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Oh, and it's set during Last of the Time Lords, but pretends the ending (the part where the Titanic crashes into the TARDIS) never happens.


Rose stopped rapidly signing documents and sighed. She glanced up, seeing the workers of Torchwood go about their jobs. Some people were typing rapidly on their laptops, others sipping their coffee or tea. No one else was signing documents, only one Rose Tyler.

It seemed that no matter what job you took, there was always paperwork. Normally paperwork would mean signing documents of little significance, and so people were able to sign it after just skimming the contents.

Unfortunately, that didn't apply for Torchwood paperwork. For Torchwood, paperwork took a new meaning. Aliens could pop up anywhere, totally unexpected. They could pop out of a human's skin; they could be plastic Santas at Christmas time. They could even be, Rose guessed, pieces of paper. And as such, the Torchwood crew had to be prepared for any kind of threat- of extra terrestrial origin. Torchwood's aim was to protect the world from the rest of the universe, hopefully without gaining any attention from the people of Earth. Torchwood was a classified operation, after all.

And the leader of that classified operation was none other than the person trying to find the inspiration to start signing documents again. Rose Tyler, leader of Torchwood, and protector of the Earth.

She sighed again. Protector of the Earth, for all the good it did. She was cooped in her office, day after day, nothing to do but sign papers. Protector of the Earth... yeah, right. The best she could do was to be protector of her chair. She sat on it enough.

Maybe she was bored. Maybe, just maybe, she wanted to do something incredible, instead of doing what everyone else on earth did; sit on chairs and sign paper. Maybe, maybe, she didn't want to be at Torchwood. Maybe she wanted to be somewhere else.

Trying and failing to shake those thoughts out of her head, she stood abruptly, announcing that she was going home, and if anyone had any problems with it they could sue her. So what if she was in a bad mood? They'd get over it.

She emerged out of the building, squinting at the harsh bright light of the outdoors she was privy to. She opened her mobile phone, fully intending to call Mickey and demand that he pick her up and take her to her parents' place. Not home- her parents' place. She had lost her home, somewhere in the confines of another universe.

Feeling a sudden burst of nostalgia that made her feel nauseous with the severity, she dropped the phone and ran. Ran, and hoped that it was all a dream. She knocked into startled bystanders, not even apologizing as she once might have. Had she been happy, she might have said sorry. But she wasn't happy. It had been around one year since she had seen the Doctor, and she hadn't healed. But she didn't want to think about it every time she sat down. She needed to move on, 'cos he wasn't coming back.

She had known instinctively that the Doctor wasn't coming back when all he had been able to do was send an image of him over. So what if he had blown up a sun? If that was all he could think of after over a month, he wasn't coming back. He wasn't going to return. He wasn't going to come up with some incredible, amazing rescue.

Never again was she going to see his brilliant smile. The smile that light up his entire face like a Christmas tree, and made his eyes sparkle with life. Never again was she going to be abruptly woken one day, to find they were crashing into some alien planet. Never again.

She cried out, a cry of regret, and pain, and loss. Who knew he would affect her this much? To the point where she could barely live a year later?

She missed him. A lot. And nothing was going to change that. Not even time. She had been in control of time when she had been with him, so why would time affect her? She had seen time. She had witnessed the incredible power of time. Maybe for other people, time would make things better. Not for her.

She missed the hum of the TARDIS. Waking up every morning and expecting to hear a hum in the back of her subconscious, and realising once again that she wasn't on the TARDIS was not her idea of a good morning.

She closed her eyes, tears at the corners leaking out like water from a sponge. A very wet sponge. She continued running, no destination in mind, wanting to make herself understand that she needed to move on. It was a difficult thing to do.

She had no idea how much time passed before she slowed her pace. Breathing heavily, she reached into her pocket to retrieve her phone and call Mickey. It wasn't there. Bloody hell. She had probably dropped it somewhere.

Wiping her eyes, she walked over to the phone booth, ready to dial Mickey's number. She pressed a button, then another, then another, each sapping energy off her. She held the phone to her ear, surprised when she heard no ringing sound. Instead, she heard "This number does not exist. Please hang up and try another number".

She hung up in frustration. Dialling again, she was relieved to hear the ringing of the phone, then Mickey's voice on the other line.


"Mickey," she stated.

"Yes Rose? I'm sorta busy..." Mickey sure sounded distracted.

"Could you pick me up?"

"I'm busy..."

Rose heard someone else talk to Mickey. Someone sounding very female-like. And suddenly, Rose felt a bit happier. Even if she wasn't moving, the world still was. For some people, life was alright.

"Do you have company, Mickey?" she teased gently, feeling better by the moment.

"Yep...I mean, no. I mean... what?"

"What's her name?" Rose asked. Mickey and Rose maintained a close friendship, but neither wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend.

"She's... called Sharon. Look, can I call you back?"

"Sure. Have fun! Bye."

Mickey didn't reply, only hung up, and Rose chuckled. Mickey would have a good time, and tell her later in the day that he was going out with someone- namely, Sharon. It certainly made her feel better. Suddenly she felt embarrassed. She had left work early, ran to some location- she had no idea where she was- and had been feeling sorry for herself the entire time. Do something about it, Rose!

She walked over to a seat just beyond the phone booth, wondering what she was going to do. She didn't know where she was, she couldn't get a lift home- Pete was at work, and her Mum would only worry if Rose called her.

A noise broke her out of her musings. It was a sound that was so familiar it was heartbreaking. It was the sound of the TARDIS materialising.

Not daring to believe it, but wanting to believe it, she ran towards the sound. She stopped abruptly at the end of an alley, seeing something that she would've expected. The TARDIS looked different. It wasn't a police box; instead it was a phone booth, not dissimilar to the one she had been using mere moments ago.

The door opened, and a man walked out. He had dark brown hair, almost black and bright blue eyes. But when he stared at her, she knew it wasn't the Doctor. The person that had walked out of the TARDIS was not any regeneration of the Doctor.

The man walked up to her, his stride even, and fast. Rose decided to start the inevitable conversation.

"Are you a Time Lord?" she asked.

"Are you a human?" the man replied sarcastically.

That statement proved that this man- whoever he was- definitely wasn't the Doctor, and she turned away in sadness for a second, before turning back to stare at him.

"I thought all the Time Lords died..." she trailed off.

"How do you know about us, Missy?"

Rose paused. How could she tell him that she was from an alternate universe? But maybe, he could help her get back.

"I'm from an alternate universe," she stated boldly, "And I'm friends with the last Time Lord."

This information seemed to shock the man, whose eyes widened and mouth opened to form an 'O'. "What are you doing here then?" he asked her.

"I'm stuck. And you?" Sarcasm wasn't going to get her anywhere, but it was fun to play along.

"There was a distress signal sent out."


"I came to investigate."

"Well, you can help me while you're here. I need to go back to the universe I was in."

"And why would I help a stranger?"

"Because Time Lords help people out," Rose answered, unaware that the answer she had given was completely false.

"No they don't..." the man said, as if to himself. He looked at her harshly, and she almost shrank back. "The Time Lord you're friends with. Who is he? Or she?"

Rose replied honestly. "His name is the Doctor."

The reaction was immediate. The man's eyes widened further, and his blue eyes spoke of recognition... as well as loss.

"Can you help me?" Rose questioned, desperate.

"Y-yes. I'll help you."

Rose smiled a huge grin that made her entire face glow. "What's your name?" she asked, feeling perky.

The man stared at her one more moment before speaking. "My name... is the Master."

Rose suddenly remembered one of the Doctor's most-used quotes. Never say never, Rose Tyler...



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