Title: The End of Days
Author: Lady Yueh
Fandoms: Torchwood, Angel: The Series
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not my property and no infringement is intended.
Character(s): Owen Harper. Lilah Morgan
Author's Notes: For magicamethyst80's prompt which posed the question as to what would occur should Owen and Lilah meet. It was a challenge because I rather loathe both the characters.

Owen guzzles beer, racing to inevitable oblivion as quickly as he can swallow.

"Give me another," he demands of the bartender.

Who the fucking hell does Jack think he is? Fire me? He'd still be fucking stuck in the forties if it weren't for me!

"Buy you a drink?"

On any other night he'd take the stacked (and American) brunette on her transparent offer and shag her brains out. (Hell, he probably will anyway. After a few more beers.)

"Listen, sweetheart. I'm not in the mood but if you're that desperate come back in a couple bottles and I won't remember my arse of an ex-boss then, yeah?"

She arches a perfectly tweezed eyebrow. Probably one of those snobby rich bitches looking to step out on their husband for a night.

"Looks like he really screwed you over."

He grunts. "Bastard's wrong. He's putting everyone in danger and hasn't got a clue how to fix the problem. I put up a perfectly reasonable solution and the arsehole fires me!"

"Sounds like you should do something about that. I mean, if he's obviously endangering lives and ignoring advice--"

Owen's alcohol-hazed mind considers this suggestion and finds it to be a sound one.

"Yeah. S'not a bad idea. Thanks."

He stands and stumbles to the exit.

Lilah Morgan, smirking and victorious, pays his tab before leaving.