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How to Annoy Saphira

1. Call her an overgrown lizard.

2. Tell thorn that she has a picture of him, and that she kisses it every night.

3. Ask her where baby dragons come from. When she says "eggs" ask her where dragon eggs come from.

4. Sing "Thorn and Saphira sitting' in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g," really loud whenever you see the two of them together.

5. Make a fake diary, include lots of personal details.

6. Leave said diary lying around with "Saphira's Diary" in big bold letters.

7. Paint her green while she's asleep.

8. Sing "Puff the Magic Dragon" while playing it on her scales.

9. Tell her she needs a makeover, emphasize "needs"

10. Make her wear a hideous pink bunny outfit.

11. Take pictures of her in said outfit.

12. Tell Thorn that Saphira loves him.

13. Tell Saphira that Thorn hates her.

14. Tell her that she needs to lose weight.

15. Ask her what she is, when she says "a dragon" say "No you're not, dragons don't exist! Angela said so!"

16. Make her wear a leash and collar and walk her around like a dog.

17. Refer to her as your "pet" dragon.

18. Call her ugly.

19. Sell her on eBay, describe her as "fat."

20. When she growls at you for doing all of this say "you really need to brush your teeth!"