My Lover, I mean Roommate!

By: Irui

Standard Disclaimer Applied

Summary: /AU/ Eriol never told me that my new roommate was a guy! I just moved into a new apartment and guess what I "said" to him? "I love you." Who's the roommate? None other than Li Syaoran. Do I love him? HELL NO! Or do I? As time passes, I don't even know anymore…

A/N: AU and the inevitable OOCness.

Chapter 1

'What a beautiful sky.'

It was sky blue and occasionally a few clouds passed by. Oddly enough though, there's a cloud up there that shaped like a bunny—how cute!

I looked out at my homeland, Japan. Haven't been here a while you know… or don't know. Oh yea, where are my manners?

My name? Kinomoto Sakura.

Occupation: A very lousy secretary of Hiiragizawa Eriol also known as Daidouji Tomoyo's fiancé. I have a wonderful best friend/cousin named Daidouji Tomoyo. Tomoyo had recently moved in with her fiancé a few months ago and left me all alone! Well, technically, I wasn't even there, but you get the point, I hope…

Anyways, I live in Japan and just came back from my vacation to France that I took after working a few months as Eriol's lousy secretary. Why was I a lousy secretary…ummm…cause I kept on spilling coffee on Eriol—correction, hot coffee. Hehe. He apparently works for his cousin for the Li Corporation and other than that, I have not a clue. Li Corporation? A very large empire owned by the Li's (duh) and currently by some "hot" guy… Other than that basic information, I don't think you'll be interested in my working place nor do I know how exactly it looks like since I just came back from vacation, so I'll now shut up about it.

I'm 23 years old, with green stunning eyes, mid-back auburn hair, o-k chest, long legs, and you know the rest. Right?


Or maybe not…

So this is what Tomoyo told me when she learned I was home-coming: Other than the fact that she practically "kicked me out", Eriol made one of his friends share an apartment with me, with me paying half of the apartment of course.

I reluctantly agreed after much persuading from Tomoyo…


You ever had this feeling that something bad is going to happen at a certain situation? That's what I felt, but oh well, now that I've agreed… what's done is done. So Tomoyo moved all my things into "my" new apartment and sent me the directions on how to get to the apartment and even the keys.

So here I am, 4 'o clock in the afternoon, in a cab, with a suitcase in the back of the car. I was holding a Gucci handbag and was dressed in a pink sleeveless shirt; its neckline was curved and ruffled. I had a mid-sleeved white sweater on and tan color jeans. After what seemed like an hour or so drive—I really don't know—I was finally there.

The cab driver handed me my suitcase and sped away, so I faced the building alone. It looked like quite a tall building. About seven floors, I estimate. It was painted reddish-brown and had windows on a lot of areas. Looked pretty decent, I guess…

I took out the paper that Tomoyo sent me and learned that I now lived on the sixth floor. Lovely, one of the top floors; I'll take the elevator.

I walked in and saw one of those "security" guys sitting at the desk, sleeping—okay…whatever. So I headed towards the elevator and saw a paper on the surface of the metallic doors.

Sorry. Out of service. Take stairs—to the right.

Wonderful. Life couldn't be anymore better. I walked over to the right, pushed open the doors and stared at the huge staircase. Six floors up, I wouldn't really complain normally; I mean, it's good exercise, but I'm wearing heels. I knew they invented heels to kill women. And guess what?! I'm wearing four-inch high black heels. I wonder if they'll break by the time I'm up there…

So I dragged my suitcase all the way up. It wasn't fun really. And you know what? People should've invented escalators first… But you know what's really devastating? The lights were dim and there were garbage bags messily placed on the floors. So I nearly tripped for like ten thousand times and considering I was bringing up my heavy luggage, that was not fun.


One more –pant- miserable staircase –pant- to go. I finally arrived –cheers!- and I took out the paper for my apartment room.


I walked towards my apartment, looking up at the numbers and rolled my suitcase towards my new "home." Suddenly I heard my phone ringing so I opened up my handbag, took out my cell phone and answered it as I continued in search for my new home. The caller was Tomoyo.

"Hi Sakura-chan! How are you doing? Are you at the new apartment yet?"

"Yea." I suddenly spotted a crack in the ceiling, small but…you never know how dangerous a small crack can be…over time, that is. I finally arrived at my destination: apartment number 602. My door was painted brownish-red, you know, like in most apartments. The doorknob looked broken-ish… That gave me a sense of insecurity—must talk to roommate about it. I fumbled my bag for the keys; finally found it and inserted the shiny silver key into the keyhole.

"Tomoyo, who do you love more? Eriol or me?" I asked my best friend.

Turning key to open door in progress…

"You, of course!"

"HEY! I HEARD THAT!!!" A male voice yelled.

"Don't mind that. Why?"

"So that if I'm–grunt- found dead tomorrow, you know who to sue for finding me such a wonderful apartment."

Keep turning.

"Lousy? –giggle- What did my Sakura-chan go through?"

"Nothing much except I had to walk six floors up, kept crashing into garbage bags that were scattered carelessly and that I'm–grunt–killing myself over the door. And I have bad feeling that something's going to go wrong… I just know it…"

"Don't worry. Nothing's gonna go wrong."

Whoever said the quote that anything can go wrong will go wrong? I'm scared…


"Whatever you say…" I said doubtfully.

Reaches for knob.

"Trust me dear. Now I gotta go. Love ya."

"Yea. Bye."

Turn knob.

"Hmph! Where's my "I love you?" Mou! You heartless girl!"

I laughed.

"Fine…" Push opens door. "I love you."–Click-

I won't even describe to you what the place looks like because the first thing I saw in the room was not how it looked like, rather who was in it.

A pair of feet. What were you expecting? Three feet?

Long legs. Tanned—nice.

Boxers. Wasn't my roommate a girl? How come no one told me anything?

Abs. Nice six-pack. Damn this guy works out!

Naked chest. Sexy.

Kissable lips. I wonder what it tastes like?

Cute nose.

Lovely amber eyes—I can drown in them.

Messy, short brown hair that was still freshly wet from a shower. I wonder how they look and feel when dried.

GACK! I am not supposed to think of these thoughts…

He eyed me from head to toe before responding, "I know you do since I knew you've always thought I was sexy, no matter how many times you denied it... So you're finally back in Japan, huh? Long time no see Sakura." He flashed me a million-dollar smile before sitting down on the sofa and proceed in flipping through the channels.


Blink, blink.

'Eriol never told me that his "friend" a.k.a. my new roommate was a guy!'


'Nor did he bother to mention hot …'


'W-waitttt a minute… Back up here! "Long time no see?" What? Who's this guy? Come to think of it…wasn't there a middle school player with the near-same facial features who used to play pranks on me like…all the time?'


'Hold on…oh yea there was…some guy with the name…Showron? …Syaoie? Cute, but I doubt… Syoaron? Oh yea! Li Syaoran! That no-good-so-called-hot-shot who used to curl my hair with his pencils (well, at least it wasn't gum) and made me fall flat on my bottom by tripping me! Say—WHAT?! Him? Sexy? I don't think I could put those two in the same sentence… By the way, he said, "I know you do…" …Would someone please fill me in what the hell did I say a few seconds ago?'

Blink, blink.


"Yea. Night. Fine…I love you." Oh…no biggie! I just said, "I love you."




Oh my beloved strawberries.


What's a girl's gotta do when she accidentally "confessed" her "so-called-love" to her middle school bully? Faint? No, but good guess! Oh I know! Let's play jeopardy! I'll give you a wonderful clue. It starts with an "S."

Shopping? No. Shorter number of letters, though I won't mind to go and use some money, but I'm kinda broke here—hehe.

Sit? No. Longer number of letters!

Swim? No. I can't swim; I'll drown.

Surprise! …Where did that come from? And no.

Stomp? Lovely idea. Though I'd think I'd save that technique for "killing" my older brother Touya because he calls me "kaijuu" also known as "monster" all the time. And I don't really want to disturb anyone downstairs.

Stand? I'm already doing that, but no.

Scream? N—Bingo!

And that's exactly what I did.