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G is for Gotcha!

He hopes that Fred will get up, the mischevious grin lighting his eyes, and say, "Gotcha!" he prays that, maybe, this is just one of Fred's jokes gone too far.

E is for Envy

He watches others with envy as they go about their lives around him, laughing, happy, because they have someone, whereas he is alone.

O is for Oblivious

Oblivious, he doesn't respond although the voices continue to bombard him with pity, as though they understand; yet he knows the only one he wants is Fred.

R is for Realization

As he walks into the shop they had once shared, with only his shadow for company, and as he lies in the dark, hands clutching at the emptiness left by his twin, he realizes that Fred is never coming back.

G is for Grief

His soul, once brightened by the promise of a cunning prank or a private joke shared with his beloved twin, now is consumed with unimaginabkle grief; he fears that he has become lost without him.

E is for Eternity

It seems like his life has stretched for an eternity, days punctuated by milestones that should have been celebrated with him, and he goes on with the hope that one day, they will meet again; finally together, forever.