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Ouran High School Cosplay Club

Chapter One-Not Good Enough

" I'm NOT wearing that!" Haruhi shouted. " Not again!"

" But Daddy wants you to look beautiful." Tamaki complained. The large kimono lay on the ground, so many layers and layers it was it's own mountain. His own kimono was so heavy it forced him to sit down as he spoke. The rest of the hosts had similar issues: Poor Honey had been swallowed in his own; Mori was currently searching for him. Hikaru and Karou had to rely on each other for support, and Kyouya was taking notes from his chair aside Tamaki's.

" Not good enough!" High powered motor. Renge's platform rose from the depths of the Third Music Room, till she towered over the Hosts. Her outfit was the opposite of theirs: While they were nearly swallowed by their many layered kimonos, Renge was barely covered. Her outfit consisted of: a black bra, black gloves, a black thong, a long black cape, a skull necklace, and a gold tiarra. She sat on a trunk and scowled down at the hosts. "Your choice of Cosplay is not good enough!" Haruhi groaned

'Oh no.' She thought. ' Renge-chan just might make things worse.' Renge pointed an acussing gloved finger at the hosts.

" You have already used the Heian style kimono recently and other historical atire. If you keep this up, the ladies will become bored of your unoriginality!" She swooshed her cape around herself. " There is a wealth of cosplays if you would be bothered to look!"

" And what would you have us do?" Tamak demanded quite angerily. Using the Heian theme again had been his idea. ' Haruhi-chan would look so cute!' he said.

" I believe Renge-chan is talking about anime cosplay." Kyouya replied. " She is right, by appealing to the many otaku of Ouran we can bring in many more customers."

" But I want to see Haruhi in a kimono again." Tamakk protested.

"...and many of those anime..." Kyouya said as if he hadn't heard Tamaki. "...Have a male and female lead." He adjusted his glasses as Tamaki started up his inner mind theather.

Tamaki Inner Mind Theather

Haruhi groaned as the evil Queen Benio blasted her against the far wall.

" Sailor Moon!" The hosts-I mean salior scouts-shouted as their leader was injuried. Haruhi slowly got to her feet.

" You will not win Benio!" She declared. " If it's the last thing I do," Haruhi struck a pose " I will punish you in the name of the moon!" Benio snarled evilly as she sent her minions, Chizuru and Hinako, to finish off the weakened Sailor scouts.

Dramatic music accompanied the arrival of a red rose that stopped the malevolent Zuka Club- I mean Negaverse-in it's tracks.

" You shall not harm Sailor Moon." Tamaki declared from a tower above the battle, his black cape flapping in the wind.

"Tuxedo Mask!" Haruhi shouted with joy. Tamaki jumped down and landed gracefully beside her.

" We shall defeat this evil together!" Haruhi nodded.

" With the power of our love!"

Tamaki sighed with eleation at such a scene. Then his face hardened to that of one taking command.

" Listen my subjects!" He called with authority. " We shall take up anime cosplay!"

Haruhi sweatdropped. 'I wonder if there's an anime character called Shadow King? She thought.

" I'm not wearing a salior fuku either." She said aloud. Renge held a hand against her mouth and laughed.
" OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH! Don't worry Haruhi-chan, your character hates clothes like that."


This fic is going to be so much fun. I already have a number of ideas.Oh and a cookie(and request) for anyone who guesses who Renge is cosplaying.