A/N: Just a quick little one-shot, because Tumble Down is being uncooperative, and I needed to write something.

Warnings: Slash and fluffiness

Disclaimer: Dumbledore may be gay, but sadly Harry and Snape aren't. Well, not according to Jo anyway.


Harry dashed outside, unhindered by the muttered complaints of the dark haired man following him. He had been stuck inside for the past three weeks, recovering from the latest, and last, confrontation with Voldemort. Now that the Dark tosser was out of the way, Harry was ready to live his life to the fullest. Well, once he figured out how to ditch the watchers that Dumbledore had assigned to follow him, anyway.

He stretched his hands above his head, turned his face upwards towards the long-missed sun, and spun around in circles. He attempted to not watch his feet, not wanting to miss a single ounce of sunshine, but he ended up tripping. He fell down to the ground, rolling over unto his back, and stretched out contentedly, catching his breath. A snort alerted him to the presence of today's babysitter.

Severus Snape strode up to next to him, sneering down at Harry's breathless face.

"I have never seen anyone look so dumb before."

Harry grinned up at him, and replied,

"I still know how to turn you on."

Severus raised an eyebrow.

Without warning, Harry shot up into sitting position, startling Severus. Having caught the older man off-guard, Harry pressed his advantage, and clenched Severus' robes in his hand. A moment later, Severus was pulled down on top of Harry, and being kissed thoroughly. The green-eyed man shifted slightly, causing Severus to moan. Then suddenly it stopped, and Harry was dashing away, laughing madly.

Severus groaned, and got up to follow the little brat.


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