A Bundle Of Terror: Ending?

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Undoing the blindfold from his eyes, Kazuki blinked. When his vision at last cleared, the view drew his breathing to a halt. They were high up from the sand of the beach and away from locals and tourists. From where they were, they could see the waves crashing onto the jagged rocks far beneath their feet. The wind that blew smelled of the sand and salt around them, along with some other pleasant fragrances. It was almost like nirvana, or an even higher plane than that since the night before had been far more than just passionate.

On his skin, Kazuki could still feel the sensual touches that Juubei made on his body. There were areas that still tingled with the anticipation of his husband's lips. Being married felt strange yet natural to him. The peculiar part of it was having to think of Juubei as his husband, for the rest of his life. However, that was nothing compared to the natural feeling of just being with Juubei each day and night. It was as if they had gone back to a time when the two often spent time together, hating to part ways with one another, even to go to their own homes. Now, it was possible for them to remain together, and go to the same home.

With a vivid smile and his hair flying in the wind, he turned to Juubei. "Thank you for bringing me here, love. The view is incredible, and to share it with you… It's more than I could have ever hoped to wish for." He brought Juubei's head down and kissed him, not caring if there were spectators there to witness their love and what most consider a taboo.

Letting Juubei part his lips with his tongue, Kazuki moaned. Tongue clashed with tongue, lips crushed against lips, and ardor-filled moans erupted. As their kiss intensified, he pressed his body closer to Juubei's, feeling the need to feel the other man's body against his; to have that same heat that he had felt three times the night before. Without realizing at first, he soon felt his husband's hand on his lower backside, grasping him. Almost without thinking, he pushed himself upward, and wrapped his legs around the man he loved. They swayed on one another until they could no longer withstand the passion.

Once they had found their normal breaths, they cleaned up as best they could before falling into a heartfelt embrace. They watched as seagulls flew over them into what seemed the afternoon sun. "Kazuki?" He turned his head to face his beloved. "It is… I like this feeling, the one that I get when I am with you. Do you know what I mean?"

Kazuki smiled and got closer to Juubei. "Does it feel like you can't believe we're together? Like this is a dream, a wonderful dream you'd hate to wake up from? Almost as if someone is playing a cruel joke that we will soon find out about?"

His husband nodded. "Almost like that. I feel as if I might have died, but that is not possible." Juubei pulled him into another kiss. "If I had died, then I would have gone back to you, Kazuki. Whether by body or spirit, I would make sure to guard you for eternity."

Nodding, Kazuki kissed him. "The same with me. It wouldn't do to see you from afar, no matter how selfish that might sound," he said, voice filled with appreciation. "Juubei, it's clear now that you are the one I live for." He held Juubei's hand in his and hoped that his beloved would feel the extent of his feelings.

With a slight smirk on his face, Juubei grasped Kazuki's other hand in his. "Kazuki, you are so old-fashioned at times." That was something that Kazuki could not help but laugh at, and neither could Juubei. Soon, the laughter ran out, but they held on to one another still.

The sun had set right before their eyes, much to their surprise. It hadn't seem like an entire day had gone by. Juubei stood up and offered Kazuki his hand, who accepted. One up, they both brought their gazes to ne another. It was the look in Juubei's eyes that told Kazuki there was something that the other man wanted to tell him. Now of all times, the look seemed to not fit in. Part of him was beginning to consider going back inside the villa they had rented for their honeymoon. Yet the other part, the one that had pushed him to his limits several times, kept him from moving.

With a shallow breath, Kazuki spoke. "Juubei, what is it?" The rate his heartbeat was going at just about pained his chest. He looked on as his beloved closed his eyes and took several breaths. When Juubei enveloped him in his arms, Kazuki felt ready to hear his husband's announcement.


Over them, in the sky, fireworks exploded. Their many colors brightened the eyes of many as they looked on at the wonderful display of art. The piercing sounds were overwhelmed by the spectators' voices as they commented on the display. And far off, two lovers were still in a deep embrace with their eyes closed off to all the world.

The End.