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A Different Start

Chapter Thirty-seven

White walls, white sheets, white lights, these were the things that greeted Keitaro as he opened his eyes. The ache from his wounds was dulled by the medicine making moving his body feel strange. He tried to look around the room and saw a vase with flowers that contrasted the somewhat dull white room.

The door of the room opened slowly and Takao entered wearing a stoic expression. Keitaro tensed a bit. He had a feeling why Takao had that look on his face.

Slowly Takao walked across the room and took a chair and set it up next to Keitaro. The man sat down, back straight and hands on his lap. He had his eyes closed and seemed to be contemplating something.

Before Takao could speak, Keitaro, although injured managed to quickly get off his bed and dropped down on the floor in a perfect dogeza.

"I AM TERRIBLY SORRY FOR ENDAGARING YOU DAUGHTER!" Keitaro loudly apologized still in a prone position. " I shouldn't have come after her without knowing about the situation and put her in more danger, but I was worried about her and moved without thinking out my actions, please forgive me"

Takao looked uncomfortable for a moment, cleared his throat.

"I- I understand how you feel, when someone you love is in danger you cast everything aside just to see them safe." Takao touched Keitaro on the shoulder and the younger man lifted up his head.

" I could not ask for a better husband for my daughter, Keitaro-kun." Takao said a smile on his face and Keitaromade a dumbstruck lopsided still in the impression of Keitaro and Nanami being in a relationship and the father had just given him his blessing for his daughters hand in marriage. Keitaro wished he was in coma about now.

The door opened again and this time Isabella and Nanami came in with food and some flowers. Nanami saw Keitaro awake but on the floor and her father towering over him.

Nanami thinking that her father was giving Keitaro his classic frighten the suitor act Nanami quickly stepped in grabbed Keitaro and hugged him close.

"Dad, what are you doing, Keitaro-kun is still injured!" Nanami huffed and Keitaro had a blank look on his face.

"Now now,Nanami-chan, Your father is just giving Keitaro-chan his blessing, we've talked about this earlier. If you two decide to marry we'll support you two all the way." Isabella said happily clasping her hands together and smiled at her daughter.

"REALLY!" Nanami shouted happily and hugged Keitaro tighter. " Did you hear that Keitaro-kun!" Nanami said and Keitaro somewhat managed a small hurray.

"AH…. Ah t-thank you for approving of me." Keitaro said and bowed towards Nanami's parents, going along with the situation.

"Well we'll leave you two alone then... I'm sure you two need some time alone after the whole ordeal." Isabella said and grabbed her husband's wrist.

"Come on honey let's go we have places to visit and people to see." The red headed woman said and dragged the big man out the room and to who knows where.

As soon as her parents were gone Nanami dropped back towards Keitaro's bed and stared up the ceiling.

Keitaro sat on the bed and tried to get over the recent conversation with his friends parents.

"Thank you, Keitaro-kun, for saving me…" Nanami said in a weak voice and Keitaro looked away trying not to look flustered and scratched the back of his head.

"I actually didn't manage to save you, I passed out and it would seem that your dad was the one who got us to safety." Keitaro said and was surprised by the sudden action of Nanami. The redhead wrapped her arms around his torso and planted her head in his chest.

She trembled a bit and Keitaro like always had no clue what to do, he just opted to rest his hands on her sides.

"You saved me, don't think you didn't, you went after me even after getting hurt, my father wouldn't have caught up with us if you didn't came… you saved me okay… you saved me." Nanami said into his chest and Keitaro sighed. Keitaro conceded and let her calm down.

When Nanami had composed herself Keitaro asked how long he was out.

"You've been asleep for a day, I was really worried that you had been hurt worst than I imagined, and would never wake up." Nanami's concern for the young man madeKeitaro tinged red from the woman's affection.

"A day huh… I guess I need to tell Haruka-san what happened to me." Keitaro said. "Where's my cellphone by the way?"

"I don't think you would need to call her…" Nanami looked confused after locating his phone on a table near his bed.

"The things is… at the party were several high ranking persons and VIP's that there were quite a lot of media persons laying in wait. Somehow my abduction got leaked out to one of the television companies and well… you getting shot and saving me from the kidnappers is kinda hot news right now." Nanami said. "They don't know who you are, but people know that someone got hurt saving me, the media is already labeling you my prince charming of some such."

" Well that is new, so I am guessing my Aunt already knows I'm in the hospital, I hope she's taking care of the girls back home while I'm here." Keitaro sighed.

"Actually she's right here… she slept just outside, I offered her a room but she declined." Nanami said.

Keitaro quite surprised, wanted to see his hardcore aunt worried over him. Keitaro slowly opened the door and saw Haruka bundled up in her coat sleeping upright on the fixed chairs outside. Keitaro couldn't resist what he did next; because he almost never saw his Aunt look so adorable, slowly he aimed the camera of his cellphone towards Haruka and snapped a shot of her sleeping face.

"Jackpot" Keitaro snickered and Haruka roused from her slumber. She looked up to see Keitaro, bandage all over his body yet he was able to stand up even with the wounds he sustained and still act childish. She knew he was already up and was taking a picture of her yet she feigned sleeping and let him take the photo, as a gift of some sort. What came next was a surprise to Kaitaroas she stood up quickly and hugged the young man.

"Thank goodness you're alright."Haruka sighed in relief as she embraced Keitaro tightly.

Loosening the tight embrace Haruka gave a sharp look towards Nanami. The red head took a step back from the glare she was recieving from Haruka and Keitaro had to intervene.

"Stop that Haruka-OBAASAN. KEitaro stressed the aunt part and the affectionate hug quickly turned into a bone crushing bear hug.

"You really are feeling better now, having the nerve to call me that." Haruka said and dropped the young man then picked up her bag.

"Seeing that you're alright, I need to get back to the Inn. The girls were worried about you and I didn't let them see you because I didn't know what state you were in." Haruka then pulled out a cig and placed it on her lips. A Nurse walking by gave her the look and Keitaro also giving her an un-approving stare. She then conceded to put it away and settle for a lollipop.

"Yeah, see you later ?" Keitaro said to his aunt and the woman promptly shoved the candy she had unwrapped into his was a bit surprised by the action but accepted the sweet.

"You better." She said and turned to leave while Keitaro watched her go, lollipop in mouth.


Hinata-sou was not like the usual upbeat place for the time being. After hearing about what happened to the manager, worried wasn't enough to describe their feelings. The younger ones Suu and Shinobu had holed up in Shinobu's room and reassured each other that Keitarowas going to be fine. Kitsune didn't even enjoy the drink she loved so much; the alcohol seemed to have tasted a lot more bitter than usual. Motoko had kept herself in her room meditating and praying for Keitaro's well being. Yui had gone out to cool her head; she was worried she might break down if she saw the others.

The worst that took the news was Kanako she just suddenly fainted and had to be carried to a spare room to rest. She loved her brother so much that hearing he was shot was too much. Naru was with her looking after the raven-haired young girl. The auburn-hairedTodai aspirant wasn't in any mood to study and all her mind could think of was Keitaro.

Haruka had just come back from the Hospital bearing news of Keitaro and she knew that what had happened very much affected the girls. As soon as Haruka arrived at Hinata-sou, the girls all rushed out to see her and get word on what is Keitaro's condition.

The eldest female resident of the Inn stood in front of the girls and conveyed the news. Keitaro was already recovering.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief with the good news.

"I knew Keikei was a lot tougher to be done in so easily" Kaolla said a bit of her old childish self showing.

Shinobu caught herself from falling to the floor with relief after hearing the news. She needed to be strong for Keitaro and help around the Inn while he was gone.

Motoko who would never admit her feeling towards Keitaro, but she felt a heavy weight lifted from her chest and smiled faintly behind the others. Kitsune with her fox like smile cheered and her liquor seemed to have become a lot tastier after hearing the news.

Yuu was still out and have not heard the good news. Kanako cried in delight after she woke up and was told Keitaro to be well. Naru was relieved but held back her emotion and only let a smile grace her lips hearing that Keitaro to be alright.

Naru was a little worried about Yuu as she still hasn't heard the good news and she was not picking up on her cellphone.


A man with a tall multicolored Mohawk dropped and curled in pain as the boot connected with his sternum making him writhe in pain.

The owner of the offending booth was none other than Yuu. She had been riding around the city to clear her head. She went to one of her usual hangouts only to find that a new group of bikers were occupying it already. She opted to leave but one of them saw her. One thing lead to another, a lewd comment and a grabby paw and a kick to the groin resulted in her brawling with half a dozen men in tight leather apparel.

Not the kind of night she was hoping for.

Yuu left the men kneeling on the ground apologizing profusely to her back as she walked away. She may have been outnumbered but they didn't have a black belt in judo like she did.

Feeling hungry after her little escapade, she figured going to her favorite beef bowl shop and get something to eat and something really cold to drink. Hopping on her motorcycle she dashed of into the city.


Sitting at the counter with her order in front of her, Yuu was about to enjoy her meal when the door chimed announcing the arrival of several men into the shop. The staff had a somewhat weary look on their faces and the customers became silent all of a sudden.

Yuu knew trouble when she saw it and sighed internally. She was really looking forward to eating her meal in peace. But to her surprise instead of her expected cliché` scene of the men making trouble they all lined up behind her and loudly called out.

"BOSS!" Yuu almost dropped her drink when the dozen men loudly called out to her.

"Boss, you're here! We haven't seen you for so long since that incident with the bike shop!" a fat short man with a yellow Mohawk almost as big as his head exclaimed.

"Yeah boss, we were so worried about you!" A very tall man with a bright red shirt top over by an open leather jacket said.

"Yeah Souchiro-san was really worried bout cha" A muscular tanned man said stroking his bold head. The other members were voicing out their concerns for the woman and Yuu had enough.

Yuu then decided to turn and face the loud men her face stern and immediately they all went silent.

A moment pass and the fat fellow broke the silence.

"Hey you changed your hair color." Bunta said and everyone started to complement her hair and such. Yuu sighed again and held up her hand to silence the lot.

"Listen as of now, I'm resigning as the Leader of this group, Souchiro-san or whoever you want can be leader but I'm done with it." Yuu said and spun around to continue her meal when she heard a very familiar voice.

"Now that's just not how it goes Leader" It was Souchiro walking into the shop and everyone of the group had their eyes directed at him and glaring hole at his head. The young man seem to not notice or just plain ignored the death stares he was receiving from the guys.

"Souichiro-san,…"Yuu whispered his name and he waved at her.

"Yo there leader…" he greeted and suddenly he was on the floor holding his cheek where the fist hit.

"How dare you show your face to me again." Yuu said eyes brimming with tears not because of hate but of disappointment. He was a very good friend and he lied to her.

"I deserved that." Souichiro said getting up and rubbed the his right cheek. He licked inside his mouth and tasted metal.

"You lied to me…" Yuu said and someone from the group grabbed him by the collar and hoisted him up.

"You punk, it was your idea to rob the place, I was really convinced that the guy was a swindler and just the day later I asked around and found out what you told us was a lie!" It was the very tall man with the red shirt.

"Kitan-san…" Yuucalled out to the man and looked at Souchiro he was looking away from Kitan and a sad look on his face.

"Explain yourself!" Kitan shouted into his face.

"He's my brother…" Souchiro said and all went silent.

"What… explain it to us!" The man holding him up asked loudly.

"My full name is Souchiro Himura, He's Takeda Himura the heir to G Electronics. My older brother." Souchiro explained and Kitan let him go.

"If he's your brother then why did you lie about him…"Yuu asked. Souchiro kept his head down.

"He was supposed to take our father's place as CEO, but then he just left suddenly." Souchiro said trembling with anger.

"I never was the favorite and he got it all the smarts and everything. My father favored him over me and didn't even care what I do with myself. " The young man said with gritted teeth.

"So one day our dear old dad announced he was giving it all to him and you know what I didn't care at all. But you see, a day later big brother just went and left, now that didn't bothered me, what bothered me was that suddenly I have our dear old dads attention." Souchiro said with hate in his eyes.

"He started grooming me to be the one to inherit the company, but I could see it in his eyes, the disappointment, that he had to put up with a second rate like me. I'm pretty sure he just wants me as there to keep the business in the family with all the other board of directors gunning for total control of the company. He'll pretty much still be running the place or put up one of his underlings that he thinks is more suitable for the job in the shadows, I'll just be the face, a puppet to dangle in front of the public."

"So one day when I was fooling around with you morons, I found dear old big bro,I said to myself why don't I pay him back a little, for making me feel like trash. I wanted to see him feel a little bit of how I felt for all my years living. So I got you mooks to try and smash up his little shop, and see his dreams shattered like mine were" He said with a smirked.

"You're still such a whiny little brat aren't you little bro." A voice called out at the back of the establishment and everyone's attention suddenly shifted to the man who spoke out. Way inside the establishment sat a man in blue overalls stained with oil and grease, slurping loudly at his soup. His long hair tied back and unkempt short facial hair made him easily recognizable to the small band of wanna be bandits.

Everyone had their eyes on him even the other customers and the staff where almost boring holes on him as he savored his meal slowly.

It was Souchirou that managed to break the silence when he recognized the man and called out to him "Takeda-ni…" Souchirou said in a low voice but was audible enough for the others to hear him. The men then had suddenly recognized the man and all of them made a loud noise of "AAAHHHHHH" while pointing at the long haired man.

"You're that owner of the bike shop, which means your Souichirou-kun's older brother." The short fat individual of the bunch said.

With a final gulp of his meal Takeda finished with a sigh and answered. "Yup, that's me, Sou-chan's big ol brother?" Takeda answered.

"And after hearing my lil brothers explanation on why you tried to ransack my shop, heres the thing…" Takeda stood and took a deep breath and look straight into Souchirou's eyes and sternly said.

"The reason I left that day was…" Everyone kept silent

"…the reason was…" Everyone hang on to the words he said

"is because…" Souchirou's mouth ran dry and gulp

"Dad's an ass." He finished and everyone kept silent. Takeda stood up and faced his younger brother, Kitan and already let go of the young man.

"As you said, father only cared about the business and mom is no help either." So I up and went, I didn't thought he would try to rope you into his scheme after I left. You pretty much was already doing everything you wanted." Takeda said and sighed

"I actually envied you, being able to do things you wanted and not worry about what other people said about it." Takeda said and fished out a crooked cig from his front chest pocket but a menacing glare from a waitress stopped him from putting it in his mouth. The waitress then pointed to a no smoking sign and Takeda stored the cig back into the pocket he got it from with a sheepish smile.

"Anyway long story short out parents are useless and we're paying for it, so how about we just skip all the melodrama and just make up and be a loving big and little brother duo and run the shop together.

Takeda then flashed a wide smile and everyone's jaw dropped, did he really expected Souchiro to fall for that and just go with it.

"Yeah fine" Souchirou replied and everyone looked at him incredulously, after all what he said he just accepts the offer.

He sensed everyone's stares at him and shrugged. "I had some time to think about what I did and all the things that happened and figured that hating my brother won't really do me any good."

"That's right" Takeda nodded.

"And he seems to not mind me trying to whack his head to a pulpy mush and is offering me a place to stay, so why not. As long, as I don't have to be troubled by my stupid parents." He said and Takeda approached his younger brother and slung an arm over his shoulder.

"But we are going to have a talk about that trying to take my head off business later." Takeda said and Souchirou had a non caring look on his face. "Yeah whatever."

Everyone was confused as to what just happened but didn't mind the crazy brothers as long as the problem was resolved.

Souchirou then faced the whole group and bowed.

" I deeply apologize for lying to you guys." He said loudly and everyone had an embarrassed look on their faces.

"Y-yeah we forgive you, I mean I kinda understand what you went through " Kitan said scratching a finger to his cheeks and the others murmured behind him with the same sentiments and forgiveness towards his behavior.

The blond young man then spun and faced Yuu and lastly bowed to his waist and apologized.

"I'm really sorry Yuu-san, I betrayed your trust, I understand if you can never forgive me." Souchirou said and Yuu crossed her arms.


Souchirou rubbed his head and managed a faint smile. "Understood."

He may be a crazy spoiled brat but he was the first friend she ever had and she was willing to forgive him as long as he kept his word.

A ring then interrupted the crowd and Yuu answered her phone. Instantly her face brightened and she excitedly hurried out the establishment. "I'll see you guys later I need to get home, bye" Yuu got on her bike and sped back to Hinata after hearing the good news that Keitaro was okay.

"So, how about we guys eat, that one bowl wasn't enough for me ." Takeda said and the band of bikers all agreed and started to order. The other patrons after witnessing a really strange scene opted to just return to their meal.


A/N: I added the last part just to tie up the reason for the attack with takeda. I know its really crazy and seemed rushed which it is, but I found the scenario fitting and very anime comedy style. I need to watch the series again to get back into the groove of things and if you guys know any good fanfic with a romantic-comedy genre please tell me to get myself inspired again.

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