The Host Club is now Open


"Look around." Kyouya made a large sweeping gesture around the room. " There are plenty of things could do without." He pointed to a number of paid actors to illustrated his point, " Immortality. Sin. Crime. It's time for a change." He said it with such intense dashing he gave his lady designators pleasent chills.

"I have the power to make the world, to make people, better!" He took out a black notebook. Normally it was for managing the Club's finances, but for the purpose of this cosplay he had written 'DeathNote' in large white letters on the front.

"All I need is a name, a face,"he pulled out a black ball point pen, "a pen," he opened the HostNote to a blank page, "And this notebook. I will become the God of the New World!" He turned to a lady and flashed her one his devil-like smiles. She began to blush. He walked over to her, leaned in so that his mouth brushed her ear and whispered, "Would you like to be the new world's goddess?" Sending more jolts down the lady's spine.

From a table across the room, Haruhi sat with her own designators. For this particular cosplay, she was dressed as she was when she first meet the Host Club, sans the glasses. Renge had paid special attention to musing up her hair. The outfit made Haruhi nostalgic; it reminded her of a time when she didn't have to do such ridiculous things as pretend to be an eccentric super detective with a sweet tooth.

'Kyouya-sempai is getting a little too into his role,' she thought. It was scary how passioante he was and how similar he was to his character: a calculating, manipulative genius who works from shadows. 'Not to mention he's the 'God' of the Host Club.'

Kyouya was staring at her expectantly, that was her cue. With a sigh she started her lines. If she delayed any further, Kyouya would write her name in his notebook. An increase in her debt wouldn't kill her, but she would feel like it did.

"I'm hunting someone without a name, or face," she began. She tried to be as unemotional, but still intense, as possible, "Someone who believes he is on a righeous path. But by acting as a god, he himself has a become a criminal. I will capture Kira, if its the last thing I do."

From the adoring looks of her own designators, Haruhi assuemd she was doing a good job. 'Gotta keep it up, here comes the climax.' She and Kyouya faced each other and glared.

"L..." Kyouya growled

"Kira..." She growled in response.

"I. Am. JUSTICE!" They both shouted in unsion.

High-powered Motor

"Hahahahaaha!" Renge laughed as she ascended into the Third Music Room. She had shed her school uniform in favor something a little more...Gothic lolita. "Hahaahahaaha! Misa-Misa has arrived!"

She jumped off her platform and made a beeline for Kyouya. With a running leap she glomped onto him.

"Misa-Misa missed her Light!" Kyouya looked annoyed, frustrated, and a little disgusted. And none of it was acting.

Karou and Hikaru cackled as they watched Kyouya try, and fail, to remove Renge from around his waist. Their hair was dyed black and spiked up, and they wore red contacts, black wings, and black leather.

"Humans are so much fun." They said, and glanced over at Haruhi, "Just like toys."

At another table, Tamaki was facing an agonizing question of morality.

"Kira kills and killing is wrong, " he muttered, "but he only kills criminals and the crime rate has gone down as a result!" He crouched into a fetal positon and cradled his head in his hands. "Ahhh! What should I do?!"

He looked so pitiful that his customers felt compelled to fawn over and comfort him.

"Matsu!" Renge called, "Stop being such a worry-wort!"

Tamaki bolted up, a huge smile on his face, "Yes, Misa-Misa!" Once more Kyouya and Haruhi shared the same line,

"Matsuda, you idiot!"

Honey was playing with a number of dolls, and dice, and toy cars in a different area of the Third Music Room. Mori was watching over him. His cosplay consisted of bleached hair and spectacles.

"Light is too suspicous to be L," Honey said as he moved a car around a track, "his actions always lie too close to what Kira would do. Therefore, Light must be Kira!" He declared cutely, and his designators appaluaded. "But then who is the real L?" he looked around the room, "Could it be Haru-chan?"

"Honey-sempai," Haruhi said, "you're not supposed to use our real names right now."

"But I don't know L's real name." Honey protested, "The anime never revealed it."

Haruhi sighed and said. "It's Lawliet."

"It is? AH-HA!" Kyouya wiped open his notebook and scribbled rapidly across it. He finished by throwing his hand drmatically to the side.

Haruhi assumed she was supposed to fake a heart attack and so that's what she did.

"That wasn't necessary," Kyouya said, "All I did was add to your debt for breaking character."

Haruhi leaned up and protested, "But Honey-sempai did the same thing!" Which made Kyouya again write something in his notebook. Haruhi groaned and let herself drop back to the floor.

'Haruhi Fujika.' she thought, 'died on July 15, 3:34 PM. Cause of death: A cruel shadow king and insurmontable debt.'

Author's Note

-For those of you that hadn't noticed, the beginning is the english trailer for the show. It was a good place to start so I took it. DON'T POINT IT OUT!

-BTW, wolflorsa, you requested this cosplay and so I expect a review from you. I would like to know if this turned out the way you expected, and what could be improved. Give me your opinion. Please.