That Tuesday, Nami's mother came home from her trip. Nami was so happy to see her. It wasn't until after dinner, when Midori had gone home, that Nami asked if she could talk to her mother in private. She and her mother had always been very close, so it was no surprise to her mother that she wanted to tell her what had be happening while she was away. They sat by the koi pond when Nami's mother, realizing that something was troubling her, said

"What's wrong?"

"I found something out about myself a little while ago."

"Well that's good." Nami smiled. She didn't know why, but she did.

"I found out why I am in a school for benders, but still can't earthbend." Her mom looked over at her with curiosity. "Mom, I'm a waterbender."

"That's amazing." Her mom said.

"I don't know how or why, though"

"You know all those stories I tell you about your great-grandmother?"


"Though she wasn't a waterbender, there was waterbending in her bloodline, which has been passed on for generations down to you, I guess."

"I guess that makes sense…"

"Have you told your father?"

"Not yet."

"Do you want to, or should I?"

"I'll do it." Her mother smiled proudly as Nami stood up. She stood too and they both walked into the house together.

Nami told her father that she was a waterbender and explained to him why they were looking for those scrolls the other week.

"I knew you would tell me sometime soon."

"You knew?!"

"You made it too easy." He joked. Nami, her mother, and her father all laughed.

At lunch the next day, Nami told Midori that she told her parents and that her father had already figured it out.

"I was starting to think that he would have to be pretty stupid not to know." Midori joked. They laughed and sat down to eat. Botan, being happy to be back in power, got all of his idiot friends to join him in making fun of Nami for not being a bender. At first she didn't mind, but then it just started to get annoying. It was obvious he was just looking for easy prey to make sure everybody knew he was on top again.

"Leave her alone" Midori said, as she had been saying to them for last thirty minutes. Nami had even told her to just give up; nothing they said was going to make them go away. They finally gave up right before English class started. After English, they had bending class, where Botan got right back to challenging people to fight him. He finally got to Nami and said, as he always said,

"Hey Nami, want to have a bending bat- oops, I forgot, you're to weak to bend." Finally Nami got mad.

"You want a battle, well you've found one!" She said angrily.

They went outside to the arena to battle, the teacher as the referee. Everyone but Midori was confused at why someone who had never earthbent would accept someones challenge to a bending battle. Midori just smilied.

They faced eachother, and when Botan sent the first rock flying, Nami avoided it by stepping to her left. They moved in a circular motion of her dodging and him throwing more rocks until she could tell that he was starting to get tired. He was breathing heavily and was taking longer to send rocks flying. It was then that she avoided one last rock, spun around and pulled water out of the air. Her whole class gasped in amazement as she stood with a circle of water around her. She used the water to grab his leg and knock him over, then splashed in on him and turned it to ice, leaving him stuck to the floor. The class cheered and Botan cursed under his breath.

"Fucking Waterbending Bitch." He was mostly just mad that he had been beaten. Her teacher approached her and declared her the winner, then told her it was time to unfreeze Botan. The entire class laughed as he stormed off with his friends closely following.


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