Hey everyone! this is my first Fanfic so bear with me. I just randomly got the idea for a Maximum Ride/ CHERUB crossover and thought it would be awesome. Tell me if you want more :D


The wind tickled my wings and I was in a surprisingly good mood. I had actually agreed to play air tag with Nudge, Angel and Gazzy. Even Iggy joined in. Fang was deep in though (as usual) and had decided to fly ahead. It was his idea to go to London anyway. Yup that's right, we were going to London. We left Dr. … uh Mom's house and launched off into the air with no destination planned. That's when the O- talkative-one chimed in saying that we needed a break and should go to London because he's always wanted to go there. Well okay

Whooping, Gazzy darted up into the air

"IM IT! Your going DOWN Max!"

"In your dreams!" I laughed. We circled each other making cutthroat coments.

Then the nails came. Or what felt like nail. Millions of red hot nails. Pounded one by one into my skulll. Over and over again. My brian burned and ached wanting to explode out of my head. The pain was worse than anything I've ever felt. Oh please, I whimpered, just let me die. Rite now. End the pain.

Then I blacked out.

3rd person POV

Max's wings collapsed around her and she plummeted like a rock.

"guys what happened," Iggy asked, sensing something was wrong. Nudged snapped out of her momentary lapse and shot down after max as fast as she could muttering "wheres fang? Wheres fang? Wheres fang?"

"WHERE IS MAX!?" Iggy hollered, sounding madder than he ever had. Hes blind for crying out loud! Why doesn't anyone ever tell him anything.

"Max fell." Gazzy whispered.

"SHIT!" Iggy roared "GO GET FANG!" He flew down to max following the shift in air current that she left behind.

Nudge POV

Im almost there!

"Max don't worry ill catch you." i put on an extra burst of speed. The ground was looking pretty close right about now. I caught up to max and grabbed her in my arms. OMG SHES SO HEAVY. I felt myself being pulled closer and closer to the ground. I flapped my wings harder and hard trying to stay up.

"IGGY!" I yelled at the figure flying down.

"IGGY HELP! IGGY I CANT HOLD HER!" there was some kind of boarding school looking place right below me. Everyone was wearing different color shirts. There was a wall around it. It tried to pull Max over onto the other side of he wall. She'd kill me when she wakes up if someone found us.

If she wakes up.

I felt tears rolling down my face as I looked at the unconscious Max. Iggy showed up and snatched max out of my arms. He started murmuring curses under his breath. "Nudge her heart is abnormally fast. It never has been like this before. We have to set her down NOW." He launched over to an uninhabited place near the wall and laid her down carefully.

"Im so, so sorry max." he whispered so softly, I don't think I was supposed to hear that. So I backed up as Iggy talked to Max, while checking her pulse. I wiped away my tears. Usually Iggy comforted me when max had a brain attack while fang took care of her.