A/N: You're probably thinking "Wow! A sequel already?!" Well, when you RP the plot, you end up with a lot of material to use. chuckle Thanks, JS, for writing up Chev's journal. I have no idea what I would do without you. XD --T92


[[Datapad of Chevron Fett, circa 1 ABY. Two entries.


[Entry One Begins.

Seventeen years . . . where does the time go? It was seventeen years ago that I was brought back to life by the Empire, seventeen years since I was rescued by my wife-to-be, my Ro'ika, and seventeen years since I remembered who I am. I am Chevron Fett, formerly ARC Theta-636, killed in action on Geonosis. My chest still hurts from time to time, but as long as Rogue is with me, I'm happy.

Of course, those seventeen years have been one wild whirlwind . . . After a couple weeks of honeymooning on Manda'yaim, Rogue decided that we start making our way. As a way to get back at her backstabbing brother Boba, she decided to get me acquainted with hunt sabotage. Of course, her being a former bounty hunter, it was easy for her to make the switch. But I'm a fast learner. We all were.

So we're heading off to tackle stopping Boba and scum like him. Haven't had word from Lar since she and the Deltas left to keep running around with the Rebellion. However, I don't know if they helped have anything to do with the Death Star going boom in the Yavin system. I wouldn't be surprised if they had some hand in it. But, then again, Larra was acting a little strange last time I saw her, so I don't know.

Nar Shaddaa will be our next stop. Hopefully, there'll be work for two hunt saboteurs with a grudge against Boba Fett . . . one being his sister, the other his very literal brother. Look out, Bo'ika . . . we're coming for you.

[Entry One Ends.


[Entry Two begins; one month after Entry One.

Jobs are flowing in pretty well. Lots of bounty marks like being alive, and they need passage to keep them safe. That's where we come in.

Most just run to opposition camps, like Hutt underlings running to the Corporate Sector, or Imperial to independent or the Rebels. It's a good thing both Rogue and I have at least some skill with a hydrospanner, otherwise three-quarters of upgrades we've done on our ship would have sent us up to the great training field in the sky, and our fees with it.

So far, though, we haven't gotten a chance to outrun Boba. Dengar we've outsmarted once or twice, Bossk at least three, and other small-timers a few times. I'm always glancing out the rear monitor, wondering when the day would come when we'd see the Slave I shrink behind us as we escape, victorious over the mighty Boba Fett, the so-called best bounty hunter in the galaxy. That will be a day I will always remember.

But, until then, we keep dodging the smaller names until we get someone on the run from Boba. We build our base, we keep the Chevron in prime condition, and we keep our skills sharp. Anyone sympathetic to the Rebels get priority, for Larra and the Delta boys' sakes. We help them who cannot help themselves.

Anyway, tonight, we're heading to Nar Shaddaa again; we're making quite a name for ourselves, Rogue and I. Hopefully, we'll find somebody who needs to run, and run fast. We're ready. We'll always be ready, whatever comes.

[Entry Two Ends.