A/N: This short story takes place mid season 8 shortly after the events of the episode It's Good to be King. SG1's gone back for a visit. Now, to get home …


"If there's anything I hate more than a sandy planet it's a wet, soggy one," Jack groused as he tramped through the never ending string of puddles standing between him and the Stargate. He was talking as much to himself as to his forlorn, equally waterlogged companion.

"Yes, Sir," Sam replied dutifully. "Guess we should have gone back with the team when we had the chance."

"It wasn't raining then," Jack replied, sneering as more water found its way into his boots. Truth be told, it was Jack's idea to remain behind. He'd wanted another hour or so with Harry and his harem. Sam had volunteered to stay as well. After all, it was a friendly planet and the Ancients had clearly spent some time there. Who knows what she could find? Little did she know the local gate connection was on its last legs. Now three days later, they were making their third trek to the gate, hoping to get home.

"Damn it!" Jack exclaimed as he squished into yet another mud hole. "Tell me we can dial home this time."

"Well, Sir," Sam began tentatively, "it all depends. If Dr. Lee's managed to fix the dialing computer, we'll be on our way. If not …"

"If not, I'm going to hang myself out to dry," Jack quipped, whipping off his cap to shake off the excess water.

Sam chuckled, avoiding a verbal reply to her clearly agitated CO. She wondered whether the newly appointed leader of the SGC regretted his decision to accompany SG1 on this routine diplomatic mission to Maybourne's planet. Oh well, with any luck we're going home, she thought. Please let them have that computer up!

"Dial it up, Carter," Jack ordered as they approached the rain soaked field containing the Stargate and DHD.

"Yes, Sir," Sam responded by rote as she proceeded to input the familiar coordinates. Though gratified to see the chevrons light as expected, her hopes plummeted when the familiar whoosh never materialized.


"It's not working, Sir."

"I can see that," he said impatiently. "Now what?"

"Now we go back to the village and try it again tomorrow," Sam answered. She realized that had been her answer for the past three days. It wasn't the answer Jack wanted, but it was the only one she had. After all, they were safe here. It was boring, but safe. They'd have to wait it out.

"Great, just what I wanted," Jack complained, "another day watching King Harry and his girls."

"You do know what day this is," Sam said, smiling pleasantly, hoping to distract Jack.

"Thursday?" Jack guessed, thoroughly unimpressed.

"Yes, Sir," she said. "It is Thursday. At home, this particular Thursday is Thanksgiving."

"Oh yeah? Turkey day? Can't wait to see how that goes here," Jack said, his irritated voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Actually, Sir," Sam said as they began the trek back to the village, "Colonel Maybourne has organized a traditional dinner for tonight."

"Oh great, on top of everything else, Harry cooks! What could be better?"

Sam had had just about enough. Stopping in her tracks, she asked the mandatory question.

"Permission to speak freely, Sir?"

Realizing she was no longer trudging alongside him, Jack turned around and faced his second in command.

"Since when do you ask?" He questioned.

"Sir," Sam said, blushing slightly, "I have to say, it's going to be a very long day if you insist on being this negative."


"Yes, Sir," she persisted. "If there's anything I can do …"

"Yeah," he interrupted without a second thought. "As a matter of fact there is something you can do, Carter. Call me Jack, you know, for the holiday."

"Okay, Jack. I can do that," Sam replied, a sweet smile on her face.

"See, now I'm grateful," Jack said, his tone lighter. "Let's go eat turkey."

A/N: Just a little holiday piece. Hope you enjoyed. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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