After Raw

" Vince, I'm not asking you this as your son in law, I'm not asking this as your friend, I'm asking you this as an employee who is going nuts. I'm begging you to put me on Smackdown, or even ECW" Hunter begs, minutes after Raw is over.

" Why would I put one of my top stars on another show, besides, Stephanie and Aurora, you know, your wife and daughter are here with Raw." Vince says, trying to understand why he wanted to move.

" I know, I love them both, but if you don't move me, I'm going to lose my mind." Hunter says. Before Vince can say anything else, the door opens.

" Vince, I demand you put me on another show, I don't care which." Randy Orton says, standing beside Hunter.

" And why would I do something like that Randy"?

" Because I might do something we all regret if you don't." Again, the door opens shortly after.

" If you don't put me on one of the other shows, then I am asking for my release." Shawn says. Shawn didn't shut the door, and another guy walks in.

" I know I haven't been here as long as the others, so I don't get first choice, but send me back down to OVW for awhile" Kennedy says, standing next to the others.

" Mr. McMahon, sir. I'm sorry to bother you, during this meeting or whatever, but I was just wandering if it was possible for me to switch brands." Cody says, entering the room.

" Vince, I'm begging you put us somewhere else, I will do anything, take a pay cut, work on days off, whatever you want us to do we will." Cade and Murdoch plead, entering the office as well. It was beginning to get crowded in the room.

" This is not cool Mr. McMahon, I want to leave Raw" Carlito says, entering as well. Vince is clearly becoming irritated.

" Now just hold the hell on, what is going on here"? Vince demands to know, looking back and forth between the guys in the room.

" JERICHO" they all yell in unison. Vince seems to have an understanding of whats going on now.

" Alright, now hold on. I know how Chris can be, but things will simmer down, just give it a few weeks."

" The first ever Undisputed Champ is here" Chris says, appearing at the open door. Vince looks at them men standing in front of him.

" How about we send him to Smackdown instead"?