Behold, the death of Sasuke Uchiha.

Kilee Drifter

Sasuke woke up to an amazing sight yet again. He was still alive, although he was very weak and knoew his time was imminent. What it was that he woke up to see were Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, and Itachi sitting in his room looking at him.

The boy had always thought he was alone. That he had to be alone. That even one day when his ambition was completed, he'd still be alone for everything he'd done. All this time he was blind to the truth. All this time they were there. Watching him. Waiting for him. With the exception of his older brother, of course. It puzzled the young boy as to the reason that his brother was watching him die.

Naruto had one hand on Sakura's shoulder, and Sakura was fighting back tears. She seemed stronger, because even in the moment of his death, she wasn't crying. Maybe she didn't love him anymore. He was dead wrong. She did.

She always had.

Kakashi was watching him, mask covering up any expression that he bore. He looked so blatant, like he didn't care, even though he did.

Then there was Naruto. The blond's eyes were shifting between the rosette kunoichi and the dying raven. Cerulean eyes bore a mixture of hatred and sadness.

The future Hokage loved and hated him at the same time.

Sasuke glimpsed again at the four in the room. They still puzzled him. Why did they still care? Did they? Or were they just here to leave the last figment of their burdens behind them?

It was a question with an answer that came a bit too late. The younger Uchiha's breath slowed, and then stopped. He flat-lined, and onyx eyes becamse steel gray; still they were staring, asking for the answer they'd never see.

And then that answer came. Sakura and Naruto burst into tears. Kakashi looked away. Then he looked at Itachi.

Itachi didn't do anything. He just stared down at the floor motionless, like a forgotten sillouette. But Kakashi knew that wasn't the truth.

As the original heir to the Uchiha Clan, Itachi had been taught never to reveal his emotions. He was a ninja after all.

But Kakashi knew that it didn't take the Sharingan to see that inside, Itachi was guilty about his brother's death. Even Itachi could cry on the inside. He obviously was doing so.

Sad, neh?