Yoshizilla: Well, here it is, ladies and gentlemen... my first Jimmy Neutron fanfic, and my first new fanfic in a long, LONG time. ...Well, not that long. But, it was quite a while I took a break from writing stories and one-shots, eh? (laughs, and sighs) Oh, forget it. Anyway, since I love Jimmy neutron so much, I'm gonna write about him. I hope you all enjoy! (smiles and waves)

Disclaimer: All of the characters in the story belong to Nickelodeon. And Viacom. (shudders) Oh, that was painful to say...


It was a nice, warm, sunny November day in Retroville - WAIT A MINUTE!!!! November? Then how on Earth is it warm and sunny when Autumn's nearly over?

The simple answer - Jimmy's new experiment.

"This Weatho-Chango allows me to change the weather to whatever it pleases to me!" Jimmy explained, pointing his experiment up, which had the appearance of a frisbee with a handle on the bottom of it. A beam was shot from it, and it went towards the sun, the sky turning a bit darker. Suddenly, clouds formed around, and thunder was heard loudly as it started to pour down heavily.

"Jimmy, are you sure this is a good idea?" Carl Wheezer asked, as he looked up and screamed as the raindrops fell on his glasses. He started to run around screaming.

Sheen growled, and he slammed his 1970's style Ultra Lord action figure onto Carl's head, knocking him down to the ground. "Carl! Get a hold of yourself! It's just rain!" He then ran up to Jimmy, all excited and eager. "Jimmy, Jimmy! Can you make it snowy so that my ultra-super-mega-giga-deluxe-rare-and-very-valuable 1970's Ultra Lord can fly through the icy terrain?"

Jimmy shrugged, chuckling. "Ha ha! Sure, why not." As he was about to hand the Weatho-Chango to Sheen, Carl snatched it.

"HEY!!!!" Sheen snapped, fuming angrily as he stormed up to Carl's face. "It's my turn to use it!"

"Nuh uh!" Carl protested, sticking out his tongue at Sheen and started pressing random buttons on the Weatho-Chango, "It's my turn to try it! You already had a chance!"

"No I didn't, you plump geek!" Sheen screamed, and he then jumped onto Carl, and the two boys started to fight each other.

Jimmy made strange, awkward faces as he watched his two best friends fight each other. It was then that he got concerned, noticing the threat the Weatho-Chango faced. "No! Guys, stop! You'll break the mechanics of the Weatho-Chango!"

Much to his dismay, Jimmy backed away as a beam was fired from the Weatho-Chango up at the sky, and the rain started to turn into hard hail, impaling nearby cars and pedestrians. Jimmy separated both Carl and Sheen away from each other, much sadly, as he was about to pick up the Weatho-Chango, it bursted into metallic pieces.

"NOOOO!!!!!" Jimmy cried, falling to his knees and pounding the grass with his left hand, with he formed into a fist. "Why!? Why!? WHY!? My most brilliant experiment...gone!"

Sheen scoffed, folding his arms and turning away from Carl. "It was Carl's fault, anyway."

"It was not!" Carl snapped, shaking his right fist at Sheen, who ignored it. Both of the two boys then started growling at each other, until they were both struck right in the head by two hail storms, knocking them unconscious on the ground.

Jimmy got up and sighed. Turning around and looking at both of his two unconscious friends, he went back to his lab, thinking of wha he should invent next.