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Dean and Sam watched in amazement as a girl appeared. She was identical with SaintKenna.
The other girl smirked at SaintKenna, before reaching out and slapping her. "Ahh so here is where you went to." The girl stated calmly, as she looked around. "Shabbier then the last place." She stated, then looked at the Winchester brothers. She grinned. "Oh but the company is much nicer."

"Jessica!" SaintKenna spoke sharply. "Give me back my body!"

Jessica looked down. "Oh but I was enjoying myself." Jessica stated pouting. "Please let me have some fun."

"You're idea of fun, is making my life hell." SaintKenna told her.

Jessica grinned. "You're life hell?" Jessica said laughing. "That is funny coming from you, considering you are what Hell fears." Jessica told her.

Just as a boy appeared, beside her. "Oh so this is where you two went. I thought Saint was acting a little weird, and here is was Jessica the whole time." The boy told them.

"Ryan did you follow me?" Jessica asked.

"Don't talk to him. Ryan please just send her back to hell." SaintKenna told her older brother. Ryan nodded and said a few words in Latin.

The air around the real SaintKenna got brighter, then dimmed out. SaintKenna disappeared,
while Jessica was screaming her head off in the corner as hell hounds came to reclaim her. SaintKenna looked over Dean and Sam. "Now payment." She told Dean, walking back through the hospital and back to Sams' room. The three guys followed her. She looked over at spirit Sam. "Sorry but this might hurt when you wake up." She told him, as she took a syringe, and stuck it in her forearm. She filled half of it with her blood, before going over to the IV pole, and injecting her blood into the IV bag.

SaintKenna watched as the Sam who was standing beside Dean slowly vanished. She smiled at him as he completely disappeared. She pushed the nurse page button. A few seconds later, Sams'
eyes shot open, and he started coughing on the tube that was down his throat that had been breathing for him. SaintKenna watched as Dean rushed over and quickly calmed his brother down, as a nurse was taking the breathing tube out. SaintKenna reached over and gripped the hand Dean cut,
the cut healed instantly. She walked out into the hallway with her brother.

"Wait!" Dean called, as he ran out of the room. He looked at her a moment, he was never good at these moments.

SaintKenna smiled. "I know." She said, as she continued walking, catching up to Ryan, he took her hand and as they were walking they vanished into thin air.

Dean stared at the spot where they had just been for a while before walking back into the room where Sam was laying. The IV bag was empty and Sam was 100 percent healthy. The nurses and doctors were all shocked, and couldn't explain it. Dean and Sam smiled at each other.

They knew Sam was going to be okay. They were both wondering if they ever would see the pair again. Then again they might not want to see them again.


The END!!!

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