I lay on my side leaning on Edward's chest, listening to him hum my lullaby. I loved these days, lazing in our meadow when the sun decided to show itself in Forks. I looked up at my future husband; he was spread out upon the ground with his eyes closed, his body sparkling in the sun in all its glory. He looked up and smiled at me, setting his scorching gold eyes upon me. I blushed a deep red and smiled sheepishly at him. How could I possibly deserve something this beautiful? I felt so insignificant gazing upon him and wondered whether I would continue my life forever shadowing him and his beauty, even as a vampire when I would be beautiful myself. Nothing could compare to his pale marble-like skin, messy bronze hair, muscular body and those eyes. Those striking topaz eyes that never ceased to take my breath away and

make me forget my trail of thought.

'What are you thinking?' pure velvet.

'I'm just wondering if I could ever live up to your beauty, even with the advantages that will come with being immortal.'

Immortality with Edward, the thought made me smile.

'You are so absurd,' he sighed. 'You are the reason for my existence; you are my life, my soul, my everything. I don't deserve you.'

'Hardly,' I mumbled.

Suddenly, I was on my back and Edward's body was pressed up against mine. Our lips collided. I traced his bottom lip with my tongue, feeling it curve upwards. Edwards hands were abruptly knotted in my hair and he was kissing me with much more passion than was usually allowed with our boundaries. I was beginning to hyperventilate, and I was once again grateful that we were alone with no over-sensitive hearing vampires around. He brought his lips to my jaw and began kissing a line down toward the bottom of my neck and round to behind my ear.

'Cheater.' I gasped. This was always his way of winning an argument, he knew I couldn't think straight when he done this to me.

'Love you too, Bella.' He chuckled.

I smiled as I heard the slight nerves come out in his voice. I liked that I could make his breath uneven, considering he didn't need to breathe.

Then soon, too soon, we broke apart. We both lay on our backs, staring at the sky, our breathing ragged. After I had calmed myself down and made sure I could speak with a steady voice I turned to Edward.

'What's on the agenda today then?' I said, playfully tracing his muscular chest under his shirt. Not a good idea, it took this much to waver my breathing again.

I rolled onto my side to steady myself yet again and tried to avoid his powerful eyes. I didn't want to cause any more damage to my breathing. I knew he got something out of me being unable to breath properly around him. All I received was embarrassment.

'I don't mind. We could go back to mine. Alice has been bugging me with her thoughts to let her go over the wedding plans with you.' He suggested, playing with my hair. 'You don't have to if you don't feel up to it. I'll tell her to lay off you and remind her you're only human,' he quickly interjected.

I rolled my eyes, typical Edward and his over-polite personality. He was scared of

suggesting something I didn't want to do. Thinking he would be pressuring me. Little did he understand that I would do anything he asked of me without a second thought, and would never feel an ounce of pressure towards it. It would be to my enjoyment to make him happy.

'That sounds good, any idea what she has planned so far?'

'No,' he paused, 'she's been blocking her thoughts recently, thinking about Jasper in ways I do not want to think about.' He grimaced.

I giggled, 'Oh, such a curse you have been burdened with!' I teased as I lifted my index finger to his nose and back again.

'Let's get going then.' I said as I hopped up. Head rush. Dizzy. Stumble. Edward caught me, kissed my forehead and swung me up on his back and began running through the woods out of our meadow toward our home.

We reached the magnificent building in record time, for a vampire as least. We reached the front door and entered into the front room. I leaped down off Edwards back and stumbled again. Edward helped me up only to steady me yet again before I fell flat on my face.

I heard Emmett's booming laugh, 'Hi Bella,' he said without looking away from the television. 'I thought that was you. Most humans have more elegance, and that's coming from a vampire.'

I heard Edward growl under his breath and I stuck my tongue out even though it was pointless as Emmett was more focused on playing Grand Theft Auto than anything else and wasn't even looking in my direction.

'Where is everyone?' Edward asked.

Emmett spoke out loud, for my benefit I presumed, as Edward was already nodding his head in understandment from Emmett's thoughts.

'Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Jasper are all out hunting. Alice stayed behind as she saw Bella agreeing to come round, and I stayed for the entertainment of what Alice has planned for Bella.' He quickly turned round and grinned at me.

Edward frowned and tightened his grip around my waist, obviously he hadn't heard that part of Emmett's thoughts.

I heard a squeal from upstairs and saw Alice bouncing downstairs with a large white folder in her hands. Edward groaned. I took his hand and squeezed it, pulling him over toward the couch. I 'accidentally' tripped over the power wire for Emmett's XBOX 360 and disconnected his game. Once Edward helped me back up I smiled back smugly at Emmett's glaring face.

'Sorry!' I said in my most innocent voice and done a pretend sad face. Ha! That showed him for making fun of my clumsiness.

Edward growled, clearly to something in Emmett's thoughts, but was interrupted by Alice raising her voice, 'Boys! Stop it, Bella and I have got some important things to go through.'

Emmett's face brightened up and was now smug, confirming he wasn't wrong about what I was getting myself into.

I groaned and sat down on Edward's lap. His hand now wrapped around my waist as we waited for Alice to start.

I was more relaxed about the idea of me getting married to Edward now. Once I had told Charlie, who said he had been expecting nothing less in the upcoming year, but warned me to think it through carefully, and Renee, who, after giving me the responsibility talk, was enthusiastic about it, I was much more happier and able to enjoy the idea of being married to Edward for eternity. The only thing that scared me was Alice. Alice and her plans for an over the top wedding, which I didn't even want to begin to think of he costs involved. I had politely turned down various unneeded accessories to a wedding such as an ice sculpture of me and Edward, fireworks, guest celebrities and a helicopter to arrive in. As long as Edward was waiting for me at the end of the aisle I was happy.

'Now, I have a few things that involve the both of you, and after that its up to my room to discuss other matters with Bella privately.' She spelt out 'privately' in syllables as if to get the point across more effectively. Edward went to argue but I took his hand, nodded and smiled. Edward looked back with wary eyes.

'It's fine, I want to have some control in what goes on in our wedding,' I reassured him with a smile.

Now it was Alice's turn to look smug.

Edward seemed to relax after that, playing with my hair and my hands, smiling at me and encouraging my input toward opinions on various samples Alice showed me for napkins, invitations, flowers and a mixture of other tiny details I didn't particularly care about. After an exhausting 2 hours of discussion, the first twenty minutes of which seemed to satisfy Emmett's amusement and led him to resort back to playing his game, either that or he got as bored as me, Alice finally revealed that it was time for our 'private' conversation (if that was possible in this house) upstairs in her room.

It was most likely hair, clothes and make-up related I thought. Edward pretend pouted when I got up to leave, his pout was so cute. I leaned down to kiss in on the lips and receive a fuller kiss than expected. He had been a lot more full on recently, not that I was complaining I was always looking for an excuse to break boundaries, he must just be excited for the wedding. Alice sighed and grabbed me out of Edward's arms. Edward growled and I sulked.

'Hey! Hey! If I waited for you two to finish me and Emmett could of went out on a hunt and came back satisfied and you would still be going at it,' she justified herself.

I blushed intensely, thankful Jasper was here not to feel the emotions that were in the air. Alice started to drag me toward the stairs, but not before I heard Emmett emerge from his game and tell Edward to be patient and that he had been able to somehow wait over a century as a sex repressed vampire and three weeks was nothing compared to that. I heard a loud growl and a crash, followed by the obvious struggle of two boys, well men, wrestling.

'Well there goes the T.V.' Alice rolled her eyes. 'Doesn't matter, it just creates more time for wedding plans,' she grinned evilly and shook my hand excitedly while pulling me into her room.

I plopped down on the bed. I shuddered at the thought that the bed was only here for one reason and it wasn't as a prop for visitors.

'Okay! Wait right here and don't move!' I could tell this was something big as Alice was nearly bursting with excitement, jumping up and down on he spot, her face gleaming. She quickly disappeared with a blur into her enormous, over the top, walk-in wardrobe.

'Close your eyes!' I heard her demand from inside the wardrobe.

I did as I was told, knowing that if I contributed, this would be over faster and I would be able to see Edward sooner.

'Okay, open your eyes!' I hadn't even heard her approach so I jumped a little when I realised she was only a few feet in front of me. But my attention was soon drawn to the obscene garment she was holding up. She smiled excitedly.

My jaw dropped, 'Alice, I am not wearing that!'

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