So, here's my new story. This idea just popped into my head yesterday, and after some thought, i've put most of it to paper. Expect the next few chappies soon. I haven't typed them, but they're already out here now on my notepad in black and white...uh yellow actually. Yellow notepad.

A little story of Sasuke dieing. Just what do you suppose he thinks about?

Kilee Drifter

Sasuke lay on the hospital bed staring at the ceiling. He had, according to the doctors and Tsunade, 3 hours left. 3 hours of pathetic existence before a void that would last for eternity. Or maybe not. Who knew?

Itachi had been captured by the ANBU and was awaiting death, but the punishment had been postponed. Why? The village was waiting for the younger Uchiha to die first. Who could blame them?

His life had been a waste. 8 years of unfulfilled childhood, then 4 of isolation and festering hatred for his own kin. Just under a year of bonding after all of that. It was grueling, hard bonding that the boy was not prone to, but bonding all the same. After that came 2 ½ years of practical slavery to the now deceased sannin. After all of that, he had about 5 months of chasing after his brother as the leader of Hebi. Of course, that ended when Naruto finally caught up to him. After the first three months, his body started to fail him, and here he was now, three months later, alone and dying.

No, that's not it. Like i said, there's more coming, but the first chappie up there was Sasuke in general. Thankies.