Hi guys! Yes, this just popped up in my mind so I just had to do this one! I'm having a blast whit it... Anyway, I hope you will like it cause I do. And yes;
Kakashi/Kiba/Naruto x Hinata, who will the poor girl end up with? No slash in this one. (At least not one of Hinatas guys) Enjoy!


Part I

It had been such a wonderful dream, why did it have to end so abruptly? Sitting up in his bed, he swiftly dragged the kunai he had hidden under his pillow and hit the clock dead on smashing it to pieces. Yet another clock he couldn't stand, he would have to go buy a new one today. Massaging his temples, he sighed in irritation. He just knew that he would regret waking up today, and even more so that he did not stay in bed. Getting up, he maneuvered over all the junk that was occupying the floor. Not that he cared, cleaning up had never been his thing really. And who would care? No one really visited him anyway so who cared?

Taking a quick shower, hoping in vain it would wash away some of his daily irritation, he found himself even more irritated. Lately, he had found himself feeling angry and frustrated and even more frustrating was that he had no clue to why. Nothing had changed, everything was as it used to be. Drying himself, he felt a numbness that he could not explain. Throwing the towel away, he heard a crash as it took a chair with it in its fall. He couldn't help but chuckle at himself. Had he really thrown that towel so hard?

Putting on his chunin clothes, he stopped momentarily to look at himself in the mirror. He was Kakashi Hatake, the famous copy ninja and currently very tired of his life for no apparent reason. Ruffling his hair, he put his mask and forehead head protector on like he used to. Few people had seen him without his mask, and he could also careless about it. Heh, Naruto had tried everything in the book to see him without it. Sakura and Sasuke had accompanied him of course, even then they had not succeeded… He wondered if Naruto still had some plan up his sleeve.

He vaguely hoped so, then at least he would have something entertaining today. He left his house, strolling down to his usual place, The Lotus, where he indulged in some breakfast. He was one of many chunin regulars, not bothering to make their own food in the morning. In other words, the more lazy ones like Kakashi himself. He spotted his usual place, and took a seat. Right on time, precisely. Kakashi sighed in boredom and took out his Icha Icha Paradise. Maybe, his favorite book series could cheer him up? Sadly, it seemed the book began to lose it's charms, and he couldn't for the world guess why. The quality and the intriguing details sure hadn't gone down, more like the opposite.

"Yo, Kakashi."

Kakashi put down his book, lazily waving towards the woman standing in front of his table. She gave him a smirk as she sat down. Hana Inuzuka, the veterinarian whom had made it her morning ritual to join him and Ebisu in their perverted conversations. At first, they had been surprised to see that she was just as sexually open as they were and the three actually got along perfectly well. At least when it came to their favorite topic… Kakashi continued to read where he had been.

"Hana …You're early. Ebisu always managed to get here before you."

She chuckled and drew out a magazine, flashing it with a grin.

"The new number of 'Sweets' are out so naturally, he's trying to get a hand on a copy…"

Kakashi couldn't help but smirk and put his book down, starring at the cover. A very nice looking woman was pressing some man at her chest, with a rather seductive expression. He chuckled. Maybe, he had been wrong; this day might not be so bad anyway. At least the breakfast could be at least somewhat entertaining.

"Well, he'll definitely show up soon and no doubt with a copy holding it for his dear life. So tell me, do I even dare to ask how you got a hand on that copy?"

She just smirked and put the magazine back into her bag.

"Well, I am a woman and certain attributes are useful when you're doing business with the opposite sex. That is, if you haven't already noticed that I am a woman…"

Kakashi gave her a look. It was like a little contest between them, trying to get under the others skin either with sarcasm or plain sexuality.

"I know that, but sometimes I wonder if you really weren't born as a male. Have you cleared that with your parents?"

She only chuckled in response, and gave a wave to Ebisu as he finally showed up. Sitting down quietly, Kakashi noticed the faint blush on his comrades cheeks.

"I see you got yourself a copy."

Ebisu looked up in surprise, then he smiled sheepishly.

"Ah, Kakashi. I don't know how you pick things up…"

Hana gave him a look.

"Well, it could be the fact that your still blushing or that I told him."

He chuckled.

"True. So, Kakashi, getting a copy for yourself?"

A waitress showed up, and put down their usual breakfast. That was one good thing with The Lotus, they learned after awhile and you never had to put down the energy to order something. Kakashi pulled down his mask a little and sipped on his coffee.

"Don't feel like it."

Hana blinked then she bursted out laughed, almost spilling her own coffee.

"Eh?! Seriously, you're not getting one? Man, is it just me or are you loosing that pervert in you? Jirayia would be devastated if he knew…"

Kakashi just shrugged as he munched on his piece of bread and continued to read. After that, the breakfast went by smoothly as it used to be with the traditional gossip. Hana weren't just there for her favorite topic, she was also spreading the gossip forward to them. Kakashi always enjoyed to hear what the women really thought of the men in Konoha, and he had used his knowledge to his advantage several times to enjoy himself. He also enjoyed to hear what Kiba usually told her about his former students.

"So Naruto said that? Maybe he's finally growing up…"

Ebisu snorted.

"If he really plans to become hokage he still has a long way to go…"

Hana patted him on the back.

"Sure, Ebisu. It's cute that you think you know what it takes."

Kakashi smirked as the two got in an argument as to who knew best. Ebisu might train Konohamaru, but Kakashi doubted he really could predict the next hokage. He cast a look at his watch and stood up, putting some money on the table.

"Yo, see you tomorrow."

Walking out on the arguing duo, he slowly walked down the street towards the hokages office. He felt like nothing, that annoying numbness taking over again. Damn, what the hell was wrong with him? As he walked in on the smaller street, he caught site of four familiar figures ahead. Ino, Hinata, Sakura and Lee. He couldn't help but feel a bit curious, they seemed to be engaged in an interesting conversation. He inched closer, carefully, not to make himself noticed. Interesting indeed.


Sakura couldn't believe how lucky they was. She had meet up with Ino and Hinata to head off to Tsunade, and they had meet Lee. The girls had, or at least her and Ino, planned to finally find out what the guys thought about them and Lee was the perfect victim to pry it out off if she could use her charms on him. He did after all, still like her.

"Aww, come on Lee. Tell us! Who is it Kiba has his eyes on?"

Lee was apparently very nervous at the intense attention he was receiving at the moment and his actions betrayed him as his eyes darted towards Hinata. Ino made victory sign towards Hinata, flashing grin at her shy friend whom blushed.

"Go Hinata! I knew it! He's kinda hot, you should forget about Naruto…"

Hinata blushed harder and looked down at the ground.

"I… I don't…"

Sakura laid a hand on her shoulder.

"We must have a girl night, how about The Lotus tonight? And Hinata, you must tell us if you really want Naruto or not! And Lee, if you so much as breathe about this…"

He quickly swore on his honor that he would stay silent, clearly remembering that time Sakura had pummeled a guy twice her size when he had made an 'unhealthy' suggestion. As a reward, both Ino and Sakura smashed a kiss on each of his cheek at the same time. He blushed so hard that Hintata couldn't help but giggle. Sakura motioned for Hinata as well.

"Come on, you should kiss him on the mouth really."

It was not Hinata that began to stutter, it was Lee. Finding some confident in Lees nervousness, Hinata walked up to him and gently kissed him on his mouth. If possible, he blushed harder. She smiled gently at him.

"Thank you, Lee."

Ino grinned.

"Aww… You're almost cute Lee. We really should thank you more… thoroughly. "

Sakura couldn't help but laugh when she and Ino shared a look. It wasn't that Lee was the most attractive guy, far from it. It was just that it would make the other guys drop dead in shame that Lee got it first. And if he got a makeover, he would surely look more hot… Ino gave him a predatory smile.

"Lee… Are you free tomorrow night?"

In his state, he only managed to nod. Ino gave Sakura a nod.

"Good. You're coming with us tomorrow. And Hinata, you too. Let's watch a movie, how about that?"

Lee let out a breath of relief, not recognizing the danger behind the casual suggestion. Sakura and Ino were practically rubbing their hands in victory while Hinata paled.

"So… Shikamaru is clearly into Temari no doubt… Chouji… No idea. Who does Sai like???!"

Lee shrugged, but seemed to be slightly uncomfortable at the mention of Sai.

"I don't know… His youthful ways are really unclear…"

Sakura and Ino starred at eachother.

"Maybe he swings both ways, but I have seen him cheek girls out so… Hell, I got to find out who he likes! Sakura, we have a mission!"

Hinata couldn't help but giggle. They all froze however, as a familiar voice playfully greeted them.

"Yo! Your conversation sounds very interesting… Mind if I join in?"

All blushing, none could muster a word. Kakashi smirked under his mask as he catually brought his book out again.

"Sai is currently experimenting, and is now checking the guys out as well. I know that for a fact, I was one of his targets yesterday. Now however, it seems Sasuke is the one he has his sights on."

Sakura and Inos eyes bulged.


Kakashi gave them an amused look, as Lee looked like he wanted to throw up right now. He couldn't help but chuckle.

"Well, it really shouldn't come as such big surprise. He is after all, trying to find himself. You of all should know that Sakura."

Sakura couldn't help but stare at him, the bastard. He was so enjoying himself. Although, she had to admit that she was a little relieved as well. Kakashi had seemed a little more irritated these days... They all entered the office, and when they meet the hokage, she deadpanned that there were no missions for them and they left, neither disappointed nor happy. Kakashi gave them a lazy wave and disappeared, saying he had to meet Gai which resulted in Lee following him.

Sakura glanced at Hinata, and nudged her. The girl yelped, and Ino peered at her curiously as well.

"Hinata… You've been blushing all the time. Are you really that shy? Or are you just exciting for tonight? Or rather, tomorrow…"

Hinata fidgeted slightly, stammering.

"Well… I… I… Suppose… I'm shy… But…"

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms enveloped her and even Sakura and Ino were surprised. Kiba had his usual smirk on, but there was a different feel in his eyes as he held into Hinata. Ino hid a smile under her hand, while Sakura just blinked and smirked knowingly.

"Hey Hinata, got us any missions today?"

Poor Hinata couldn't help but blush, and she closed her eyes in embarrassment now the she knew Kiba liked her.

"N-no… Nothing today."

"Hey guys!"

Sakura raised an eyebrow since Naruto showed up, being his usual over the place self. She couldn't help but notice that Kiba seemed to tighten his grip around Hinata just a bit. What's more, she could have sworn Naruto took a double take at them. Hinata blushed again, and Ino and Sakura shared looks of sympathy. Time to rescue the girl. Ino made a sensual gesture in a teasefull way towards Kiba.

"Are you gonna hug Hinata the whole day? Man… You wanna bed her that badly?"

He quickly let go of her, and blushed while he glared at Ino.

"Hey, no fair! Don't say such things!"

Naruto smirked at him.

"Yeah Kiba… You're such an animal. Sure Akamaru isn't the real master?"

While the two looked in a glaring contest, the girls snuck away, Hinata safely sandwiched between Ino and Sakura.

"Hey, let's get Tenten ok?"


As he left with the green clad Lee Rock, Kakashi couldn't help himself musing over their conversation. It had been interesting indeed… He found it had sparked a curiosity in him, suddenly he was very curious as what their thoughts were on him. He glanced over his book down toward Lee, who was in his own world for the moment. Maybe, this was what he needed. He could indulge himself in something, it was just like having a mission just that it would concern him.

"Hey Lee… Do they ever talk about us oldies?"

If Lee had expected Kakashi to say something, he had not expected that! He stumbled, and when he looked up at Kakashi he clearly had a look on his face that said: Why me?

"Ehrm... I don't know."

Kakashi looked at him directly. How would he sneak this in without being overly serious? Maybe…

"Well, technically, if they thought Gai was handsome, wouldn't they think you were to? You do resemble each other right?"

Lee seemed to consider it for a moment, before he rammed his right fist in his left hand in determination.

"Yosh! I will find out tomorrow when we shall indulge ourselves with movies and popcorn!"

Kakashi nodded.

"Do tell me afterwards… Maybe I could be of some assistance. I know Sakura rather well."

Using every advantage he had, Kakashi nodded to himself. He couldn't believe how smooth it had gone and he found himself rather satisfied with him. Lee seemed to have gained a newfound strength, and had a sprung in his steps. Heh, what would Gai say? He frowned.

"Lee… Don't tell Gai. I got a feeling…"

Lee just nodded, mumbling something Gai had told him apparently. Kakashi went back to his reading, but his mind still wandered. He would go to The Lotus tonight, he simply couldn't miss this opportunity. The question was whether or not he would go himself… He couldn't bring Hana, she would be overly sarcastic and tamper in his business, she was more suited like his breakfast companion. Besides, he didn't know how much she would tell Kiba if Hinata said anything about him.

Kakashi froze and glanced at Lee. Could he bring Gai? Hhmm… He smirked under his mask.

"Yosh! Lee, youre here as well? Good, then we shall train afterwards! Do the warm up. Kakashi. Before we start…"

Kakashi gave him a sly look, knowing perfectly well what was coming next.

"…I must insist we decides our next…"


Gai blinked, and before he could say anything, Kakashi interjected.

"I'll set the rules until then. Let's meet up at The Lotus."

Gai struck a nice guy pose.

"YOSH! By the flame of youth, tonight it is! I shall beat you, if not I will…"

Kakashi smashed his book shut.

"Save it for tonight. Let's start, I have the unfortunate luck of having to buy a new alarmclock."

Smirking for himself, Kakashi couldn't believe how easy it was too get the spandex duo to do what he wanted. Gai would be so down when he realized that he played a higher game where he was the only winner… He would get his old self back, and by that, getting his old perverted self going again…


Hinata sighed in defeat as she was placed in front of the mirror. Ino spread out the makeup, casting a quick look at Tenten.

"What do ya think Tenten? Purple?"

Said girl nodded, taking a closer look at the blushing Hyuuga girl. Sakura also nodded.

"I agree… But take the dark one, I don't think that eye shadow will go with the dress I picked out. Hinata, you're gonna wear this."

Gulping, Hinata turned her head to see the dress Sakura was holding up. She paled visibly, nearly chocking on her breath. It was simple plain tight black dress in slinky material, very short but not extremely and it had thin straps. It was sexy yet sophisticated. Hinata knew they were going to force into it, so she barley nodded. Sakura gave her a smile, and picked a similar dress but in white. While Tenten began applying the mascara on Hinata, Ino raged through the wardrobe.

"Should we all pick dresses or what?"

Tenten shrugged.


Hinata sighed.

"I can't believe I let you talk me into this…"

She blushed. Again. Even though she had gotten over most of the stuttering, she was still very shy. Which the others found adorable. Ino gave her a grin.

"We look after each other, you should use your shape a bit more. You can get out a lot from it. So what do ya think about this one?"

She was holding a very dark blue short dress, with a completely bare backside and it had a halter neck with thin straps.

"Yeah, I'll take this one… With some juicy jewelry around the wrist…"

Sakura snorted.

"Ino, you really have a thing for diamonds right? Just marry a big one don't you? Geez, it's really stereotype that girls loves diamonds you're just an exception."

Ino ignored her and went over to the drawer were she indeed pulled out a juicy armband with diamonds. Even Sakura had to admit that she liked it. Ino flashed her a grin.

"Very nice…"

Sakura walked over to Tenten, taking over the job of fixing Hinata.

"Come on Tenten, get a dress."

Tenten actually surprised by choosing a red dress, just like Hinatas except for the back where you had to tie the dress together like a corset. Ino nodded.

"Good, but you have to lose those buns…"

Tenten sighed but obeyed. Her hair cascaded down, slightly curly. Ino nodded in approval.

"Were just gonna straight it out and Neji will be in for the surprise of his life tonight."

The other girls smirked while Hinata yelped.

"The… The guys will be there!!??"

They laughed at her expression.

"Hehehe… Well yes but they will come later so don't worry. Couldn't resist to tell Kiba, and when I mentioned you would come he told me he would take the others with him. I'm gonna take a picture of his expression when he sees you in a shortie…"

While the girls finished, they couldn't help but embarrass Hinata several times. When they headed for The Lotus, Hinata was continuing to blush and kept dragging the skirt down. Sakura patted her on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, you'll soon forget about the dress and think of other things! You think Sasuke will be there?"

Ino winked at her.

"Still haven't let him off the hook? I bet he'll end up with Sai… Wouldn't mind joining them though."

Walking in, they nodded in satisfaction. They had never been there, the place was fairly new and slightly more expensive. It was no wonder the elite ninjas often came here, the place was for a loss of words neat. Going in royal blue colors with some purple, it had a warm and cool atmosphere suited for every time. The girls chose to sit on the higher plane (which was one meter up from the ground floor), where blue satin pillows where placed on the floor with lower tables.

Tenten smiled as she looked around.

"It's perfect. We should go here every Friday!"

Ino nodded in agreement.

"Shame they don't have a nightclub though. How about it, we should go on later so we can dance. I really feel like it tonight. We should tease the guys."

Hinata said nothing, starring down into her lap. They ordered some drinks, and a big chicken salad made for four persons. Tenten sighed as she twirled her beer.

"You guys really think Neji likes me?"

Ino gave her a grin as she sipped on her Sex on the beach.

"Are you kidding? He's always ogling you when he think no one sees. Hinata, you must have heard him jerk off and said her name right?"

Hinata chocked on her gin and tonic and she looked like she was about to pass out this time. Blushing hard, she nodded quickly.


Tenten blushed but couldn't keep a silly smile from her face. Sakura laughed and took a gulp of her rum and coke. Little did the girls know that a certain silverhaired man was listening in on their conversation at the moment since they arrived. Tenten snapped out of her stupor and gave Sakura a look.

"So, what are you gonna do if you won't go for Sasuke? Lee or Kakashi?"

Sakura chocked on her drink and gasped for air as she blushed.

"Are you insane!!?"

Ino laughed.

"Well, Lee might actually be good looking when we are done with him so who knows? And come on, you have to admit Kakashi is hot! I would do him any day."

Hinata blushed, Tenten starred at Ino and Sakura was at a loss for words. Ino gave them a frustrated look.

"Come on! You must have thought so too! I mean, you almost meet him every day before! Are you really saying you never thought about it? You did admit that you thought of Naruto once…"

Sakura raised her hands in defeat.

"Ok you win. He is hot. If it weren't for that book of his he would be perfect… I saw him without a shirt sometimes, oh man…"

Ino leaned closer, a big smile on her face. Tenten gave them a look and took a gulp of her beer. Hinata was just starring at them.

"He was nice no?"

Sakura nodded.

"Oh yeah… Even better looking than Sasuke actually… And I say that even though I haven't seen him without his mask!"

Ino got a dreamy look.

"Hinata! You think he's hot to right?"

She blushed.


Tenten bursted out laughing.

"I really wonder what the guys would say if they they heard us now! Hehe, and what would Kakashi do?"

Sakura shivered.

"He would rub it in our face that's why. He loves to play mind games."


Kakashi couldn't believe his ears. At first, the conversation had taken an rather innocent turn… And then they had began to talk about him! It was like there was higher power that just loved to play everything in his hands right now… He tensed when the question glided over to Hinata. Interesting… The shy girl who never made herself known, what did she think about him? He found himself especially curious when it came to her.

He took a closer look at her, like he was looking at her for the first time. She had curves right, which she finally showed off in that black mini dress. Her hair was out like usual, but the makeup added a nice flare to her. He had never seen her with makeup before, it suited her well but she was cuter without it. It dawned on him that he knew the least about her. He had to know more, it wouldn't do that he knew all about the other girls and nothing about her.

Gai came sneaking back, whispering to him.

"Hey Kakashi, what was the challenge again?"

He sighed tried to explain again. When Gai disappeared again, he found himself dumbfounded as he stared at the girls, now standing. His eyes fixed on a certain Hyuuga girl, and a certain feeling was beginning to take shape in his groin…


When they had finished the salad and ordered more drinks, the guys showed up. Kiba, Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji, Sasuke took a seat at their table and Sakura was jumping on the inside. She would finally see if she could have him tonight! Ino slapped Shikamaru on the shoulder.

"So the lazy ass came. Nice having you here Shika."

He rolled his eyes at the nickname and Kiba snorted, as did Sasuke. Naruto froze when his eyes fell on Hinata.

"Oi, Hinata! You look hot!"

She blushed again, for the millionth time. Ino and Sakura gripped her and rose, so the guys got a view of their dresses. Kiba had a stunned expression on his face, and so did Naruto. Even Sasuke took a thorough look. When they sat down again, Hinata just wanted to sink through the floor. Sakura ordered more drinks.

"Come on Hinata! Nothing to be ashamed off, the guys were practically drooling right?"

They refused to answer her, just blushed. After having a few drinks, even Sasuke seemed to loosen up a little. Hinata seemed to gain more and more confidence and even participated in some of the conversations. Ino left her seat beside Hinata and plumptly sat down in Shikamarus lapp. He didn't seem to mind the least as Ino leaned against him. Sakura gave her blonde friend a sly grin and twirled her glass. She was very aware that Sasuke was glancing at her sometimes, waiting for her hit on him like she always did. This time however, she wouldn't do anything.

In fact, she had ignored him the whole night. Smirking down her glass, she knew it was working. Turning to Hinata, she leaned closer, whispering in her ear.

"Hinata… Let's kiss. They boy's gonna go crazy. You had enough to drink right? I know you're curious, every girl is. Come on. I'll show you how."

She leaned back, a slug smile on her pretty face. Hinata considered it for a moment, and blushed slightly. She did fell a lot better than usual… Her confidence had certainly gone up but not that much. On the other hand, the girls behavior had kind of began to rub off on her and Sakura was right she was curious. She nodded. Smirking, Sakura put her drink on the table and leaned closer to Hinata. She glanced quickly towards Sasuke. Yes, his black eyes were glued to her now.

Slowly she put her hand behind Hinatas head, and now all the guys were looking at them, holding their breaths. Hinata and Sakuras eyes meet, and they saw in each other's eyes that they booth thought the same. It would be so fun to see their reactions afterwards. Leaning in, Sakura took the lead and started to kiss Hinata very lightly. Soon, she parted her lips and their tongues explored each others mouths. Hinata couldn't believe how nice it was to kiss, and it was surely a hounded times better with a guy!

The broke away, and looked at the guys. They were… At a loss. Sakura hid her amused smile behind Hinatas head as she whispered. No one noticed a crash coming a few feet away, were a certain silver haired man had hidden, currently lying all floored at the sight of the girls making out.

"Now, we have gotten them excited. It's time for us to leave, you tease them slowly and at the end, they will beg for it."

She sat back, took a few gulps of her drink and looked at them innocently.

"What? You look like you're been hit by a train. Ino, get of Shikamarus lap! Tenten! Hinata! Let's go!"

Kiba blinked and suddenly had a wild look.

"Hey, we're ya going?"

Sakura blew hima kiss.

"Secret. Girl's night. See ya boys."

The girls hurried out before the guys had time to react. Sakura did not miss the look from the boys when they parted, and she would have paid to hear what they would talk about but now, it was dancing time!


Kakashi got up from the floor, and when he looked again, the girls had gone and the guys were talking in each others mouths about the kiss. He had to admit, it had taken him completely by surprise. And… It had turned him on! It was much better than Icha Icha Paradise. Or was it the fact that a certain Hinata Hyuuga had been kissed? Or was it Sakura?

Finding himself confused, he decided that he was to tired right now to deal with this kind of thing and went over to the bar, where Gai was lying on it with a drink in his hand, so wasted he had fallen asleep. Kakashi grabbed him and threw him on the shoulder.

"I win."

He chuckled to himself, and began to walk towards his place. The plan had worked, Gai had been out of the way and he had almost found out some interesting things… Challenging Gai to a drinking contest was an idea he would remember. The incredible guy couldn't stand much it seemed… Hehe, next time he should slip something in Lees drink, he was so entertaining with his drunken fist… If he came with them of course. Dropping Gai on his own couch, Kakashi then proceeded towards the bathroom so he could take a shower.

Stripping himself, he took a long look at himself in the mirror. How long had it been since he had seduced anyone? He caught himself thinking back, realizing that it was awhile ago… Meaning in his case a month. What was going on? He hadn't even bothered for these last weeks… A face protruded in his mind, and he shook his head and stepped into the shower. The face however, didn't go away. Instead, it was joined by another and the two engaged in a kiss. Kakashi gasped as he felt familiar pull in a certain region. He could see the details all clearly, just like he had watched a while ago. Hinata and Sakura.

It was too much to handle. He had to relieve himself. When he had finished the shower, he felt oddly satisfied. That too, he had neglected for a month. He looked at the passed out Gai on his sofa, deciding The Lotus was not a choice for tomorrow, he would have to take on the hard task of making breakfast himself. He went to bed, with an uncertain feeling that it would not stop there, something else was coming his way. Had his luck finally run out?

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