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Outside the Room of Requirements Harry heard the door unlock and he went inside. He saw Naruto and Hinata surrounded by red chakra before it went back into their bodies.

"Now that Hinata has Kurama's chakra, she should be able to see her Animagus form" said Harry

Both Naruto and Hinata were startled and let go of each other. They turned around and saw Harry standing there.

"Harry" growled Naruto

"Did you have to do that" he asked

"Yes" said Harry nodding his head

"We couldn't start our Animagus training until Hinata saw her form" he explained

"And that was the only way she could see it" he finished

"Really" asked Hinata

Harry just smiled and gave her the potion vial. Hinata took it and drank it down. She went into a trace and soon came out of it saying "I'm a kitsune with eight tails"

"How did you know that would work" asked Naruto

Harry just handed them the letter and they both read it. They were both blushing once they finished reading it. "Oh" said Naruto

"Now we can begin our Animagus training" said Harry

He left to go send a letter to his parents saying that it worked.

The next day James came and they went to the Room of Requirements.

"Now that you have seen your forms it's time to go to the next step" said James

"You have to research your form until you know it inside and out" he said

"That way you will know how to transform into it" he added

For the rest of Christmas break, Naruto and Hinata spent most of their time talking with Kurama while Harry researched Phoenixes in the library.

On the last day of Christmas break James started them on the actual transformation. "Now that you know your forms inside and out, its time to start the actual transformation" said James

"You start out transforming something small like your hand and move on from there adding a little bit more each time until you complete the transformation" he explained

"After you complete the transformation for the first time, you work on making it faster until you can do it instantly" he finished

All three of them nodded their heads.

"But you are not allowed to do this while I am not here" said James

"I need to be here in case you get stuck so I can change you back" he said

They all nodded their heads at that.

After Christmas break was over, classes started again. During Quidditch practice one time Wood told them that Snape was going to referee their next match.

"Maybe Snape was trying to protect me after all" thought Harry

"This could be just his way of doing it this time" he thought

After practice was over Harry found Naruto and Hinata and told them what happened. "So Snape was trying to protect you after all" said Naruto

"That is what I thought" said Harry

"That means it was Quirrell after all" said Hinata

When they went back to the common room Ron and Hermione ran up to them. "We found Flamel" exclaimed Hermione

"We already know about the stone" said Naruto

"We figured it out right after Hagrid told us about Flamel" said Harry

"Why didn't you tell us" shouted Ron

"You didn't ask" said Naruto smiling

When the Quidditch match came Harry used his Sharingan and quickly found the Snitch and Gryffindor won before anyone had a chance to do anything. In the stands, Malfoy and his two guards tried to come over to where Harry's friends were. But they were scared away by Naruto using some of Kurama's chakra.

It was after Easter while they were in the library that they saw Hagrid hiding something behind his back. Hinata looked at it with her Byakugan while Harry asked "What are you doing here"

"Nothing" said Hagrid quickly

"You are not still looking for Flamel are you" he asked

"We found out about him right after you told us about him" said Harry

"I got to go" said Hagrid as he quickly left

"What was he hiding Hinata" asked Naruto

"A book on how to care for dragons" said Hinata

"But dragons are illegal" said Ron

"It's even illegal to breed them" he said

Naruto, Hinata, and Harry left the library and headed down to Hagrid's hut. They saw all the windows were closed and covered up. They knocked on the door and were hit by a blast of heat as Hagrid opened it.

"What are you doing here" asked Hagrid

"We wanted to asked you how you got a dragon egg" said Harry

"Come in quickly" said Hagrid

They went inside, which was boiling, and saw the egg in a roaring fire in the fireplace.

"How did you get it" asked Harry

"I won off a guy I met down at the pub" said Hagrid

"Did you know who he was" asked Naruto

"No" said Hagrid shaking his head

"He kept his hood up to the whole time" he added

"How did he know you could take care of it" asked Harry

"I told him about all the animals I have taken care of, especially Fluffy" said Hagrid

"Did he seem interested in Fluffy" asked Naruto

"Of course he was interested in Fluffy" said Hagrid

"How many three headed dogs do you know of" he added

"I told him the trick is to know how to calm them down" he said

"With Fluffy, all you have to do is play some music and he will go right to sleep" he said

His eyes widen as he saw Naruto, Hinata, and Harry quickly leave his hut. "I should not have said that" said Hagrid

Naruto, Hinata, and Harry were running back to Hogwarts. Along the way Naruto said "That must have been Quirrell under that cloak"

"He now knows how to get past Fluffy" he said

"We need to get rid of that egg and keep an eye on Fluffy" said Harry

"I can use Kage Bunshin to keep an eye on Fluffy" said Naruto

Harry nodded as he said "We will deal with the egg tonight"

That night after everyone went to sleep, Naruto, Hinata, and Harry henged into ANBU and ran down to Hagrid's hut. Naruto ran into the hut and came out with the egg that Hinata destroyed with an overly powered Juken strike. Harry then got rid of the remains before they disappeared.

The next day Naruto created a Kage Bunshin and had it keep an eye on Fluffy.

Nothing happened to Fluffy until after the final exams were over. They were outside when Naruto felt his current Kage Bunshin dispel as he saw someone go into the Fluffy's room.

"It's time" said Naruto

Both Harry and Hinata nodded as they ran back to the Gryffindor dorm. They ran up to their rooms and changed into their shinobi clothes before coming back down.

"Let's go" said Harry

Both Naruto and Hinata nodded as they disappeared. They reappeared at the Forbidden corridor as Hinata looked inside with her Byakugan. "Fluffy is asleep and there is a harp playing itself" said Hinata

"Keep an eye on the harp Hinata" said Harry

Hinata nodded her head as they opened the door and crept inside. Naruto and Harry moved Fluffy's paw as Hinata opened the trap door and they all jumped in. They stuck to the sides with chakra as Harry asked "What is down there Hinata"

Hinata looked down and said "Some sort of plant"

Harry formed some hand signs as he thought "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu"

He shot a large fireball from his mouth that destroyed the plant. All three of them then dropped down to the floor and went into the next room.

They came into a tall room with keys flying all around.

"Looks like we need to catch the right key to open the door" said Harry

"We should look for one with a damaged wing since it has been used already" said Hinata

Naruto and Harry nodded their heads as they brought out their brooms. "You two keep it busy while I catch it" said Harry

Naruto and Hinata nodded their heads as they shot into the air. Harry found the key with his Sharingan and pointed it out to Naruto and Hinata. They both shot after it and kept it busy until Harry could catch it. They then landed on the ground and put their brooms away. Harry then unlocked the door before going into the next room.

They came into a room with a life-size chess set. Instead of bothering with the chess set, they just ran up the wall, across the ceiling, and back down the wall before going through the door.

They came into a room with a large mountain troll that appeared to be knocked out. Hinata ran over and made sure it wouldn't get up again before going into the next room.

As they came into the next room black fire shot up in front of the exit as purple shot up behind them.

"Now what" asked Naruto?

"I think one of those potions will get us through the fire" said Hinata pointing at them

Harry picked up the scroll next to the potions and started reading it. He then looked at all the bottles and picked up the smallest one. "I think this one will get us through the black fire" said Harry holding up the bottle

"But how can it still be full if Quirrell has already been through here" asked Hinata looking at it

"Maybe it's charmed to refill itself" said Harry shrugging his shoulders

"I will go first" he said drinking it

He shivered a little before saying "See you on the other side"

He then ran through the black fire. Naruto was next to go through the fire followed by Hinata.

Once they were all through, Harry took out his Invisibility cloak and gave it to Hinata. "You take him out while I distract him" said Harry

Hinata nodded her head and put on the cloak.

"You stay hidden Naruto in case anything bad happens" said Harry

Naruto nodded his head as they walked into the room.

Harry saw Professor Quirrell standing in front of a mirror muttering to himself.

"Hello Professor Quirrell" said Harry

Quirrell turned around and saw Harry standing there. "Potter" growled Quirrell

"You don't seem surprised to see me" he said

"I knew it was you after Snape decided to referee that Quidditch match" said Harry

"You cannot stop me" proclaimed Quirrell

"I don't have to" said Harry smiling

Quirrell had a confused look on his face as Hinata's arm appeared and destroyed Quirrell's heart with a Juken strike. Quirrell then fell to the ground dead.

"Good job" said Harry

Hinata smiled a little as she took off the cloak and gave it to Harry. He took it and put it away.

A black mist started rising out of Quirrell's body as Naruto yelled "LOOK OUT"

Two chakra tails shot out and grabbed Harry and Hinata before pulling them back. Naruto slashed hand forward shooting out a charka claw that destroyed the black mist. It let out a high pitch scream as it was destroyed.

"Thank you Naruto-kun" said Hinata hugging Naruto

Naruto returned it asking "Are you alright Hinata-chan"

"I'm fine" said Hinata smiling

"What was that" asked Harry

"I don't know" said Naruto

"Kurama just said that it was evil and needed to be destroyed" he said

"Where is the stone" he asked

"I think it is in the mirror" said Harry

Naruto punched the mirror and broke it. But he didn't see any stone.

"I don't see the stone anywhere" said Hinata looking around

"I don't think that is was how you were supposed to get it" said Harry

"Oh well" said Naruto shrugging his shoulders

"It's probably better off this way anyways" he said

Kurama's chakra went back into Naruto's body as they found a door in the back and went through it.