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" Um... Edward? Why are you looking at me like that? "

My voice was confused, and I could tell I sounded slightly weirded out. But then again, who wouldn't be? Edward was just... smiling at me. And wasn't even his " I'm too sexy for this world, bask in my glow " kind of smile either. It was more of a " MUAHAHAHA, ImaeachyourightNOW " kind of look, but, sweeter somehow.

And he wouldn't stop.

" Edward... hunny? Are you... okay? "

" We're married. "

He said it like he was declaring that sugar was the new and improved vegetable of the world to a bunch of school children.

" We've been married all week you doof. " I said lovingly. Okay, so the idea had finally grown on me, a girl can change her mind, cant she?

Yes she can.

" But Bella, we're really really married. "

Hadn't we already had this conversation?

" Yeeesss... "

" So, your my actual wife! " His voice was so happy it almost hurt my ears.

Oh well, my ears could just suffer, I loved seeing him happy.

" And your my actual husband! " I said, and stopped. You know, Edward might be on to something, it REALLY was nice to say!

A second later his lips were on mind, and I was having trouble remembering what we had been talking about.

Wait a minute... what was my name?

He pulled back, and just sort of looked at me.

After that, he wasn't the only one grinning like an idiot.

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