A/N: This is a pretty weird story that was inspired by Shadow Priesstes and her own fan fiction, but it's different. The only thing that remains the same is the fact that someone turns to a baby. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Get Backers, if I did then I'd be the happiest person in the world!!

A Bundle of Terror

"Why do you think the Lightning Lord called us?" a blond, muscular young man asked the brunet next to him. "I am not sure, Uryuu, but I hope it's nothing bad. He was with Kazuki, so maybe…" Uryuu gasped and faced the other man. "I hope you're not implying that Kazuki is in danger, Kakkei!"

Juubei sighed heavily. "We just have to be prepared. You know as well as I do that danger does befall Ginji a lot." Uryuu nodded in agreement. 'We just need to remain positive,' Juubei thought. They reached the familiar Honky Tonk in record time. Now both prepared for what was awaiting them inside.

Uryuu opened the door and let himself in, leaving Juubei to follow him inside, something of which Juubei grunted at. "Juubei! Toshiki! You're here!" Ginji ran in his chibi form and tackled the brunet to the floor with a loud thud. "Lightning Lord, why did you call us in here for?" Ginji immediately released Juubei and ran over to the now noticeable Ban, whom was sitting in his favorite stool.

"So, you're finally here. Ginji was beginning to worry, and we need to get going," Ban said, while taking out a cigarette and lighting it to put on his lips. "Go? Go where?" Toshiki asked. "Hven invited us to go on a cruise." Ban got up and walked to the door and waited for Ginji to be finished with their talk. The no longer chibi Ginji walked on over to the two bewildered men and began to say, "Um, guys, something weird happened to Kazuki and now…"

Two pairs of confused eyes practically popped out of their sockets. Within Ginji's arms rested a giggling infant. The appearance of the baby to Kazuki was uncanny.

"Well, have fun taking care of baby Kazuki while we are on our cruise." Ginji handed over the baby to Juubei and went to join Ban at the door.

Both men's jaws dropped wide open. "Don't worry, Akabane will be there to help you guys. Oh, just so you know everybody is coming along with us, except you four!" Ban and Ginji left running out the door in an instant.

Juubei looked down to see Kazuki smiling back at him. "Well, um, he did say that Akabane was going to help us," Toshiki muttered. Juubei let out a heavy sigh.