I awoke the next afternoon to the smell of coffee being made and breakfast being cooked. I felt my mouth water. I hadn't had coffee since the afternoon before the accident. This caffeine craving also made me realize that I hadn't had a cigarette since about the same time. Sitting up, I slid off of the couch and stood, my legs were shaky, but still steady. Walking into the kitchen, I saw the tall blonde man, Kisten, busying himself at the stove. He moved around the place with a grace that only said that he had used this kitchen to cook many times before. He froze when he saw me and offered me a cheerful smile.

"Good morning, love." He said with a horribly faked British accent. I just smiled back.

"Good morning to you too... Well, actually, good afternoon." I corrected. "Do you mind if I have some coffee?" I asked him, a hopeful tone in my voice.

"Sure, help yourself." So I did. He passed me down a coffee cup from the rack and I poured myself a cup from the carafe. Sitting at the table, I inhaled the fragrant aroma deeply. Letting out a soft, content sigh before taking a test sip. It was heavenly. Kisten gave a soft bark of laughter, startling me out of my coffee induced euphoria. I shot a glare his way and he just laughed harder.

"What?" I snapped the question at him. When he stopped laughing and caught his breath, he answered me.

"You gonna drink that coffee or have sex with it?" He just grinned, the contained laughter twinkling in his blue eyes. I just shook my head and took another sip of the coffee, instantly forgetting his priggishness with the new wave of caffeinated pleasure pulsing through me. Kisten put eggs, bacon and toast on tray with a cup of coffee. He then picked the tray up and smiled at me.

"Go ahead and help yourself to some food." He said, before turning on his heel and heading off toward Ivy and Rachel's rooms. I heard a door open and Kisten's cheerful "Good morning, sunshine!" and then Ivy's sleep slurred "What the hell?! Get out Kist!" Before I busied myself with filling my plate with food.

Sitting down at the large table, I began to eat. Trying to brush away the events on last night. The way Ivy's lips felt upon mine, the feel of her hands and her body pressed down upon me. Just the thought of the way she felt inside of me caused things low in my body to grow tight. I froze at the sound of footsteps coming to a shuffling halt in the doorway. I glanced up from my plate, seeing Ivy standing in the doorway looking sleep tousled and scrumptious in her gray silk teddy and matching half robe. My breath caught in my throat at the sight of her, as I smelled both of our pheromones mingling and felt my pupils begin to expand. She let out a soft gasp and advanced upon me, making me drop my fork and knife as she lifted me out of my chair and pressed me to the wall. Her lips had found mine, her hands fumbling to get under my shirt. I felt her hand upon my breast and released a soft moan against her lips, before I heard Kisten step into the room.

"Whoa! Hello! Where the hell is my camera?" He said and Ivy tore herself away from me to cast a glare at Kisten. She snarled, fangs bared, eyes completely black. It took me a second before realizing that Ivy was going to attack Kisten. I jumped into action, completely vamping out and wrapped my arms around Ivy's waist to lift her off of her feet. I then carried her into the living room, dumping her onto the floor to send her sprawling across the carpet in a crumpled silk mess.

I was panting heavily, fighting back the need to strike out at her. I fell to my knees, digging my fingers into the carpet to keep myself under control as Ivy pushed herself to a sitting position and just stared, wide-eyed at me. Her eyes were mostly back to normal from the shock of my actions and her chest was heaving with each of her heavy breaths, drawing my gaze down from her face to her neck, making my mouth water as I watched the pulse beat heavily in her neck.

Without realizing it, I was up on hands and knees and had already crawled a few feet closer to her. I continued to fight with my craving, pressing my forehead into the carpet and closed my eyes tight. Ivy scooted closer to me. Her voice was soft and concerned sounding to my ears.

"Sera? Are you alright? Do you need help?" She asked. I was only able to nod slightly. "Do you need to feed?" Another nod from me as I gasped. She slowly moved round me, keeping her distance until she was behind me and placed a hand upon my back. "Come on, sit up." She commanded, her voice and power goading me into action. "Will you behave if I let you feed enough from me to get yourself under control?" She had leaned into me, pressing her front to my back to whisper these words into my ear, lips brushing the soft shell of my ear, sending little spikes of pleasure through me. Already I could breath a little easier, but still didn't trust my voice not to shake so I nodded again. Oh, to taste her. I would be as obedient as I could (which isn't very, mind you), if only for this one little thing. "Do not feed until I say so." I went eerily still against her.

She held her wrist to my face, wrapping her other arm around me so that my arms were pinned to my side. She was doing all of this just to show her dominance over me, so that I would not disobey in any way. I let out a soft growl and her arm tightened around me. Ivy was stronger than me and I knew this, yet I still showed what little defiance I could against her. She let her wrist drift closer to my face, waving it under my nose to torment me. I let out a soft whimper, pleading with her. I kept silent otherwise, freezing as I heard Rachel's voice in the kitchen. She stepped into the livingroom and both Ivy and I turned to look at her. I felt my mouth water at the sight of her and the sense of her unclaimed bite. I broke free of Ivy and rushed the red head only managing to get halfway there before I was tackled to the ground, face being pressed into the carpet by Ivy's hands.

"Go into the sanctuary, Rachel." Ivy's voice was tight with the stress of having to hold me down. I managed to wiggle my head out of Ivy's grasp to see Rachel sitting frozen to the spot as her scar tingled.

"I... I can't." She managed, her voice a hoarse whisper. I knew a cruel smile split my lips, because Rachel's jade colored eyes widened in fear. I writhed under Ivy with a soft groan, trying to break free, wanting to go to Rachel and take her... To claim her as mine. Ivy's growl stilled me, but I still watched the fiery haired temptress.

"Kisten! Come get Rachel and take her into the sanctuary!" Ivy shouted. Kisten came in and turned Rachel around, trying to nudge her into the kitchen. When that didn't work, he picked her up and slung her over his shoulder and carried her out. Ivy pressed her body down upon me and whispered in that gray silk voice of hers. "That wasn't a very good idea. She's gonna be in a pissy mood once she comes out of that." She nipped my earlobe and I moaned, closing my eyes. "Now... Are you going to behave?" She asked. I nodded and she slid an arm under me, encircling my waist as well as pinning my arms to my sides. She lifted me with ease and sat back. "I'm going to let you go so that we can stand and then we are going to go into my room to finish this." I nodded once more, calming myself a bit.

Ivy stood and gave me a hand up. I walked into the kitchen and down the hall to Ivy's room on unsteady legs. She was behind me, hand upon my arm to keep me steady, also to keep me from bolting into the sanctuary, and set me down upon the bed before closing the door. She turned to me, her eyes flashing black for a second to show her nervousness, and moved to stand in front of me. I looked down and away from her, feeling ashamed for losing control like that in front of everyone. It was stupid of me. I was a practicing vampire, yes, but I didn't need blood to survive. It just kept me sane enough not to want to kill anyone who looked at me funny. Ivy's graceful fingers slid over my jaw before gripping my chin to lift my head, making me look at her. Her features softening with the look of caring taking over them. She smiled warmly and leaned down, pressing her lips against mine. Just the feel of her lips against mine set my heart racing. She then laid me down, doing more then just sating my bloodlust.