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Hinata, a young timid girl, around the age of nine, was walking down the street with her elder cousin, Neji. She poked her fingers together, as was her worst habit by far, right next to stuttering, as she went. This greatly annoyed the Hyuuga elder.

"What's wrong?"He asked, but it could be better described as an accusation.

"Ah... Ahm, I..."She hadn't the slightest answer, so she just looked away.

"You'll never catch me, you idiots!" screamed a young, vibrant voice. The boy suddenly came into view, he was rounding the corner of a shop, looking behind him. He certainly didn't notice who was in front of him, especially the two Hyuugas. There was a loud, yet dull, thud. There were children rolling on the ground, shocked. The boy that ran into the other two stood up first. Shoppers all around looked to see what the disturbance was.

"The hell is your problem," the boy yelled. He suddenly noticed that the can of purple paint he had been carrying was splattered all over the other two children. Better you than me, he thought.

"What's our problem? You ran into us, imbecile!" screeched the boy, who's voice cracked. The boy laughed at this, and it was then noticed the boy's atire and appearance. He was blonde, scrawny, and wore mostly blue and orange. It was a simple orange and blue jacket tied around his waist, and his dark blue shirt was scratched and torn. He seamed to be wearing camo pants, orange-styled.

Hinata blushed, she instantly liked this guy. She stared, as the two boys argued. She watched has her elder cousin's hair lashed out as he made a threatening gesture to the blonde boy. His white clothes were nothing too special, they were quite dull, in fact. Hinata was wearing an oversized silvery jacket, with a fish net shirt underneath. Her pants were black, with a few pockets. She, too, was small and seemed really fragile.

The blonde boy looked at the girl, "The hell you looking at?"

It was obviously quite rude, but strangely attractive to her. His in-your-face demeanor was quite appealing to her. She was never talked to like that, being a part of one of the most old and prestigious clans in the village.

"I, ahm, I..." she squeaked. She was no good at speech. No good at all.

Some older men rounded the corner, looking very frustrated in fact, with purple paint all over their faces. They glared before bolting at the boy. Surprisingly, the boy grinned.

As all the men lunged forward, he sprang up, twisting and contorting his body, until he was in the middle of them. It probably went unnoticed, seeing as it only happened in a millisecond. The boys limbs swung, all in one fluid motion, and it was over. They landed in a heap, while he stood victoriously on top of the pile. Hinata's admiration grew 10 times what it was a second ago.

"Ah, they'll never learn..." he smirked, jumped onto a rooftop, and was gone.

Neji stood, looked around, his Byakugan activated, "...all the way out of my sight? Impossible..."

Hinata's heart fluttered. She had her first crush.

They continued their trip to the Academy, after getting cleaned up, of course. The same thing was on their minds, just not the same attitude towards that thing. Or, it should be more of a whom. Neji left Hinata, heading to his own classroom.

When she entered the room, she couldn't be any more surprised. That same boy who ran into them was sitting in the middle row, at the middle desk. She couldn't believe it. She made a start to head for him, but stopped. After all, she was the new kid.

Being in the Main Branch of the Hyuuga was not an easy task. In fact, to her infinite shame, Hinata was the only Main Branch member to not be cut out for it. All Cadet Branches attend the Academy, but never the Main Branch members. Of course, she quite liked it this way. She didn't like the methods of teaching her family offered.

"Ah, you're here" a smiling man with a scar on his face said. His name was Iruka, they had met before. He was to be teaching her from now until she graduated. The classroom was very loud. There was much talking, screaming, and wrestling going on. Average ninja-kid stuff, of course. She even caught sight of the blonde boy arguing with some cool looking, raven haired boy. Iruka cleared his throat, and all was ilent. Almost. The blonde kept on going.

"Naruto...," no response. He cleared his throat again, very much louder this time. He kept going, much to the annoyance of, well, everyone. "NARUTO!" Silence.

"Thank you. This is our new student. Hyuuga, Hinata."

"H-hi..." she said it weakly, very softly. Most didn't catch it.

She was pointed to her seat, which was right next to Naruto, the last seat available. She nervously sat down next to him, and he crossed his arms and looked away.

"So... Y-your n-name is Naruto, huh?" He remained silent.

"That's a nice n-name..." she said, poking her fingers. This was very odd, not the finger poking, the attempt at starting conversation. This time he decided to reply.

"Yeah, well, I didn't quite catch yours." He said, loudly.

"H-Hinata..." she said meekly.

"Yeah, you and your boyfriend crashed into me." This made her laugh. It surprised her, but it did.

"He was my cousin," she giggled.

"Jeez, what's with you? Giggling 'cause I mistaked your cousin for your boyfriend? You like him that much?" This made her quiet, fast.

"Watch what y-you say," it had almost no spirit in it. She was still very attracted to the boy.

"Watch what I say? Like the fact that your cousin is a steaming pile of crap?" This did make her laugh, which thoroughly confused the boy.

"Stop laughing at me," he said angrily. He could only take it that she thought he was the steaming pile of crap.

"I wasn't-"

"Don't lie!"

Of course, she backed down, and stared simply at her desk. To her amazement, this was boosting her confidence. Something was actually boosting her mood, and it was arguing. She liked this feeling, like she had some power. She decided to continue, gazing at Naruto.

"You have a really dumb look on your face!" she proclaimed. Of course, this wasn't true, but she wanted to egg him on. She was terribly frightened of what the consequences of teasing him like this would be, but she liked it. It wasn't a fear she had experienced before.

He immediately began cursing, whining he didn't, much to her amusement. Of course, she didn't like to do this to him. But, in fact, there was a side of her that thought he was enjoying it as well.

This was the way class went all day, with them both teasing each other, arguing, and basically almost at a brawl. It built up both of their self esteem. After class, everyone followed them outside, watching the yelling that went on. There was a mischievous look on both their faces. A gleam in both of their eyes. Their anger showing, but it was finally an outlet for their constant emotional restrain.

"Well, you're ugly!" yelled Naruto. Hinata was unaffected. Her mother told her she was beautiful everyday before she died, and she would believe it, but not flaunt it. She was unabashed, and her intuition told her it was just an insult that had no color to it.

"And you're stupid!" Hinata screamed, sliding into her Jyuuken stance. Naruto just stood there, with no real training, he decided to make his own stance. It was really awkward, and Hinata could find 10 things wrong with it right now. They both lunged simultaneously at each other, the kids around them screaming "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

She put no chakra into her moves, but with her continuous poking on his vital spots, she knew she would have won if she tried. That was when he tried to get serious. She started to back off. She couldn't predict his moves anymore. He was just going wild, swinging every which way, hopping into the air, doing a roundhouse kick at her leg, which she dodged. She noticed that that was not his intention, but to use the momentum to swing himself back into the air, a heel coming down deadly fast toward her head. She knew he had held back enough to give her time to dodge, which she was in the process of doing, until the fight was intervened.

Neji caught that foot. He towered above poor Hinata, holding the foot up with a strength beyond normal ninja his age. Naruto fell backwards, unable to bring his foot down. He landed on his hands and held himself up.

"Let go," he warned. The Hyuuga boy smirked, and with enormous strength, flung Naruto's foot into the air. But if this was an attempt to throw the boy from the ground, it failed. The boy had instinctively anchored himself to the ground with the chakra in his arms. He twisted his body very fast and delivered a would-be kick at the Hyuuga boy. Unfortunately, Neji ducked and jabbed at Naruto's stomach with an open palm, which missed. Naruto was now a good seven feet in the air, flipping with great speed. Even before the black haired boy could look up, Naruto's heel was inches from the back of his head. This time, it was Hinata whom caught it.

"That's enough," said a strong voice behind the crowd that had gathered even more people. It was Iruka. He looked angry.

"Really, Naruto, starting fights with the new girl and her cousin already?" Iruka scolded as Naruto landed onto his own two feet again.

"I wasn't. at least, not with him. He couldn't fight if his life depended on it, which it did a second ago." Naruto said cheekily, throwing a glare in Neji's direction.

"Naruto when will you-?" He wasn't able to finish, because Neji was now a blur of motion, heading straight for Naruto. Iruka was caught off guard, so was unable to stop him. Naruto was under attack, almost before he knew it.

This was a secret, not even Iruka knew it, but the Hokage had been training Naruto over the years. He had taken a liking to him, even though most hated him. Taijutsu was really the main thing he trained him in. Naruto decided this was a deep secret that he couldn't tell anyone else, so acted like an amateur. But, it was quite the opposite. He was almost an expert. In fact, when he was settled down, the Hokage would tell him he was a prodigy. Of course, this made Naruto go wild with pride, but it was something that would be his secret weapon. Unfortunately, Neji was an expert in Taijutsu.

All Naruto could do was dodge, contorting himself gracefully as Neji's attacks became more fierce. There was a lesson to be taught, after all. No one could insult him. No one.

Naruto stared around, everyone was watching him. Their mouths were agape. Was this the Naruto? Surely not. Naruto was never this good in a fight. But, here he was. Fighting like a pro, or, at least, holding his own. This made Naruto mad, to reveal his abilities. This had to stop, before he needed to use something he really needed to keep secret.

Naruto began lashing back, and he saw Iruka coming to end the fight. He planned for it to be over before this happened.

Neji let out a grunt as he threw his arms forward, too fast for Naruto to dodge. This was wrong, but Naruto needed to be hit to take this guy down. Unfortunately, Neji went for the vitals. When his palms made contact, Naruto's insides burned, and a terrible pain ripped through his chest. No way out, he thought, I have to make my move before I pass out.

Before Neji could retract his hands, Naruto slammed his head right into his nose. Neji stumbled back, blood pouring from his nostrils, and his nose was broken. Naruto coughed, a little blood streaking from the corner of his mouth, and he was out.

This was when it hit Hinata. It was time for a change in her life.

So, she rushed her cousin. Her head was clouded, her vision was blurry. This would obviously change her whole life, and even Naruto's.

Her cousin's head turned, as did everyone else's. They hadn't expected this. An outstretched palm collided with her cousin's chest, lifting him off the air. She quickly twirled a in a 360 degree motion, then slammed her elbow into his abdomen. Before he hit the ground, she sent an open palm to his forehead, bursting chakra from the said hand. It was over before anyone could blink, her fury was growing, and she turned to see if anyone would stop her from what she was intending to do. No one was.

She grabbed the back of Naruto's collar, hopped into the air, dragging him up with here. This village wasn't good enough for them, everyone took them on face-value. They would take care of each other. Why would they need anyone else?

She activated her Byakugan, luckily enough, before the Anbu squad closed in on them. Well, don't you have another thing coming, she thought. Naruto wasn't the only one the Hokage had taken a liking to. Whenever Hinata would turn up missing for a couple days at a time, she would be with the Hokage. He was more of a father than she had ever known. It seemed that he had prepared her for this moment especially, for his methods were all about stamina and speed. She thought it was for her Jyuuken style, but now there was a new light on the way she saw things.

With a deft movement of her one free hand, weights from underneath her baggy jacket and her pants flew off. Houses flew by as she raced across the rooftops, lugging Naruto behind her. Pretty soon she cleared the wall, and she was free... sort of. The Anbu were still following, but there weren't very many. Three at the most, and they didn't seem to be at the top of their game. Didn't they want to catch them? She threw this off as mere paranoia.

Naruto slowly opened his eyes. Surely he was dead, at least he was expecting himself to be dead. After all, he was attacked by a very deadly Taijutsu. Maybe he was in heaven, because this soft, warm, comfortable bed was infinitely better than the little mat he had to sleep on at his tiny apartment. He then became aware of his surroundings.

He sat up slowly, expecting to feel an intense pain, but he did not. He rubbed the back of his head and yawned, swung his legs over the mattress, and hopped to his feet. Stretching, Naruto began to take in the details of the room.

It was simple enough. White walls, a few chairs, two beds. He turned around and found a new pair of clothes waiting for him at the foot of the bed he just got out of. He slipped into said clothes, and found a new pair of sandals.

He looked at himself in the mirror, and took in his whole appearance. The shirt he wore felt tough, but soft. It was black, with dark red lining. His pants had a few pockets down the leg, but it was also black with red lining. There was even a new, blank, hitai-ate hanging on the opposite wall of him. The band that was connected to the blank metal was red as well. He tied the forehead protector onto his head, looked himself in the mirror, and was confused. He looked so different without his usual clothes.

Naruto paced around the room. Why was it that he was here? Where was here, anyway? He sighed, plopped onto the bed, and stared at the ceiling, hands behind his head. Maybe things would reveal themselves in good time.

Hinata happily strolled down a street, watching the people she walked past. She had taken Naruto and herself to a village far from Konoha. Naruto's condition had been getting better and better as they went, so she was confident she could get a good amount of distance from their ex-village. She really hoped Naruto wouldn't mind it too bad, being a rogue ninja and all.

She got to their inn, walked up the stairs, and paused at the door. If he was awake today, surely he was confused, possibly angry. It was a risk she had to take. So, turning the knob, she strolled in, happy he was up and clothed.

"Hinata?"The boy asked, confused. "What's going on?"

"Ehm...I, ah... Naruto, w-we're rogue ninjas now..."She said weakly, expecting the worst.

"Ah, I see. Where'd you get these hitai-ates?" This, of course, threw Hinata off guard. What? She thought.

"You're not angry?" She asked, very surprised.

"Nahhh. They were a buncha jerks anyways. You hungry? I'm starving!" He jumped up, headed for the door. He turned around and looked at the stunned girl, "You comin'?"

"Ah, yeah... okay." She followed him out the door.

They walked out of the hotel they were staying at, took a right, and headed for the first restaurant in sight. To Naruto's extreme delight, it was a Ramen shack. After walking in and ordering a gaggle of noodles, the two conversed as their meals were being prepared.

"So, Naruto, I-I've been thinking of...," at this point, Hinata half-cupped her hand around her mouth and leaned towards Naruto, "... making our own village."

If Naruto had been eating, he would have choked. "Wh-what?" He spluttered.

"Well, if you don't like the i-idea..." Hinata trailed off and looked the other way.

"It's not so much the idea, as it is the abruptness of these things. I mean, the last thing I remember is attacking your cousin..." after he trailed off, he looked away, trying to remember more.

"W-well... I was just th-thinkng that if we made our own v-village, kept it a secret, and recruited people after it was s-set up..." She looked down and fiddled her thumbs.

"I get it," he said, "but we need more time before we can do that. We're rogue ninja now. Konoha will put us down as Undesirables or something like that. Everyone would jump at the chance to kill me..." Naruto stared at the cook.

"Why?" She was startled at this morbid thought. She hadn't known him long, but she could tell he was a trouble maker. But, would that be enough reason for other people to want to kill you?

"I'll tell you later, if I feel up to it." Naruto smiled at her in a kind of painful way. She dropped the subject.

"We can do whatever we want. No restrictions!" Hinata said cheerfully. She hoped he'd perk up. Also, she was feeling better herself. It was becoming easier for her to talk without stuttering.

"Yeah. Itadakimasu," Naruto exclaimed before digging in. Hinata was a little more discreet with her eating.

They talked while they ate, but not much. It seemed, to others, like they were just two kids on a date. One couple that happened to pass by said how cute it was to each other. It was unfortunate for them that other things were on the mind of these two "children." They were whispering to each other about how they would go about founding a new village. It had to be totally hidden, nearly impossible to find. It had to have fortified defenses, strong, luxurious buildings, too. Of course, this was all just wishful thinking. At least, Hinata thought so.

They left an hour later, after eating their fill.

"Hinata," Naruto began, looking around as they walked, "Do we have everything we need with us right now?"

"Um, yeah... But why?" Hinata looked at him.

"We need to leave. I've got a bad feeling right now." Naruto said, just before a three soft thumps could be heard from behind them.

"Well, well. What do we have hear? Two children, no known village? Nice hitai-ates. Come from the village of nobodies?" A maniacal sounding voice crept onto them. They both froze.

"How can you see our head protectors? You're behind us..." Naruto turned around fast, and saw who it was. Neji Hyuuga.

Hinata's Byakugan was activated instantly, and she turned around to face their pursuer. Two more Hyuuga Clan members appeared on either side of him, both Neji's age.

"Your dad was... upset... that you had left, Lady Hinata. Just come with us. One step away from that cretin will show where your loyalties reside." Neji said with a smirk. He wanted Hinata to stay put. Then he'd get the pleasure of forcing her back.

Both of the young Rogues glared at the three Hyuugas opposite them. Naruto looked at Hinata, then looked forward as he stepped up to the challenge. "Last time you were lucky, Neji. I was just playing around. Now we'll settle this. Three on one. I'm better when weaklings try to gang up on me." Naruto said this with a smirk, and watched as the Hyuugas rose to the challenge instantaneously. Hinata didn't look too happy about this situation, but if anything went wrong, she'd help him immediately.

The three Hyuugas came from different sides, and it was what Naruto had expected. Every attack was made at the same time, in an instant. From the left, he caught an ankle before the foot collided with his face, from the lower right, he managed to lock a foot beind his knee. Neji had went head on, with a powerful open hand accompanying him. Naruto's only free hand caught his wrist, borrowed Neji's momentum, and pivoted himself and the three others, throwing them all into a heap before they could unleash any chakra.

Naruto glared at the three Hyuuga boys. "Go home. We have severed our connections with your village. The three Hyuugas obviously weren't used to defeat, for they just jumped back at him with an arrogance unmatched by anyone Naruto had ever met.

This time all three boys had their bloodlimit activated and were charging at full force. This would be a bit more difficult. Naruto slid into a stance he had seen Hinata use, the Jyuuken. Who was to say that their own technique wouldn't be their own undoing? Naruto sure wasn't.

They seemed to be indignant that some street trash just copied their style, and they attacked. Naruto leaned back slightly as an open palm flared chakra out where his face had just been, swung a foot nimbly behind him to hold his weight up, while a palm struck out at his abdomen. Naruto softly, but swiftly, poked this hand away with his two foremost fingers, and the chakra was let out, missing entirely. The last boy came from behind Naruto, and by sheer luck, Naruto had moved back up from his leaning position and ducked down as a whoosh of air went above his head. That palm collided with Neji, and it was an automatic opening of chakra that flowed into Neji's chest.

All three boys recoiled, and Naruto stood straight. He watched as they all stared unbelievingly at Neji's chest, just before Neji himself stumbled back a bit, some blood leaking from the corner of his mouth.

"N-Neji-san... Go home and tell everyone to leave us alone..." Hinata tried to sound strong, but her voice came out in a sort of weak, pleading sound. Naruto came up and stood beside her, and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Wouldn't want to whoop you three times in one week, eh, Neji-san?" Naruto jeered. The boys glared, but helped Neji walk away.

"Did you see that?" Naruto crowed. He was absolutely ecstatic. "I don't think I've ever fought three shinobi before. Granted they were no higher than Genin, if that..."

"Don't try to make it sound as if it wasn't a feat! Did you see Neji's face after he was struck by his own comrade? I could barely stop myself from laughing!" Hinata smiled at him, and he grinned back. Maybe they would be ready to found their village, not yet, but soon.