How to Annoy Galbatorix

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1. When talking to him about Durza refer to him as "Durzzy."

2. Remind him that a mere farm boy killed "Durzzy".

3. When he's having one of his evil moments say, "awe are you cranky after not having your nap?"

4. Paint his nails pink while he's asleep.

5. When he asks you if you painted his nails say, "I didn't do it! Freddie did!" and start talking to your imaginary friend Freddie.

6. Copy every move he makes.

7. Take his sword. When he asks you where it is say, "what sword? I didn't know you had a sword. Did you know that he had a sword Freddie? No, I didn't either."

8. Write a Gallbatorix/Eragon fan fiction, and make him read it.

9. Dump a bucket of ice-cold water on his head.

10. Still be alive after doing all of this.

11. When he threatens you say, "if you hurt me I'll sick the mere farm boy on you."

12. Say "did you know that Eragon and I are getting married? We want you to be the best man.

13. When he asks you an important question start speaking Pig Latin.

14. Read his Diary.

15. Tell all the Urgals what his diary said.

16 Call him Galby.

17. When he gets mad at you for telling everybody his most private thoughts say "It's okay Galby, everyone already knows that you wet the bed," in a really loud voice.

18. Follow him everywhere he goes, even the bathroom.

19. Poke him.

20. Whenever he tells you something ask "why?" when he answers your question, keep asking why.

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