Harry felt guilty about sneaking into the Hogwarts library so late at night in his Invisibility Cloak, but he didn't want anyone knowing why he was there, or that he went there period. After all, Fanfiction was now practically blacklisted. Anyone seen reading it was regarded with a sneer and, "Have you read the story where Draco Malfoy takes it up the arse?"

Harry was certain that some good had to come of the book, though, so that was why he was sitting in the library, Fanfiction in his la, planning to read a story on a war hero.

Surely a story about Lupin would glorify all the good things he had done. Harry flipped open the book and was surprised to see the following description:

Title: Puppy Love

Author: furryfangirl92

Rated: M

Summary: The Maruaders at Hogwarts. SBRL SBJP SBLE SSLE JPLE SSPP

"I'm not so sure what those random letters mean," Harry whispered to himself. "But this can't be so bad. Silly title, though." A story about his father, Remus, Sirius, and even Peter would certainly be entertaining.

Chapter One: Lonesome Wolf

A scarred young man with light brown hair looked out the window at Hogwarts. A bright, nearly full moon shined down on him and he shivered lightly.

"Remus, what are you staring at?"

Remus turned around to see one of his best friends, Sirius Black sitting on the edge of his bed. Sirius reached a hand out and touched Remus's naked shoulder gently.

"The moon," Remus said. "It's almost time for me to transform."

Sirius could sense his nervous tone when he said it. "You shouldn't worry anymore," he said. "James and Peter and I can be there with you now. We have magic on our side." His smile was both calming and welcoming.

"I know," Remus said with a small smile and a nod. "I just keep forgetting."

"Well, don't worry anymore," Sirius said before leaning in and kissing him brazenly on the lips…

"OH GOD." Harry shut the book, feeling his cheeks heat up. "Please, not that…"

He was about to open the book and try for another story in which his late godfather did not snog his late teacher on a bed when a sudden thought overcame him.

Harry flipped to the back of the book and read the short list of those who had checked it out form the bottom up. Hermione Granger was first, and somewhere near the top was a name that made his heart skip a beat. Lily Evans.

The Marauders seventh year at Hogwarts…

"James Potter, you come over here this instant!"

James was surprised to see Lily Evans stalking across the head common room, a book in her hands. "What's up, Lily?" he asked. "And I believe I don't have to come to you. You came to me."

Lily laughed and calmed down a little before handing the book, open to the middle, to James. "Just read this story I came across, please," she said.

James squinted, as he had misplaced his glasses quite recently, and read:

"Hey Lils, will you go out with me?" James asked.

"No," Lily said.

"How about now?" James asked.

"Still no," Lily said.

"Want to go to Hogsmede this weekend, Lils?"

"In your dreams, maybe."

"How about we go down to dinner together. Maybe we can snog on the way."

"Yeah. Right. NOT."

"You know, Lils, if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put J and L together. Get it?"

"Yeah. But please don't."

"Okay, well, if I said you had a nice body, would you hold it against me?"

"Of course not."

"If you were a booger I'd pick you first."


"So how about Hogsmede Saturday afternoon?"

"Goodbye, Potter."

"Ew," James said, handing the book back to Lily. "Who wrote this shit?"

Lily shrugged. "Exactly my point."

"Since when did I call you 'Lils' and resort to such sad, pathetic pick up lines?" James asked, continuing his hunt for his glasses. He crawled on the floor, searching it vehemently.

Lily shrugged. "You never did, thankfully. Nor was every sentence you spoke asking me out."

Lily began to help James look for his glasses. She put the book on a nearby desk and began crawling on the floor, too, checking underneath the couch first. "I mean," James called from across the room, "I certainly fancied you in fifth and sixth year, but I was never that pathetic. I knew you didn't return my feelings. Where'd you get that book, anyway?"

"The library," Lily called before spotting something out of the corner of her eye from under the bookshelf. She reached under and procured James's glasses before standing up, triumphant. "Got them!"

James stood up and crossed the room. Lily dangled his glasses before them, giggling, but he finally managed to grab them, clean them with his shirt, and put them on. "Hey, Lils," he jokingly said. "Are your pants made out of mirrors? I could totally see myself in them."

Lily laughed heartily before playfully smacking James. James laughed along with her until Lily suddenly stopped. "I…I didn't mean anything by it…" James mumbled, suddenly feeling nervous. What he had said had been rather forward and vulgar.

"No, no, it's fine," Lily said, a thoughtful look on her face and distant sound in her voice. She then looked James straight in the eye and said, "You know, I could see you in them too. I mean, maybe not today, but some months down the road."

And with that, the two started passionately making out.