This is the eighth story in my "Kaiju Wars" series, which is a series of fairly-short fanfics inspired by Godzilla: The Series. All you need to know is that G-Force consists of six people: Sinichi Osaki, Kazama, Miyuki Otanashi, Takuya Yuhara, Akane Yashiro and Miki Saegusa, who in this universe is 15 and has a psychic link with Godzilla.

This one is a rewrite of an early work of mine, which was essentially a "first draft" of the Kaiju Wars Universe. However, it will be very different from the first version (and will hopefully finish in the same year as it starts, unlike the first version).

A million points to anyone who guesses the main Kaiju menace in this story.

Godzilla is © Toho.


The Beoing 747, arguably synonymous with modern, jet-setting international travel, cut through the clouds, its passengers sat watching in-flight movies, reading magazines, eating and trying to keep small children under control. The sky was clear and bright with low winds, ideal for flying, and the ocean below was simply mile after mile of flawless glistening water.

In the cockpit, the American captain put down his cup of coffee and turned back to his co-pilot.

"So like I was saying," he resumed their conversation, "My cousin in Japan, he works for this company out there, right? Well a while back, the whole place gets trashed in a fight between Godzilla and this giant bug-thing…"

"Yeah, I told you, I saw it on the news," The co-pilot replied.

"Well everyone gets out, but the head of the company nearly gets arrested and most of the people there lose their jobs and a few got injured."

"Like I said: Saw it on the news."

"Maybe, but after all that, my cousin can't get any compensation, 'cause nobody's insurance covers those freaks. Didn't hear that on the news, didja?"

Suddenly, the entire plane shook violently, both of them lurching forward.

"What was that?" The co-pilot shouted, "Turbulence?"

"I'm gettin' nothin'," The pilot answered, "Wait a second… the hell is that?"

On the radar screen, a blip larger than the plane itself turned in a wide arc, buzzing back towards the screen as two smaller ones followed from behind.

"All passengers, put seatbelts on immediately," The pilot shouted into the intercom, before looking out the front window just in time to see it.

Something huge, with a pair of bright yellow eyes above insect-like jaws, with buzzing wings behind it, shot up in front of the craft, segmented legs and a long abdomen following as it swerved up over the plane.

As the stunned passengers and crew watched, a pair of F-18 aircraft suddenly cut through the clouds, shooting down after the enormous Praying Mantis that had passed, as the enormous insect buzzed down to the single, tiny island that sat in the waves below…

And so it begins, an episode of good old-fashioned, back-to-basics monstering, but with a little something that will hopefully make it a little bit unique. This one should also help make up for the lack of enemy monsters in episode 7. This was just the sort of short teaser chapter that my stuff tends to open with.

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