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Chapter One

Today was the day that Joey was suppose to meet the gang and they were going to go to the new Amusement Park down by the pier, but no one knew where Joey was. Duke and Tristan drove to his house by no one was there. Mai and Tea went to the Mall and asked if anyone had seen Joey at his usual hang out the Arcade but no one had see him. Now Mai was beginning to get really worried and she called the one person who might know where he was and that was Kaiba.

Seto was busy with some new video game the company was making and it wasn't a good time at all to disturb him, but Mai told his secretary that it was an emergency and when Kaiba said "What is it?" Mai nearly shouted at him for being such an asshole and then she asked "Have you seen Joey, we can't find him anywhere?"

Kaiba took a deep breath to keep from screaming at her and then he said "How the hell do you expect me to know where Wheeler is when we can't stand each other?"

Mai turned away from Tea so that she wouldn't hear what she was about to say and then she blasted him "Listen you ice prick, I happen to know that you and Joey meet up every now and then and I don't really want to know why so stop being such a jerk and just answer me please."

Kaiba withdrew his horns and said "Listen, I don't know where he is, but I'll have a few men try to find him. When I do what do I tell him?"

Mai then softly said "Well just tell him to get his damn ass to the Amusement Park ASAP." Then she hung up the phone and they went to find the others.

Yami and Yugi were talking through their link and Yami said "Listen I have a really bad feeling about all of this and I think that we need to call Bakura and Marik and ask for their help. Joey might be in real trouble and those two know some really shady people in Domino."

Yugi agreed with him and he said to the others "I think that maybe we should ask Bakura and Marik if they've seen Joey and if not we have to ask for their help. I know that Malik and Ryou will make them help so let's go over to Ryou's." Yugi called Mai and told her where they were going and she said that they meet them there.

Ryou opened the door and when he saw who was there he knew that it wasn't a social call and when Yugi told him why they were there he called out "Bakura get your fat ass down here now!"

Grumbling as he came down the stairs he stopped when he saw them and he was about to say something real nasty but Ryou stopped him when he said "Joey is missing and no one not even Kaiba knows where he is. I want you to go get Marik and try to find out where he is. If you don't then you know what'll happen right?"

Bakura looked daggers at Ryou who only smiled at him as he stormed out of the house on his way to Malik's. As he walked there he was thinking of ways to make Ryou sorry for this but he knew that he wouldn't really do anything to him.

When he knocked on the Ishtar's door and Ishizu answered the door, she had a shocked look on her face and she said "Something horrible has happened to Joseph Wheeler and Malik and Marik are trying to figure where he is and who's behind it all."

Bakura hurried inside and when he found them they both looked like someone had walked across their graves. "What the hell is going on?" Bakura asked.

Malik said "Sister felt something wrong with the alignment in the Cosmos and she called Shadi who confirmed that something was really wrong and it had to do with Joseph Wheeler, but neither of them knows where he is or who is causing all of this."

All of a sudden Marik went flying backwards and slammed into the wall and as he tried to get up he muttered something about "That god damned son of a bitch" then he passed out.

As Marik started to come to, Malik and Bakura hurried over and helped Marik to stand up and he looked at Bakura and he said "He's back and he's got others with him and it doesn't look good for Wheeler. We have to get there before they kill him, we have to call Kaiba and let him know and I know that he'll give us the best men for the job." Then he fainted.

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