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Part II

Gasping, he sat up in his bed. For a moment, he couldn't quite orientate himself and drew the kunai from his pillow like he usually did but sat completely still. Wait, there was something he had forgotten… He usually did it directly when he woke up. It took a few moments before he realized that he for once, had not smashed his alarm. He just stared at it, blinking. He did feel… Good. He put the kunai back in confusion, and got off his bed. Heading for the shower, he also realized that it was Saturday.

Kakashi shrugged for himself and without looking, avoiding all the junk on the floor. Heading for the shower, he suddenly remembered the dream. He couldn't help but feel that familiar surge of lust, and turned on the cold water to get those thoughts of his mind. If Gai saw him now… He just shuddered in annoyance. That man would probably come up with some perverted contest or something even worse just to find new ways to compete with him. But there were lines that even Kakashi didn't want to cross…

The dream, where he had been back at The Lotus, Hinata had not stopped with just making out… And he had been so….! A groan caught his attention and he froze. Slowly, he dragged the shower curtain away, and found Gai on the floor with his head in the toilet. Kakashi bit back the laughter, but failed miserably when his rival began to puke his guts out. Sighing in relief, he stepped out of the shower now that he knew that Gai was sorely focused on the task of emptying his stomach. He couldn't help but feel extremely good when the always so cheerful and annoying Gai was miserable.

Humming for himself, he got dressed and decided to fry some eggs. When he had almost finished with the last one, Gai came into the kitchen, collapsing on a chair. He gave Kakashi an unreadable look.


Kakashi obeyed, almost smiling now. Oh, how he enjoyed this.

"How do you feel?"

Gai groaned and gulped down the water.

"Terrible, never in my youthful days have I ever experienced… this. OH god."

Serving Gai some of the eggs, he even forgot that he had actually made the breakfast and even troubled himself with serving Gai. He was having a hard time not to laugh during the meal. Gai groaned and whined like a child, and he couldn't think of anything more amusing at the moment. When he had finished, Gai told him that he needed to be at the training ground and thanked him for his hospitality. Kakashi actually snorted this time, for Gai collapsed outside his door. Heaving him up on his back to help support him, Kakashi and Gai headed for his home.


Sighing in pleasure, Hinata closed her eyes and sank a little deeper into the hot water. How nice it was with a bath… Smiling, she thought back onto last night. She had to admit, it had been so much fun! She had thanked Sakura and the other girls several times in her drunken state and felt so free! She had felt like she even had enough courage to tell him… She jumped when a loud knock was heard on the door and she yelped as she hit the border of the bathtub.


"Hinata! Come on, my turn!! Before Sakura get's up…"

Hinata pulled the plug and quickly got up, snatched her towel and wrapped herself up as she opened the door. Ino stood outside, smiling sheepishly holding her choice of clothes for the day.

"You know, it's not funny to compete for the bathroom with Sakura in the morning, she's really strong! Tenten is in the kitchen, go grab something to eat!"

Hinata nodded, and got herself dressed and entered the kitchen. Tenten were seated at the table, eating natural yoghurt with fruit and musli, currently in her own world holding her cell phone. Hinata smiled and quietly walked up behind her, taking a peek at the message she was writing.

"Is that for Neji? Did you get his number yesterday?"

Tenten yelped and dropped her spoon, and choked on the food. She blushed and turned around to face Hinata.

"I… Well, yes…"

Hinata waved a hand dismissively.

"It's cool, we know that you like each other. Just relax."

Tenten shook her head, still blushing.

"Comes from the right person huh? Sorry, it's just… Hard."

Hinata gave her an encouraging smile.

"Believe me, I know…"

She blushed, and quickly grabbed what she needed to get started on her breakfast. Deciding on some coffee too, she made some for them all. Ino came strolling into the kitchen, seemingly in a good mood too. Tenten gave her a suspicious look.

"Ok, what's up? You're awfully happy… And that was a quick shower…"

Ino just grinned.

"I'm not for long showers, as for the good mood… Not telling."

Tenten sighed.

"Come on. By the way, when will your parents get back?"

Ino shrugged.

"Depends on the weather. Flowers are delicate, and getting new contacts and contracts can be difficult this time of year. It was years ago they traveled through the countries… Last time it took 3 months."

Tenten gave her a look.

"Didn't think it was so hard to manage a flower shop."

Ino shrugged and grabbed some bread she could toast.

"Well, we have to keep up our reputation, since we are the best."

A snort brought their attention to the door. Sakura walked in, looking a little pale.

"Yeah right… The best."

Ino smirked back.

"Well, if it isn't Sakura, back from the dead I see? Come on, have some breakfast wont ya?"

Taking a seat, Sakura chuckled.

"In a good mood I see, did you enjoy Shikamarus lap that much?"

Ino blushed slightly, and Tenten clapped her hands togheter.

"I knew it! Temari got a rival…"

Hinata nodded.

"I think you looked great together…"

Ino smiled sheepishly at them, waving her hand dismissively.

"It's not like that… I just…"

Sakura smirked.

"Don't give me that! You like him don't you? It's obvious and it seems he likes you…! Anyway, we will find out tonight. Lee will spill the secrets!"

Ino turned to Hinata, blinking innocently.

"So… Who do you have your sights on? Is it Kiba or Naruto?"

Hinata suddenly felt a pang of fear, and blushed furiously. Twiddling her fingers nervously, she gulped. Could she tell them? Had she gained enough self esteem to finally confess?

"I… You said… something yesterday… I…"

They all jumped when Tentens cell phone went off and she quickly grabbed it, her eyes suddenly becoming wide as saucers. She couldn't keep her smile from her face and a second later, she was surrounded by the girls.

"Come on stupid! What is it?"

Tenten quickly typed a response, which she hid from them. Then, she put her phone down and grinned at them.

"We're meeting the guys at that ramen place Naruto likes, at lunch. Sakura, Sasuke will be there… And he never comes! Neji said that he thinks he is finally warming up to you…"

Sakura couldn't help but flash a smile of victory. Hinata let her breath go, and she felt the pressure leave her. Could she really admit to them, that the person who she thought was the hottest one in Konoha, in fact was… The silver haired man with one sharingan eye. Kakashi. She had almost told them yesterday, and now. But that was no feelings right? She still liked Naruto… And Kiba… Besides, the others thought Kakashi was good looking too… She was suddenly enveloped by Ino.

"Narutos favorite place… Then he will be there… And Kiba. You're so lucky."

Sakura stood up.

"Let's fix ourselves up later ok? We have to tease them a bit more and then they will be eating out of our hands!


Even though it had been amusing, it had still annoyed him somewhat in the end. Kakashi snapped his book shut and looked down at Gais clone, blinking up at him.

"He won't be able to train you today Lee. I suggest you go off by yourself this time. Believe me."

The teen nodded, and a worried looked graced his face.

"Is he sick or something? By the youth, is he ok?"

Kakashi sighed.

"You could say that and yes. Now, remember our conversation yesterday right? Go."

Lee made a salute and run off, leaving a slightly tired Kakashi at Gais door. He couldn't believe that man sometimes! Not only had he helped Gai home, but he had even had to take off the mans clothes! And helped him to his bed… He shuddered, the details still fresh in his mind. Never again. Next time, he wouldn't be as nice, he would simply dump him outside Kurenais door. Kakashi smirked. That would surely be a sight to behold!

Engrossing himself in his book, Kakashi strolled down the street, ignoring everyone around him. The book didn't seem to get him going… Hhhmm. He suddenly stopped as his stomach gave off a growl, actually lifted his gaze from the book to see what time it was. Lunch. No wonder he was hungry… Had he really been at Gai's place for that long? What a pain. Smelling a familiar scent, Kakashi decided that this was the perfect day to go to that ramen stand. Maybe he would find Naruto there… The little runt could perhaps entertain him a little. Besides, the stand was on his way home.

He smirked for himself as he got closer. Narutos voice could be heard through a crowd if he was that loud. Seemed to be in a good mood as usual when he ate ramen. Hopefully, he could manage something funny. Peeking in, sure enough, the gang was seated in the corner. Ordering some ramen with shrimps, he sat down in the corner where they couldn't see him. He would enjoy his meal first, it would annoy Naruto that he just missed his chance to see him with the mask off. He got his food fast and began to eat, trying to listen in on their conversation. He almost chocked as he heard a certain voice. Hinata Hyuuga. He blinked. Eh, why had he done that? He shook his head, ignoring the funny feeling he couldn't quite recognize.

Soon, his mind was filled with certain perverted images and he couldn't seem to stop himself. Trying to concentrate on his food, the other urges soon overpowered that of his hunger. Cursing for himself, he realized that he needed some relief. Fast. He rose, hurrying back at the toilets. Damn it, what the hell was wrong with him?


Emptying his fifth bowl, Naruto finally seemed a bit satisfied. Shikamarus whole attention had been focused on the blonde, awaiting the moment that said persons stomach would explode. Apparantly, he would have to wait in vain. Ordering in a sixth bowl, Shikamaru gave up and shook his head. Sasuke was on his third, and he looked to be very filled. He gave Naruto a look.

"Dobe, it amazes me to no end how you can eat so much and not look like Choji."

Naruto grinned. Hinata couldn't help but giggle and Sakura noticed Naruto blushed slightly. She and Ino exchanged looks. Shikamaru sighed in boredom.

"No wonder you're all over the place, that energy must come from somewhere."

Kiba smacked Neji on the back and the Hyuuga flinched and glared at the grinning Kiba.

"Just talk to Tenten, or are you too good for that?"

Neji smacked him on the head.

"Well, why don't you ask Hinata for a date then?!"

Silence fell over the table, and everyone turned to look at the now very red Kiba. Hinata blushed also, quickly stood up, finding the situation a little to embarrassing.

"I… I have to go… toilet!"

In a flash, she was gone. Tenten blinked.

"Ok… I have never seen her that fast."

Sakura threw a spoon on Nejis face, and considering her strength it was no wonder he fell backwards.

"NEJI! Don't joke like that! Hinata is still sensitive!!"

The other guys starred at Sakura and shuddered in fear. Out of all, she was the one with worst temper. Neji rose, rubbing his forehead and quietly sat down again. Tenten took the opportunity offered to have a look. Even though it was unnecessary, he still agreed and it ended with Tenten sitting on his lap dabbing his forehead with some paper and cold water. The others bit back their chuckles, and even Kiba managed not to say anything. Sasuke glanced at Sakura. She had become so strong, not only in power. She wasn't pathetic anymore, and he liked it. Noticing his glance, she offered him a smile. Sasuke could have sworn his heart skipped a beat there before she looked away.


Hinata stopped outside the toilets to gather her breath. Why did she do that? It had just been a joke right? She had reacted to… Ok, so she had to calm down. Yes, just breath. She was still shy, it must have been why she was so shocked. How naïve of her, how could she believe that she would loose that shyness over a night? No, certainly not. She still had to work on it. She took another breath and felt much better. Still, it was still there lingering on her mind. It had felt… wrong? But what? No, she wouldn't ramble unimportant stuff like that in her mind when she was with her friends.

Maybe they would only be worried… And she shouldn't waste the opportunity to get to know the guys a little better too. Feeling a lot better, she walked over to the sink and splashed her face with cold water. It was refreshing, she felt a smile grace her lips. Cold water, always did the trick. How many times hadn't she used when she had been embarrassed in the past? She took a few steps backwards and turned. Too late, she realized someone walked out of one of the booths and tripped slightly as she tried to stop. Failing, she fell into the person's arms, and she felt the person tense up. She froze.

Wait, she knew this scent. She had felt it once, when the person walked by. A masculine scent with a hint of oranges… Her eyes widened and she blushed furiously. Oh god. She bent her head upwards, still frozen in the same position. As her eyes locked on his face, she wanted to die. Kakashi Hatake was starring down at her, and… And he didn't have his mask! If possible, she thought that she blushed even harder. He was the most handsome guy she had ever seen! His mouth, his nose, his cheekbones, his eyes… Or eye. His hair… They just starred at each other, she didn't now for how long. Suddenly, they both stepped back at the same time.

"I… I'm sorry!"

Hinata turned, so embarrassed that she wanted to die. Kakashi said nothing, and she glanced back. Was he also blushing? Without a word, he quickly went back into the booth, his movements oddly stiff. Hinata furiously splashed some cold water on her face again, and stormed out of the toilet taking deep breaths. She would not breath a word about this! She would simply die if she said anything… Wait, how would she explain this to the others?? She stopped, momentarily feeling panic. No, she could come up with something. Yes… That would do.

She sat back down with the others, and Ino raised an eyebrow at her.

"Hinata, what has something happened beside, you know… You're really pale."

She laughed nervously, suppressing the panic she felt.

"Ehh… The toilets…"

She cursed herself for the lame excuse, but it seemed it worked. Soon, she felt herself calm down a little and the conversation began to flow again. After a few minutes, the girls excused themselves and left the guys, who also decided to head for home.


He didn't know for how long he sat in that booth, but when he returned to his food it was long since cold. Talk about having the worst of luck. Was someone up there angry at him? Was this his punishment for being a perverted, manipulating and lazy guy? Taking out his book, he tried to read but his thoughts drifted anyway. The event seemed to replay in his mind. He had relieved himself like the pervert he was, heard someone come in and gone outside, to have Hinata Hyuuga fall into his arms of all people!

And she had seen him without his mask… But he had not cared. All that had flooded his mind then was the growing lust at having her very nice body pressed against his… And her pupiless eyes starring into his. He had wanted to… Well, his actions had clearly spoken for that! The moment she let go, he had gone right back into the booth to relieve himself again! It was clear now, he wanted too sleep with Hinata Hyuuga. But, there was something more there.

This was clearly not just attraction… Then, what the hell was it!? He felt himself become irritated, and decided to leave. He didn't want to think right now, he was to angry for that. He didn't head home, instead he headed towards forest. The only solution he could think of right now was training. He needed to get rid of this feeling.


It was… odd. It felt like she wanted to explode, she couldn't hold it in anymore! She had seen Kakashi without his mask and not uttered a single word about it! For the fifth time during the half hour they had watched tv, she shifted her position on the floor hugging her pillow closer. Tenten yawned and gazed up towards the tv as she laid on the floor.

"This sucks... Sakura, I don't know how you stand this comedy show… Can't we look at the sports channel?"

Sakura threw some popcorn on Tenten, and Ino gave them a look.

"Hey, you're cleaning afterwards! And no sports. No movie either, we're saving it for tonight. Hey, what should we do to Lee? Maybe we should tease him a little until he passes out and then…"

She smiled evilly, and Sakura laughed at her expression.

"That would be something… In other words, hilarious! Alright, I'm in. Besides, he must tell the others something right?"

Tenten shrugged.

"Who cares about that…"

Ino threw her pillow on Tenten.

"We do! You and Neji are practically together so of course you don't care!"

Hinata dropped her pillow and almost shouted as she pulled at her hair.

"I can't take it anymore!"

The others froze, starring wide eyed at her. Tenten giggled.

"Relax Hinata, we aren't fighting…"

"I saw Kakashi without his mask!"

Silence. The girls starred at her in shock, until the full realization hit them. Then, in a second Hinata was surrounded by squealing girls.

"Oh my god! Why didn't you tell us?!"


"Was he hot?!!"

She blushed furiously and they backed away slightly. She looked down at the floor, trying to suppress that light feeling in her stomach…

"He… He… was…hot!!"

The last word she screamed out, and covered her mouth blushing even more. Sakura was inches away from her face, eager to know more.

"Seriously!! I really wanted to see his face! What happened?"

Hinata told them what happened, but couldn't help but stutter as she found it very embarrassing. She of course, did not tell them what she had wanted to do at that very moment. She had never in her life felt so… Animalistic! She had wanted him. She wouldn't have stopped him at that moment… Sakura snorted and crossed her arms, although a blush tainted her cheeks.

"I'm sure he went back in to masturbate…"

Hinata hid her head in the pillow as Tenten and Ino laughed at the Hyuuga heiress.

"Sakura… You're scarring her."

Sakura couldn't help it, she began to laugh and patted Hinata on her back.

"Relax, I'm actually jealous of you. Man, he must have been really hot if you react like this…"

Hinata couldn't help but feel slightly sick as Sakura uttered those words. No, she wasn't just reacting because of that… Oh god, was she starting to like him?? Panic. She bit the pillow, hard. No, it was Kiba or Naruto…

The doorbell went off, and Hinata sighed in relief as the girls practically flew up. Ino motioned for the others to go into the kitchen as she went to the door. Hinata dropped the pillow and followed the others. They had decided to make some food together, in other words homemade pizza. Ino had refused anything else, as she new Tenten and Lee sucked at making food (which would have resulted in a lot of cleaning). Tenten rummaged through the refridgerator, searching for some toppings while Sakura began with the dough. Hinata sat down at the table, cutting some vegetables Tenten laid on the table. Ino soon came in with Lee. He seemed a bit nervous, but Tenten gave him a wave.

"Relax Lee. We couldn't let you be for yourself when the guys are off doing something weird."

Lee seemed to relax, as he tensed down a bit. Soon, they were all having quite a fun time, even Lee finally forget that they were girls and had no problem talking to them, although the subjects were a little to off for him. When it came to toppings, the pizza ended up being split into two parts, as Tenten just wanted vegetables on hers and Hinata said they could share that piece. Sakura only had sausages on hers, while Lee and Ino filled theirs with as many toppings they could but she refused to put on the mayonnaise which Lee chose.

Waiting for the pizza, the topic glided over to the boys. Ino leaned closer to him, smiling secretly.

"Lee, we know Tenten and Neji are practically together… And that Kiba likes Hinata. How about the others?"

Sakura smirked.

"Like Shikamaru?"

Ino gave her a look.


Sakura just blinked at her response, quite surprised, and Ino laughed.

"Ok, I'll admit I like him. It's kinda obvious aint it so why dance around it?"

Tenten clapped her hands.


Lee sighed and it was obvious that this time he just wanted to be done with it.

"Ok, here's what I know! Shikamaru do have a thing for Ino, Kiba and Naruto both likes Hinata and Sasuke likes you Sakura."

As they took out the pizza the girls were talking in their mouths, except Hinata. She still sat at the table, deep in thought. All she could think of was Kakashi… Lee sighed and drank some cola, giving Hinata a curious look.

"Aren't you happy that Naruto likes you now?"

She glanced at him, trying to figure out if that really was the truth. She sighed.

"Well, I just… I don't honestly know Lee. I'm confused…"

He nodded.

"Youths have it hard… But we shall prevail!"

She laughed at him, and he smiled.

"I see my ways have cheered you up."

She shook her head, smiling.

"Thank you Lee, but stop talking like that…"

Ino placed the pizza on the table and when they had eaten, Sakura told Lee to wait in the living room. The girls disappeared into her room and Ino grinned.

"Ready girls? Time to shake that mind of his…"

Hinata shook her head, but couldn't help but find it funny still.

"Poor Lee…"

Ino threw some clothes at them, laughing evilly.

"He will never survive this…"

Hinata looked down at the cloth in her hand and blushed.

"I-Ino… This is… very reveling!"

She couldn't help but wonder, just for a moment, what Kakashi would think if he saw her in that… Shaking her head, her grip tightened.

"OK! Let's do it!"

The others just shook their heads at the Hyuuga. Meanwhile, in the living room, Lee had taken a seat in the sofa and was currently eating some popcorn while browsing through the channels. He couldn't help but shiver suddenly, and a vague feeling of an oncoming danger made perk up. Shrugging, he tried to relax, what could possible happen? Little did he know he was right as the girls peeked around the corner. Sakura smirked.

"Well girls, all at once or one at the time?"

Hinata was still blushing, Tenten looked slightly uncomfortable in something so girly while Sakura and Ino really seemed to enjoy it. Ino then nodded.

"One at a time. I'll go first alright? Here we go…"

She walked around the corner, stopping a bit away from the sofa. She smothered her grin, taking on a more seductive expression and spoke.

"Lee, I hope you don't mind us being in our pyjamas right?"

He stiffened, and turned to look at Ino. He froze, his eyes almost bulging out of his sockets. Ino had let her hair out, and it flowed gently behind her back. She had a purple satin nighty, very short and also very reveling! Lee couldn't utter a single word. Tenten walked around the corner, sighed and placed herself beside Ino.

"Ino, are you sure this one is the only one you had left?"

Tenten had a light pink, also very short, nighty with some ribbons on it. Lee blinked furiously and a blush spread over his face. Then, Hinata came around the corner. She had a white satin nighty, very short and with some frills at the lower border. The last straw for Lee was when Sakura came around the corner. She had a red nighty, and it was really tight! He gulped and quickly turned towards the tv.

"Ok… movies."

Sakura grinned and sat down beside Lee. He glanced down at her body and then, he passed out. The girls broke out laughing. Ino wiped her eyes, trying to regain herself.

"He's such a gentleman don't you think? We should really help him with his girl problem…"

Tenten nodded.

"Absolutely, I mean, Sakura just sat down beside him!"

Sakura flashed a grin and made a victory sign.

"Well, without you it would've been impossible. Alright, let the makeover begin!"


He hadn't been this tired in a really long time. Still sweating furiously, he sighed as he drank the last water he had left. Pulling up his mask, he decided to finally head home. Deciding on walking, he crossed through the woods, then taking the main street through Konoha for the sole purpose of thinking of anything else than her… Or anything troublesome for that matter.


He didn't stop, just glanced backwards. He raised an eyebrow.


The man walked up beside him, correcting his glasses.

"You never showed up this morning, did something happen."

Kakashi couldn't help but snort at the question.

"Let us say that a certain self-proclaimed rival of mine happened to become very drunk yesterday..."

Ebisu gave him a serious look.

"Don't tell me it was…"

Kakashi shrugged.

"Yes it was. My idea though."

Ebisu broke out laughing.

"That's… brilliant! That man really goes on my nerves… I think I should pay him a visit…"

Kakashi chuckled.

"Ebisu, you're a cruel man… And that's why we get along."

Ebisu made a gesture towards the side street.

"I'll part from you here, I won't miss this special opportunity to see pothead suffer."

Taking off, Kakashi continued on his way home. Maybe, all he needed was a mission right now… He needed to get away from here. Sort things out… Pulling out his book, he tried to disappear into his own world. Yes, tomorrow he would get himself a mission and get away from Konoha and forget this whole mess. Of all the girls he could have laid his eyes on, it had to be Hinata…

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