Gabpay: The Series

Written by: BeneathTheSurface

Chapter 1: You're The Drug In Me

I need you.

I need you more then you'll ever know.

I love everything about you.

The way you scowl at everyone. The way you make the whole world part as you walk through, like Moses in the Red Sea. I love how you use your sarcasm any chance you get. I love that little icy glare you send in everyone's direction, including mine. I love that little smirk you send towards me when I send a remark your way that makes you almost human. You're the Ice Queen…the one obsession I can never rid.

I didn't know when it happened, but it did and you're now the drug I can't wait to see. You're still as icy as the first day I met you, but it will never stop me. Stop me from wanting you. You're like a drug I cannot and don't want to ignore.

The feeling I get when I see you makes the world revolve slower then it's suppose to. I can't seem to get you out of my head, no matter where I am. Do you see me?

I want to feel you.

I want to feel you everywhere. I want to be able to touch your soft, yet cold skin. I want to run my fingers through your blonde locks. I want to be able to intertwine my fingers with yours; be able to hold your hand. I would never let go. I want to be able to touch those luscious pink lips of yours. I want you to react.

More importantly I want you to know that you're a need of mine. You're like the drug I can't ignore. The fire in me that doesn't want to burn out. I need your cold to mix with my fire. We belong together, no matter what our peers say.


I want you to see me. See that I'm not the person everyone thinks I am. I'm not as cold hearted as I may portray myself to be. It's an act. All of it. I want you to know that you make me want to be different. You are the only person that could make me melt, in more ways then one. I love the way you giggle at everything, no matter how dim-witted it may be. I love the way you concentrate on school, while I care less. I love the way you challenge me when no one else will. More importantly I love the way you get under my skin.

You irritate the shit out of me.

I hate that I let you get to me. I hate the way you looked at me that night. The way the fire showed through your eyes and the way the iciness showed through mine. I hate the fact that you were right. I hate when I'm wrong. I hate that I want you to be mine. You're like the drug I can't live without, no matter how hard I try.

You'll always be my dirty little secret.

I will never say it out loud. I will never tell you to your face what you mean to me. I will never fall for anyone as hard as I fallen for you. I will never let it show. I will never let it go, no matter what happens. I will never let anyone else see. See what you mean to me. More importantly I will never let the fire that you with stilled in me…ever burn out. You're my dirty little secret. The drug that I can't and won't ignore…

Yes this is little chapter is the start of the Gabpay series and don't worry, there will be more. I made a trailer for this series it's on youtube, just type in Gabpay: The Series Trailer and it should show up. I wrote this to basically expand my writing ability and well there isn't many Gabpay's out there and I liked the few that have been made. Plus I said I'd make one during "Your There For Me". I have another Gabpay in mind, but it's not gonna be posted until much later, sorry to say. But please review and let me know what you think. By the way I did change my pen name to BeneathTheSurface, if you haven't already noticed. It was XxCandyxCounterxGirlxX.

OHHHH! Almost forgot. For now this is T-rated and I'm not sure if it'll get any higher then that, you're just gonna have to wait. If the case is that a certain chapter is M-rated, I will let you know a head of time. Don't worry...but anyways pretty please review...Thanks!