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Kaname sighed as he sat down to start writing in his journal. 'Why did this have to happen to me.'


Zero and Kaname were glaring at each other behind Yuuki's back once again. The day class was supposed to be going to their dorms but they were being eager again to see the night class. One of the more over eager girls ended up hitting Zero on the head hard enough to knock him out. Yuuki obviously ran over to Zero to check if he was okay and started panicking when he didn't wake up.

end flashback

"Big brother Kaname." Zero said walking into Kaname's room.Zero had got a room close to Kaname's. "I can't sleep." Yes to Kaname's displeasure Zero had amnesia. To make matters worse Kaname was stuck babysitting. The headmaster didn't trust Zero with the other vampires, Zero wasn't aloud in the girls dorm, and if he suddenly became hungry he'd expose what the night class truly was .

"Why is that Kiryu?" Kaname asked Zero who stepped closer to Kaname.

"I'm scared..." Zero said. Kaname would have laughed if Zero hadn't sounded so... cute.

"What do you want me to do about it?" Kaname almost snarled. The only reason why he was watching over him was because Yuuki had asked.

"Can I sleep with you?" Zero asked. Kaname almost fell off his chair.

"What?" Kaname asked.

"Can I sleep with you big brother? " Zero asked once more. Kaname had wanted to protest. Everything in his being told him to say no...but he promised Yuuki he'd take care of him and besides Kiryu looked so...small.

"Fine..." Kaname said biting back a snarl. Why did his life have to suck so much. Zero quickly climbed into Kaname's bed.

"Good night big brother." Zero said before falling asleep.

"Good night." Kaname said before he realized. He'd have to ask headmaster how much longer he was going to have to deal with this. 'I think I'm starting to loose my sanity.' he thought as he closed his journal and headed to bed making sure he was on the furthest side away from Kiryu.

To Kaname it felt like it was just a couple of minuted but Zero started screaming.

"Kiryu! Will you stop screaming!" Kaname grounded out. He looked at Zero when he didn't stop. "Kiryu!" Zero continued screaming. Realization hit Kaname. Zero was still asleep. 'Damn sleep deprivation.' Kaname thought. He started shacking Zero when Zero screamed.

"Daddy stop!" Tears were flowing down Zero's cheeks. To say Kaname was confused was an understatement. 'Damn it I just want to sleep.' then what Zero had screamed sunk in. 'What the hell did his father do to him?' Kaname thought as he tried to embrace Zero to calm him down. Which obviously had the opposite effect. Kaname sighed. 'It's to early for this.' and did something he never thought he would do. He started singing a lullaby. Yuuki told him that when Zero first came to Cross Academy she would sing him to sleep.

Kaname would have laughed at the thought of Zero being sung to sleep but Yuuki was there so he didn't. Zero calmed down after a while and fell into a peaceful slumber once again. Kaname hoped no one heard him...especially Aido.

The next day Kaname dragged Zero to the headmaster's room.

"Hello Kaname! How are you?" he said. Kaname glared at him.

"When should he be better?" Kaname asked.

"The doctor said it should be a couple of weeks." the headmaster said whilst backing up to the door to leave the room before he became a casualty in Kaname's fury.

"Big brother doesn't like me..." Zero said sadly suddenly making Kaname feel guilty.

"Tell me Kiryu...what did your father do to you?" Kaname asked. Zero looked away and started backing up until his back hit a wall. Kaname quickly moved over to Zero blocking any chance of escape.

"Daddy stop please! I don't want you to touch me any more!" Zero screamed. Kaname backed up in surprise. He suddenly felt angry but decided that it was due to his lack of sleep.

"Kiryu...Zero...your father's not here...it's safe...I'll protect you from him okay..." Kaname spoke softy so as to not scare Zero anymore.

"Big brother?" Zero asked.

"Yes." Kaname said. That was also the only thing he managed to sat before Zero hugged him crying again. Kaname started to stroke Zero's back. Once Zero fell asleep Kaname carried him bridal style back to Zero's new bedroom.

"What have I gotten myself into." Kaname thought as he laid Zero down on the bed. Kaname brought Zero to class wit him later that day. The day class students stared in shock as Zero held onto Kaname's shirt. Surprisingly Zero got what they were taught fairly easily and even helped Aido a little. Of course Kaname would always have to be near by or else Zero would started calling out for his 'big brother'. The other vampires knew of the situation and felt sorry for Zero just a little. Especially since they all heard Zero scream the day before.

Kaname sighed as he shut his journal. It's been almost a week and Zero still wasn't better. Zero walked into the room covered in cuts.

"Zero what happened?" Kaname asked. He didn't know when he started calling Zero by his first name but it didn't matter.

"I...I fell." Zero said not looking Kaname in the eye.

"Zero...tell the truth." Kaname said dragging Zero into the bathroom to clean the cuts because for some strange reason he wasn't a vampire anymore...or at least that's what it seemed like.

"Some girls from the day class were saying that big brother only watches me because you promised someone you would...not because big brother cares for me and then she and a couple of the other girls started attacking me." Zero sad shaking as he probably relived the memory.

"We'll talk to headmaster tomorrow about this. You change intro pajama's and tell Aido to come here." Kaname said. Zero left and Aido came into the room with Zero hanging onto his shirt until there was an opening big enough for him to slip through and he ran over to Kaname's bed. Both Kaname and Aido had to hold themselves back from tearing Zero from the bed and throwing him out.

"What did you wanna talk about Kaname?" Aido asked.

"I need a break from babysitting and...i need you to look through Zero Kiryu's files to see what they have about him." Kaname said looking to Zero for a minute.

"Why?" Aido asked curious to why Kaname was concerned about Kiryu now.

"I think he might have been sexually assaulted by his father..." Kaname said as he looked at Aido.

"WHAT!" Aido screamed. Kaname quickly covered his mouth and they both looked to see if Zero was awake. they sighed in relief as Zero continued to sleep.

"Don't tell anyone else about this...especially Yuuki." Kaname said. Aido nodded and left to do some research. Kaname laid down on his bed as he fell asleep. When Kaname woke up he saw Zero snuggling up next to him. He stared for a while not quite registering what was happening. Suddenly a flash from the door way knocked some sense into him. He looked up to see where the unwanted bright light came from and saw Aido with a camera.

"Aido...what do you think your doing?" Kaname growled out quietly as he finally released himself from Zero's grip.

"I was told to make sure you two were doing okay by Yuuki-chan" he said. Kaname didn't do anything. Yuuki just wanted to check up on them...

"Aido take another picture. Don't give that one to Yuuki." Kaname said.

"But this ones cute...oh did you hear about what the day class is doing?" Aido asked stifling a laugh.

"What are they doing?" Kaname asked.

"Well apparently some girls made a KanameZero fanclub. They also said they'd pay anyone who got a cute picture of both of you together then then said that if I got a good picture they'd make it easier for Yuuki-chan to do her job and..."

"And..." Kaname asked Aido.

"Well...they said that the person who got the best picture would also get some money. $5 for you two holding hands, $10 for you two hugging, $20 for Zero to be asleep on your lap while you stroke his hair, $50 for you two in the same bed asleep, $90 for you pinning Zero against the wall, $150 for a picture of you kissing him, $5,000 for a picture of you two having sex and..." Aido said not looking at Kaname in the eye.

"And..." Kaname asked irritated that there were actually girl who would go so far to satisfy there needs.

"And...$100,000 for a video of you two having sex." Aido said. Kaname glared at him.

"Go ahead and give it to them...Yuuki's been working harder than she should with Zero out of commission and she'll get sick." Kaname said. Once Aido left he grabbed his clothes and went into the bathroom after locking his bedroom door. Once out of the bathroom he saw Zero was still sleeping. Kaname sighed. 'it shouldn't be much longer.' he thought.

Timeskip-3 months later...

"Big brother! Big sister Yuuki wants to talk to you!" Zero said as he ran into Kaname's room. Kaname left the room and walked outside to Yuuki who was sitting down on a bench. Yuuki sighed as Kaname sat down next to her.

"It's been three months Kaname-sama." she sighed.

"I know." Kaname sighed as well.

"What are we going to do. I mean I can handle my job fine now since all the girls seemed to calm down a bit. They won't tell me why though. I wonder why...anyway...how are you dealing...I know you dislike Zero but I appreciate it so much." she said smiling at me. I smiled and then the monster came.

"Big brother Kaname! Big brother Aido wants you" Zero bounded up to them.

"I'll see you later Yuuki." Kaname said. Zero smiled.

"Are big sister Yuuki and big brother Kaname dating?" Zero felt like his heart was being torn out and he wanted to cry but since his big brother looked so happy he wouldn't show it. Yuuki turned bright red.

"Come on Zero..." Kaname said leaving an embarrassed Yuuki. Zero followed merrily. Once Kaname reached the door Aido showed up.

"I got the info you wanted." Aido said sadly. Kaname took the information almost not even wanting to look but not having any choice in the matter asked Aido to watch Zero then went upstairs. He opened the file and read.

Zero Kiryu- sexually assaulted by his father, physically and emotionally beaten by his mother, attempted suicide 36 times by age 9.

Kaname couldn't read anymore. "Oh God." he said quietly to himself. 'Wait do I have a god?' Kaname thought to himself. After a while he hid the file in Aido's room so Zero wouldn't find it and went to find Zero only to find him and Aido playing tag. Zero saw Kaname and ran up to him.

"Your it!" and ran off. Kaname looked at Aido and nodded at him to go ahead and leave. Aido left and Kaname easily found Zero and just as easily caught him. They were alone in the forest...which meant that anything that Kaname would do would only be seen by the squirrels. Kaname tackled Zero and started tickling him. Zero started laughing. When Zero looked up at Kiname he frowned.

"Big brother...why aren't you having fun?" Zero asked. Kaname instantly grabbed onto Zero and held him in an embrace. "Big brother what's wrong?" Zero asked slightly confused at Kaname's actions.

"Nothing...don't tell anyone...let's go...we need to go back." Kaname let Zero take his hand and they left to the room. Zero liked holding onto Kaname's hand. It made him feel all warm inside and safe.

"Zero...go wash up." Kaname said. Zero ran off to wash his hands. He met with Aido and told him to burn the files. Aido agreed and left to go get the files. Zero ran back towards Kaname and showed him his hands.

"All clean!" Zero said smiling. Kaname smiled and told him to go to the table. Secretly all the other vampires were warming up to the new Zero. They all smiled at him as he walked by. He sat down next to Kaname's seat. The other vampires had gotten used to it. After dinner Zero and Kaname changed into pj's and went to sleep.