At the insistence of Lily, the Potters went out for Halloween. James asked their secret-keeper, Peter, to baby-sit Harry while they were out. Once Peter found out he told his master right away. Voldemort came on Halloween to kill Harry but for some reason the curse bounced back at him and destroyed him along with half of the house.

James who felt the wards around their house fall told Lily and rushed back home. When they got there, they saw a green light and then an explosion that took out half of their home. They rushed home and saw Harry on the ground crying and Peter off to the side whimpering. Lily ran over to Harry and picked him up and tried to calm him down. James walked over to Peter and took out his wand and pointed it at saying "How dare you betray us Peter"

"Avada Kedavra" shouted James his wand pointed at Peter

The green jet of light hit Peter who instantly died. Right after he died James dropped his wand clutching his head in pain. Lily, who after calmed down Harry, notice this and ran over to him, asking "What's the matter James"

After a few moments the pain subsides and James lets go of his head and opens his eyes. In which Lily gasps exclaiming "James, your eyes, their different"

"Could it be" thought James

"What do they look like" asked James

"Your eyes are red and the pupil looks like a tri-bladed wheel" said Lily

"The Mangekyo Sharingan" whispered James

"The only way to receive it is to kill you best friend" he whispered again looking at Peter's dead body on the floor

He ran over to a mirror that wasn't broken in the explosion and looked in it seeing the Mangekyo Sharingan spinning back at him. "I wonder if I have the regular Sharingan as well" he wondered out loud

He concentrated a little and the tri-bladed wheel became three tomoe. "I do have it" he laughed

"Let's see if I remember any jutsu" he wondered out loud

James put his hands together in a hand seal and in a puff of smoke, he transformed in Severus Snape. Just then Sirius and Remus burst into the house with their wands drawn. In there they saw Lily holding Harry looking wide eyed at Snape who was in front of a mirror and Peter on the floor not moving. "What the hell are you doing here Snape" yelled Sirius pointing his wand at him

"This is a too good of an opportunity to pass up" thought James

"I was here to kill a traitor" said Severus

"You mean Peter" asked Remus

"Yes" said Severus smirking

"Reducto" yelled Sirius

A red beam of light came out of his wand and hit something causing smoke to appear. When it cleared there was a splintered log on the floor. "Aww, Padfoot, what did that log ever do to you" said James who was near Remus

"James" Remus exclaimed

"The one and only" said James

"Where did Snape go" asked Sirius

"He's…" began James as there was a puff of smoke

"Right here" finished Severus when the smoke cleared

"How the hell did you do that" yelled Sirius

There was another puff of smoke and this time Minerva McGonagall appeared saying "Watch you language Mr. Black and raise your hand when you to ask a question. Twenty points from Gryffindor"

There was another puff of smoke and Albus Dumbledore appeared this time saying "Now Minerva, don't you think that is a little unfair"

McGonagall appeared again saying "No, these boys need to learn discipline"

James changed back and started laughing at the look on everybody's faces. Remus was the first one to come back from his shock and asked "So you killed Peter"

"Yes" sighed James

"Why" asked Remus

"Because he was our Secret-keeper and betrayed us to Voldemort" said James

"So what do we do with Peter now" asked Sirius

"I will take care of that" said James

James formed some hand signs and shouted "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu" shooting a large fireball out of his mouth incinerating Peter's body

"I still got it" he said

"Are you ever going to explain how you do that" asked Remus

"I will explain everything when we get to Professor Dumbledore's office" said James

"Sirius, Remus, I want you to go though the house pack up everything that is salvageable" he said

"Where are we going James" asked Lily who finally broken out of her stupor

"To the village where I was born" said James

Professor Dumbledore's office

Dumbledore was busying doing paperwork when four people came shooting out of his Floo. "Mr. and Mrs. Potter, Mr. Black, Mr. Lupin, What are you doing here" asked Dumbledore

"Voldemort tried to kill Harry tonight, but it backfired and destroyed him. So I am taking my family to live in Konoha" said James

"This is good news that Voldemort is gone, but how will you get there? I thought you never activated it before you left" asked Dumbledore

"I killed Peter because he betrayed us to Voldemort" said James

"Ahh, now I see" said Dumbledore

"Are any of you going to explain what the hell is going on" yelled Sirius

"You haven't told them yet James" asked Dumbledore

"I was waiting until we got here to tell them" said James

"Have any of you ever heard of the Shinobi continent" he asked

"I think pass over it once, but it said it was only a myth" said Lily

"It's no myth since that was where I was born" said James

"And the place we are going to live since nobody will be able to find us there" he said

"So why didn't we go there in the first place" yelled Lily

"Because we couldn't" said James

"What do you mean" asked Lily

"You see, the entire continent is surrounded by a powerful ward. The only way to get into the ward is proving you belong there or with someone who belongs there" said James

"So how are going to get though it now" asked Lily

"With this" said James pointing to his eyes activating his Sharingan

"This is the kekkei genkai of my mother's clan, the Sharingan" he said

"How were you born on a continent everyone thinks is a myth" asked Remus

"You see my father found out about the Shinobi continent deep within some ancient archives and went to investigate" said James

"But how did he get in" asked Sirius

"I don't know, all he told me was he got in" said James

"During his journey around the continent, he came across Konoha, the strongest of the five shinobi nations. It was there he met my mother and fell in love with her. She was a member of the Uchiha clan and they are just as bad as the pureblood families. At first her father, the head of the clan, didn't approve of their relationship. But once he found out about our status in the magical world he approved it and they were married" he continued

"A few years later they had a baby, me. I grew up like any other child from a clan. I was trained to be a shinobi since I could walk. On my eleventh birthday Fawkes showed up with my Hogwarts letter. After my parents talked it over they decided to move back to the magical world for me to attend Hogwarts since I wasn't doing that good in the Shinobi Academy and haven't even activated my Sharingan yet" he finished

"Why are you remember all this now" asked Remus

"Yeah, when I met you on the train you seemed like all the other kids from pureblood families" said Sirius

"I mean our pranks would have been so much easier with those tricks you pulled back at the house" he continued

"I don't know. Maybe activating my Sharingan unlocked all my memories from Konoha that my parents must have sealed away" said James

"What are we going to do when we get there" asked Lily

"Well, when Harry gets old enough, he will start training to be a shinobi" said James

"What, Why" yelled Lily

"You know the prophecy, Voldemort is not dead and Harry is the one who has to kill him. Why do you think I was so good at Quidditch and such a good dueler? Even thou I don't remember it, my body remembered all the physical training and chakra control I did" said James

"Is that what they call magic" asked Remus

"Yes" said James

"And who knows, maybe Harry will do much better than me at the Shinobi academy and might even activate his Sharingan before he comes here" he continued

"Alright, when do we leave" asked Sirius

"Sorry, but you and Remus can't come" said James

"Why" yelled Sirius

"Because this will be like the Fidelius Charm, meaning we can't let anyone know. Your disappearance might raise suspicions" said Dumbledore

"Alright" said Sirius sighing

"So when are we going to go" asked Lily

"Tomorrow morning" said James

Tomorrow morning

Pacific coast boat dock

James and Lily walked into a shack next to a boat dock and James asked "I would like three tickets to the Shinobi continent please? Two adults and one child"

"Do you have proof you can pass the barrier" asked the clerk

James activated his Sharingan and the clerk said "Ahh, the Sharingan, who is coming with you"

"My wife and son" said James

"Where are you going" asked the clerk

"Konoha" said James

"Alright then, this portkey will take you a few miles from Konoha once you pass the barrier" said the clerk handing James a rusted pipe

"Thank you" said James accepting it

"Just hand this to the driver" said the clerk handing him a slip of paper

"Alright" said James taking the paper

They go outside to the boat and hand the driver the slip of paper who read it and said "Ahh, going back home I see"

"Yes" said James

"Well hop on board and we will be on our way" said the boat driver

James and Lily got on board and the boat took off towards the barrier. A couple of hours later the boat driver said "We are approaching the barrier, activate you Kekkei Genkai and make sure you all are holding onto the portkey"

James activated his Sharingan and took the portkey out and Lily grabbed onto it with one of Harry's hands. They passed though the barrier safely and disappeared.

A couple of miles from Konoha

James and Lily landed with a thump just a few miles from Konoha as the portkey disappeared. "Well we're here" said James

"In the middle of a forest" asked Lily after checking to see if Harry was ok after their landing

"Yep, that is why it is called the village hidden in the leaves" said James

After that, they proceed on their way to Konoha. An hour later they reached the gates and Lily saw two guards dressed in armor and wearing masks over their faces with swords strapped to their backs. One of them stepped forward and stated "State your name and purpose of visit"

"My name is James Potter and I have brought my family to asked the Hokage about becoming citizens of Konoha" said James

"You may enter, just head straight down the road to reach the Hokage tower" said the other guard

"Thank you" said James as he and Lily walked though the gates

Once though the gates Lily asked "Who were those men?"

"Those were ANBU, the villages' most elite shinobi" said James

As they were walking towards the tower James looked at the Hokage monument and saw four faces on it and said out loud "Wow, Minato really did it"

"What are you talking about James" asked Lily

"See those faces carved into the cliff; they were all the leaders of the village. The first two, the Shodaime and the Nidaime created the village, and then there is the Sandaime who was the leader when I left. The last one is the Yondaime who I remember as a hyperactive kid that went around yelling how he would be Hokage someday" explained James

After that they reached the tower and went inside. They went up to the top floor and the secretary let them in. Once inside James said "Hey…"

He looked at the old man at the desk exclaimed "Sarutobi-sama what are you doing here, I thought Minato was the Hokage now since his face was on the Hokage monument"

"Unfortunately he died to defeat Kyubi when it attacked the village last year" said Sarutobi

"Oh" said James sadden

"Now who are you" asked Sarutobi

"You don't remember me, it's me, James Potter" said James

"Is that really you James" asked Sarutobi

"Yep" said James

"So I guess you activated it then. So who is this with you" asked Sarutobi

"This is my beautiful wife Lily and our son Harry" said James

"So I guess you came to live here correct" asked Sarutobi

"Yes" said James

"I will summon Fugaku then" said Sarutobi

"He's the Clan head now" asked James

"Yes" said Sarutobi

Some time later Fugaku came storming in asking "What do you want Hokage-sama"

"A relative of your showed up and asked to live on the Uchiha estate" said Sarutobi

"Who" asked Fugaku

"Hello Fugaku" said James

"You" yelled Fugaku

"What are you doing here? I thought you left with my disgrace of a sister since you could never activate your Sharingan" he continued

James just smirked and activated his Mangekyo Sharingan as Fugaku gasped "The Mangekyo, but how"

"One of my best friends betrayed me to my enemy who tried to kill my son. It backed-fired and killed him instead and when I got home I found my house destroyed and my friend on the ground. So I killed him and got it" said James

"Even if you have the Mangekyo, I still won't let you on the Uchiha estate" said Fugaku

"Damn, I didn't want to use this. But I guess I have to" thought James

"You know Fugaku; my son here is the only one to ever survive a technique that instantly kills you when you get him by it. Just think, if he can do that at one year old, who knows what he could do when properly trained" said James

After Fugaku thought it over he said "Fine, you can stay, but your son better as good as you say he is"

"He is" said James

"If that is all, I will be leaving" said Fugaku leaving

After he left Lily yelled "Why did you do that"

"My cousin is just like all the pureblood families back home. All they care about is money and power" said James