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"Kerry will you please shut up?" I rubbed my temples moaning and flopping onto my bed. She had been prattling on about how cruel and insensitive James had been towards Iggy and what a retard he was.

"Fine I'll leave then." Kerry's petit and muscular body swiveled around and she stalked out the door.

"Aw Kerry don't be like that!" I cried out running into the hallway. Kerry snapped around, her eyes blazing.

"James I don't know why I even put up with you." she said icily "Besides its plain obvious you fancy that new girl. I can't stand it. It's OVER." She spat out. I literally felt my heart drop. Why is it always me? Yeah that new girl was hot but Kerry was my girl. I ran over and spun her around capturing her lips with his.

"Ker, you know I love you." I whispered and proceeded to snog her. Kerry lips tasted so sweet and warm against mine. I hope she's not going to pull away and slap me across the face. I backed Kerry up into the wall and she slowly lifted her leg up mine and wrapped it around my waist. Oh yeah. Why do I ever even think of another girl? She entwined her fingers in my hair and I let out a little moan. She smirked and teasingly pulled away.

"You're too easy."

"Aw that's not fair! Hey where do you think your going?" She paused in front of my door.

"Movie?" That was code for 'put a movie on and snog our brains out'.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Nudge POV

There was nothing better than a hot shower. NOTHING. I mean kicking an erasers head off or finally taming my hair, even for a little while, is pretty amazing but a hot shower just over rules everything. Oo! A cd player! It had an iPod jack too but I don't have one of those, sadly. I wonder if there are any cds?

Opening a draw under the CD player there was a rack of CDs.

"Yessss." I hissed pulling out the first CD I saw and popping it in. A song came on that seemed vaguely familiar… OH it was on the radio! I love this song. Not that I new the title but I started singing along and dancing around my room drying off and pulling on my clothes.

"Boots with the furrr

The whole club was lookin' at her"

"She hit the flo

Next thing you know, shawty got low"

Whaaaa? That wasn't my voice? I spun around and leapt into a crouch. A blond haired girl about my age was standing there in her black Cherub shirt. Oh, not an eraser then.

"I love this song too." She grinned. "I'm Lauren."

"Hi, I'm Natasha. I like it too! I just came here. Cept I don't know what it's called I just heard it on the radio. I like your shirt, its black, that's so cool. You must be realllly skilled. I have a pretty good memory so that's how I can sing along if you were wondering. I love singing along to songs. It's so much fun don't you think?" I could practically feel Iggy's warm hand slapping me across the mouth. Lauren grinned at me.

"How old are you?"

"Twelve I think. I mean I know! Twelve yeah I'm Twelve."

"Sweet, I'm twelve too. You look a lot older."

"Yeah I get that a lot. You should see my older brothers and sister. They look ages older than they really are. Well their not actually my real brothers and sisters. They just act like it. We grew up together." In a cage… being prodded with needles… then with a traitor…

then on the run… My eyes started to prickle.

"Hey its okay." Lauren said hugging me. "We all had hard time before we came here, don't worry it'll get better." No, I think I win in the category of 'worst past'. Hehe. Winning makes me smile.

"Do you have a brother?" I asked

"Unfortunately," she rolled her eyes. "His name is James. I was actually on my way to see him when I decided to stop in."

"Oh! We met him before. With his girlfriend Kerry right? Wait is he on this floor too? Are you?"

"No I live on the floor above but James, Kerry, Bruce, Kyle and Gabrielle all live on this floor, those jammy gits."

"Jammy git, that's such a funny saying. I love British accents! They amuse me to no end." I laughed.

"Glad I'm to your fancy, I really have to see James now, care to join us?

"Yeah sure."

Maybe, just maybe Lauren and I could be best friends. I want to have friends more than anything.

We got to James's door and Lauren threw it open imidiatly clasping her hand over her eyes.

"Not again" Lauren whined. I peeked my head around the door and saw the reason for Laurens outbreak. Kerry was straddling James lap and was, as Max and Fang would say 'stuck to him like glue' (yes Iggy's hearing is that good. We know things) his hands were up her top and it seemed like they would suffocate on each other. I whispered to Lauren

"So is this like a regular thing?"

"Only when they're not screaming and yelling at each other. Most likely they were right before this sudden song fest." I giggled and they finally came up for air.

"Lauren bugger off!" James cried out. Kerry sheepishly crawled off his lap.

"Hi Lauren, hi Natasha."

"Are you guys done yet?" Lauren still had her hand over her eyes, most likely to tease her brother.

"Yes were done. What's this in aid of little sis."

"Kyle wanted me to come get you and tell you not to chicken out and come to the dojo at four. He said you were going to spar with this guy Nick. I always fancy you getting put in your place so I'll be there." James groaned and pulled himself off the bed.

"I guess we better get going then. Wouldn't want to disappoint my fans."

I looked right into his face.

"It's good you have lots of extra ego to spare"

"Come again?"

I shook my head. This James was going to get pulverized. I'm loving it. Ha-ha that's the McDonalds saying.

"Apparently you've never seen Nick fight." Turning Lauren and I walked out. She linked arms with me and we walked down the hall. Finally I had a non hybrid friend. I like this place!

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