as he quickly takes on the task.

RICHARD: (Raises his arm) I will get that!

LULU: (Sees the candlelit table – with a rose next to it. She gasps) Kirk.

KIRK: (With his exaggerated posture, he pulls the chair for his girl) Do you remember? We first met here.

LULU: (Suddenly kisses his cheek and nods) I do.


Lorelai and Luke sigh as they reach the counter.

LORELAI: (Softly) "Giant Clifford" - That almost got ugly.

LUKE: (Goes behind the counter) No kidding.

LORELAI: (Then smiles at her future husband) And how sweet of you to go the extra mile by taking him to see apartments, and how did you convince him to call his mother? I'm really impressed Luke Danes.

LUKE: (Blushes) Uh huh.

Rory enters the diner and walks directly to the counter. She sets her messenger bag on the top and turns to her mother.

LORELAI: Hey there, kid!

LUKE: (Pulls out a mug for his future step daughter) Hello Rory.

RORY: (Sighs after a long day at work) Hey guys.

Richard walks up to the counter as well.

RICHARD: Rory, what a wonderful surprise. I didn't know I'd see you here tonight.

RORY: Grandpa. How's diner life treating you?

RICHARD: (Chuckles as he pats his stomach) It's treating me quite well my dear child. I ate a piece of apple pie earlier – I think it may have ruined my dinner tonight. But it was delicious… and I don't regret it one bit. (Rory smiles) Speaking of which, (he looks up at the rest) I think I've overstayed my welcome… and I will intrude you no further.

LORELAI: Dad, stay for dinner.

RORY: (Agrees) Yeah, grandpa… have dinner with us.


RORY: (Thinks) Besides, isn't today the third Tuesday? Doesn't grandma have dinner with her DAR friends on the third Tuesday of every month? (Rory pulls out her laptop and starts the machine)

RICHARD: (Realizes) You are correct… it almost escaped my mind. (Looks at Luke) Well, if you don't mind…

LUKE: (Sincerely nods) Have dinner with us, Richard.

RICHARD: (Smiles) I would love to. Well then, it's settled… I will go call Emily and let her know.

Richard walks out of the diner.

LORELAI: Where's he going?

LUKE: He is using his cell phone.

LORELAI: Yes, but why is he going outside?

LUKE: (Steps to a side to reveal the famous sign) Because he respects the rules of my diner. (Then Luke walks away to tend to customers)

LORELAI: (Frowns at Luke as Rory chuckles. She turns to her daughter) So? How was your day?

RORY: (Stops playing with her laptop) Long… I just remembered to e-mail Rob about taking time off for the wedding. By the way, thanks for convincing Luke to get wireless.

LORELAI: (Grins) You're welcome.

LORELAI: So, long day huh?

RORY: … but very productive.

LORELAI: (Turns on the stool) Oh yeah?

RORY: Yup. Nate and I had a breakthrough.

LORELAI: (Curiously) Really? What happened?

RORY: (Sighs) He basically told me off.

LORELAI: (Frowns again) What? And how is that a breakthrough?

RORY: He told me exactly what I needed to hear, I guess. If I had to summarize what he said, I'd say he basically told me that I needed to get over myself.

LORELAI: That's harsh!

RORY: But he was right. He was so right… (Enthusiastically) And instead of being defensive and whiny about it… you know what I'm going to do?

LORELAI: (Curiously shakes her head) What?

RORY: I'm going to change my attitude.

LORELAI: Just like that?

RORY: Just like that.


RORY: Right.

LORELAI: I want to see this guy who has made you this way.

RORY: (Smiles – then realizes her mother was serious) What? You want to see him now?

LORELAI: Well, don't you have a picture of him or something?

RORY: Ugh, no.

LORELAI: (Gestures) You have a camera phone.

RORY: And you automatically assume - like a stalker, I take pictures of people just to show my mother?

LORELAI: Ugh, yeah. (Points at the laptop) Can't you google him or something?

RORY: I don't want to google him!

LORELAI: (Whines) Come on!

RORY: (Gives in) Fine… (starts to type) He blogs for the New York Times… he should have a picture there. (Sees it) And there it is… (Turns the laptop to show her mother).

LORELAI: (Takes a peak, and her expression turns to that of someone showing consent) Ooh.

RORY: (Confused) Ooh?

LORELAI: (Nods) Double ooh.

RORY: What are you talking about?

LORELAI: He's cute.

RORY: (Shrugs) He's okay.

LORELAI: "Okay"? He's definitely cute. With that messy hair and… (points at her chin) the dimple (nods her approval)…

RORY: Stop it.

LUKE: (Walks by them) Lorelai, can you help me set the table over there?

LORELAI: (Steps down from her stool – then continues to Rory) … definitely drool-worthy.

Lorelai walks away leaving Rory to look at the picture. She positions the screen so that he's visible to the viewers. Then the camera focuses on Rory's face as she continues to look at the image.

Scene fades.

Next week on the Gilmore girls…

VOICE OVER: It's the episode everyone's been waiting for…

LORELAI: (As she claps – she sings to a smiling Rory) I'm getting married in the … ugh… afternoon!

A shot of Luke smiling.

VOICE OVER: With family in town…

LIZ: Yay! My son's here! My son's here!

JESS: (Smiles at his uncle) Hello Luke.

APRIL: (With excitement) Jess!


LORELAI: (at the Rose Room) Mom, dad… this is Luke's sister – Liz and her husband TJ.

TJ: (In a suit) I'd shake your hand but I have grease all over mine.

Emily raises a brow.

VOICE OVER: Our favorite Hero, Milo Ventimiglia guest stars on an all new Gilmore Girls. Stay tuned for the most anticipated episode of the season.

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